What to Do: I Think That I Don’t Love My Teenage Daughter Anymore

The relationship between a parent and child is one of the most important relationships in life. As children grow, they become more independent and want to make their own decisions without consulting their parents for permission or advice. This can be difficult for some parents who have difficulty letting go.

However, sometimes it becomes necessary as the parent wants what’s best for them growing up – giving them room to learn from their mistakes and not holding back on making big decisions that will affect them later on in life.

That being said, if you find yourself feeling like you don’t love your teenage daughter anymore, know that this isn’t an uncommon experience among parents whose children are going through puberty.

Teenage Daughters Can Be Difficult

Teenage years can be a difficult time for both parents and children. The teenage years are typically when your child starts to break from the mold you have tried so hard to keep them in, as they start forming their own identity, which is separate from yours.

They might become moody or rebellious, making decisions that you do not necessarily agree with. They might even make decisions that you disagree with, which can cause friction between the two of you if they don’t appreciate your input or advice.

You Can Still Love Them Despite Their Differences in Opinion

Although you may not like everything about them anymore, it doesn’t mean that you should stop loving them altogether; as a parent, this is not an option.

You may find that you love them less over time as they seem to want to go in their direction and make decisions that aren’t necessarily the best ones for themselves. However, you mustn’t stop loving your daughter just because she doesn’t agree with everything you say anymore.

There are many other reasons you should still love your teenage daughter that have nothing to do with her agreeing or disagreeing with everything you say.

How To Keep Loving Your Daughter When

For the parents who are reading this, if you find yourself struggling with loving your teenage daughter again, these six tips will help keep that bond between parent and child vital no matter what she’s going through.

1. Focus On What You Like About Your Daughter

You don’t have to love everything that she does but think of what you appreciate and value in her. Maybe it’s how hardworking or dedicated she is at school or work?

Or maybe it’s the way she loves, even if there are times when you feel frustrated with her.

The key is focusing on what you like and appreciate about her. It would be best if you ignored the negative aspects which might contribute to the hatred.

Focusing on positive things will help put a smile back on your face when thinking of them.

2. Don’t Compare Her With Others

When you compare her to other kids her age, it can cause insecurity in your daughter and make you feel like she isn’t good enough. Remember that all kids are unique and have their strengths.

If you feel like she doesn’t measure up to other girls, remember that it’s a personal journey for her and what matters most is how hard she works at being the best version of herself every day.

3. Give Her Room to Make Mistakes

As a parent, you always want your daughter to make the right decisions. But sometimes, she needs to learn from mistakes and not have them held against her forever.

If she does something that disappoints or upsets you, work on ways of letting go so that she can move on instead of holding on to resentment.

This will make you feel like a better parent and give her the space to learn from mistakes without feeling pressured or criticized.

4. Accept That You Can’t Change Who She Is

Your daughter is unique, just like you are. And she isn’t who she will be in the future, but rather the combination of all the experiences she’s having right now while growing up. Instead of changing who your daughter is or how she thinks, appreciate her for everything that makes her.

Accepting your daughter for who she is can be challenging, especially during tumultuous teenage years, but this will help you grow closer to her and give the best kind of love that a parent has for their child. When it’s difficult knowing what to say or do to show all your love, remember these four tips whenever you feel like you don’t love your daughter anymore.

5. Remember That She’s Not a Teenager Forever

It can be hard to think of your teenage daughter as an independent woman who will soon be out in the world taking on new responsibilities.

However, you have to remember that she is still young and needs time to grow into adulthood. You don’t want her life choices or mistakes holding her back from achieving her dreams.

6. Communicate With Her

To keep your love for her alive, make sure that you still communicate with her. It doesn’t matter how old she is or what’s going on in her life. You can always find ways of connecting and strengthening the bond between the two of you, no matter how much time has passed since you last talked about something.

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child, which is why it might be difficult knowing what to say or do to show all your love. However, as long as you focus on what matters most and set aside the rest, then you’ll always have a special place for her in your heart no matter how much time has passed since you last talked about something.


By focusing on the positive aspects of your daughter, you’ll be able to keep strong and love her as she deserves. Remember that this is only a season in life, and it will pass soon enough, so make sure to cherish every moment. By following these steps, you’ll not only feel closer to your teenage daughter but also understand how much she means to you.