Why Does He Want to Have a Baby with Me?

Maybe it’s too early, having just met him, or you feel that you first want to know more about him. Besides questioning whether you’re ready, you certainly don’t want to give false signals or trivialize his intentions. But while your body else is screaming yes, one tiny but un-ignorable question keeps insistently popping up like ‘why does he want to have a baby with me?’

Baby fever goes both ways. Your man may not be suffering from throes of guilt and yearning, but you can equate his longing to an intention of starting a family with you. While there’s one who wants to get into your panties and stay there, another loves you, babies, and is ready to settle down.

Parenthood brings lovers closer together and adds meaning to life. He probably thinks that having a baby with you will increase the happiness of your relationship or make you complete. Continue reading to find out why else your man is insisting on having a child with you.

How Can I Tell If He Wants to Have a Baby with Me?

The future of your relationship needs to know what your man’s take is on the baby-making department. A family can improve a couple, solidify a marriage and positively impact both your lives in a multitude of ways. But if he does, what are his reasons or intentions for wanting to have a baby with you?

Let’s delve straightaway into sifting the chaff from the proverbial wheat. Having a baby is a significant undertaking, so you’ve got to be sure that your man is interested in making one or two with you. Signs to look out for include;

Is He Often Annoyed When Kids Fuss?

Is your man one of those who can’t stand a bawling tot in a restaurant or at the park? How does he react when he’s around babies and does he sympathize with another child’s parents? If he exhibits joyfulness and laughs with strangers’ kids, that’s an indicator that it’s you keeping him from fatherhood.

At other times, your man could be tolerant of a baby that’s out there and isn’t his responsibility. Find out how he would react if you brought someone with a fussy tot home, where he can’t avoid or ignore the hollering. Men that want babies are fascinated by them, curious, and eager to help when they cry.

Is He Saving Money to Start a Family?

They say you put your mouth where your money is. That’s true for a man that’s thinking of having a future with you. Having a baby isn’t cheap, and seeing as you’ll be their sole sponsor for at least eighteen years. As such, it pays to have a smart financial sense. If he’s taking out insurance or putting money aside for starting a family, that’s a clear indicator that he wants to provide for his child.

While it’s not an immediate fix, extra money equals security, besides motivation for having his baby. A man that prepares for the future, or considers the financial strain of bearing kids will make sure you’re both secure if you have his offspring.

Does He Want to Be Your Hero?

Men, when they love you, are protective of your wellbeing, happiness, and future. That’s the result of the male hormone testosterone, coupled with an innate sense of territorial safety. See if your man wants to be your knight in shining armor. Could be he’s trying to step up to the plate and be your provider and protector.

If so, then your man is ready to have a baby with you, which in turn means commitment. That’s deeply rooted in male psychology, a hero instinct that’s one of the building blocks of reasons he fell in love with you. As long as he knows you genuinely need him around, he’ll be your protector instead of a partner in crime or accessory to child making.

What Are the Essential Signs That He Wants to Have a Baby with Me?

Your man sees you as the queen of his life, and the mother to be of his child. He’s looking at you as someone who will shine some light into his drab life, introducing the softness of heart and resolve of the mind that a newborn brings. If he wants to have a baby with you, it’s because he too yearns for the fresh spring brought by the miracle of new life.

It’s also essential to note that if a man wants you to be his baby’s mama, he sees in you an ability, responsibility, and a nurturing spirit. He is sure that you’re the one who can efficiently carry and deliver his little prince or princess, a pact made for life.

But what do you do when you’re unsure if he has an ulterior motive, or he’s only toying with your feelings? Can you let his games or manipulations affect your life, and that of the child that you two will have?

To find out if your man is serious about wanting to have a baby with you, mark off the following checklist.

He Takes Care of You More Than Before

Is your man is pampering you and letting you get away with winning every argument? That’s a sure sign that he’s ready to have you become his baby mama. It’s reliable if he now bears your tantrums, listens to your humbugs, and treats you like you’re the baby. Your husband is making an effort to show care and attention, showing himself capable and responsible for taking care of all that matters to you.

He’s Taking Interest and Interacting More with Kids

Could be you have other children, but of late, your man has been trying to spend more time with them. He’s actively attracting kids to him, and not getting annoyed when they cry or misbehave. Has the clown in him dominated his personality nowadays whenever he’s with tots? Does he actively make them laugh?

If he’s making eye contact or interacting with other kids, in shopping malls, or any of your outings, get ready to give him a baby. Instead of moping about in his study, watching football, or playing video games, he’s ready to dedicate time and effort to nurture a child with you.


Of course, there are many other reasons why your man wants to have a baby with you, some that can be amazingly selfless. Sometimes, it’s his body clock, especially if he’s getting on in years, doing all the talking. One sure thing is, he has genuine intentions if he’s of sound mind and capable physically, financially, and emotionally.