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What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Sulfur?

Out of the five physical senses, smells can reach the human soul by stimulating connections between our bodies and spirits. But various scents have different meanings, with some charming while others are downright ominous. So, what’s the spiritual meaning of smelling sulfur either in your environment or your dreams? The smell of sulfur, according to …

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How Can I Discern the Bed Bug Spiritual Meaning?

There’s one bug that’s been plaguing humans for hundreds of thousands of years. They are everywhere, hard to detect and difficult to eliminate, feeding on you unnoticed while you sleep. So, whether you’ve spotted or dreamt about them, what’s the bedbug’s spiritual meaning? Bedbugs aren’t just blood-sucking critters, but they are also an ancient form …

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What’s Moonchild Spiritual Meaning?

Since time immemorial, our closest celestial neighbor, Luna, has always mystified us. Sometimes worshiped as a god, this heavenly satellite has impacted societies since prehistoric times. So, can you elaborate when asked what is moonchild spiritual meaning? Moonchild means someone that’s connected spiritually to the moon. Lunar children share astrological, physical, and mental intimacy with …

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