Dom Names – What’s a Good Alternative to Daddy?

Dom Names – What’s a Good Alternative to Daddy?

The pet names that a couple uses to address one another in a relationship are usually chosen carefully. While most couples use endearing and flattering pet names, sometimes the words are not endearing depending on the roles that the partners in a relationship have taken. 

In a relationship where one partner has taken a dominant (dom) role and the other a submissive (sub) role, a favorite dom name is Daddy, and it’s easy to see why this name is so popular. The title tells you that the dominant person in the relationship treats the submissive person with the TLC usually expected from fathers. The dom could then nurture the sub, provide guidance, and generally act as a father figure.

While daddy is such a popular dom name, not everyone is comfortable with it. If you’re entering a BDSM  relationship and are not comfortable using daddy or being referred to as daddy, there are plenty of alternative names to consider. This article features unique dom names- alternatives to daddy.

Why You Need an Alternative to Daddy as a Dom Name

One reason that might make a sub unwilling to address their significant other as daddy would be their relationship with their male parent. People who have grown up in broken homes and those that have suffered physical, verbal, or even sexual abuse from their natural fathers will naturally feel uncomfortable calling anybody daddy. Even if the person is submissive, simply mentioning the name could trigger terrible memories that might prove destructive to a relationship.

Some people are also uncomfortable calling their partners daddy because they think it might be a connotation for incest. Of course, this is a misconception because using the name does not suggest that you’re in a relationship with someone like your real dad.

Should you find yourself in a situation where you’d rather not use the dom name daddy, the good news is that you’re not stuck with it as there are many excellent substitutes.

How to Come Up with a Dom Name

You can choose the dom name you want to use or have your partner pick it for you. Being dominant by nature, most doms usually tell their partners how they want to be addressed. 

So how do you come up with a unique dom name that’s an alternative to daddy?

Get Inspiration From Everywhere

There are no rules when it comes to dom names. You can get inspiration from your day-to-day life and things you like or believe in. A few examples include;

If you love animals,

  • Stallion
  • Moose
  • Tiger
  • Bear
  • Dragon

If you are a gamer;

  • Arisen
  • Arishok

From Greek gods names;

  • Zeus
  • Poseidon
  • Ares
  • Apollo

Choose a Name That Embodies Your Personality or the Personality of Your Partner

If you’re a sub and decided to choose a dom name for your partner, it’d help to choose a name that you’ll enjoy calling. Should you choose a name that makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re likely to lose the connection you need to have with your partner.

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A dom name that describes your partner’s personality would therefore be ideal. Suppose you want to feel submissive to your partner because you think they are powerful and in control. Some dom names you could consider using include 

  • King
  • My king
  • Sir 
  • Lord
  • My Lord
  • Prince

You Can Use Two or Multiple Dom Names

The pet names that you and your partner decide to use serve many roles in a relationship, and that’s why you might find it prudent to use two or more dom names for your partner.

 It’s also possible that you’ll find yourself using a particular name when performing chores with your partner and a different name when the two of you are in an intimate setting.

Since you understand your partner well, you don’t have to worry too much about the dom name to use in specific circumstances – the connection you have will dictate the word to use. Most times, you’ll find the title coming up naturally.

Consider Using No Dom Name

While pet names are so sweet, you don’t necessarily have to use a dom name to sound submissive to your partner. On the contrary, just calling out your partner’s real name could show submission as long as you use the right tone and correct body language. 

This can prove particularly helpful in situations where you are surrounded by people you’re not familiar with or those that might be uncomfortable with your relationship.

Gender Neutral Dom Names

While some people are happy to call their partners King or Queen, Mistress or Daddy, others feel that a dom name does not necessarily indicate gender. Since the dominant person could be either male or female, choosing a gender-neutral name might be a good idea. And if you’re searching for dom names that are neither feminine nor masculine, you have plenty of them. Common ones include 

  • Boss, 
  • Highness
  • Alpha
  • Keeper
  • Handler

Is Your Partner Is a Switch

A switch is a person who enjoys being both submissive and dominant and, if your partner is such a person, you’ll have to think up pet names that could be appropriate for both roles. Knowing the right word to use should not be too difficult once you know your partner well, as you’ll be in a position to tell when you need to use a dom name or a sub name.

Where to Look For Inspiration When Choosing a Dom Name

If you’re entering a new relationship and are wondering where to get the right name for your partner, there are plenty of places you should consider looking up, including:

History Books

History books are an ideal resource when looking for the perfect dom name for your partner. The titles you’ll find used for dominant historical characters make excellent dom names. Some of the titles you’ll see and might consider using as substitutes for daddy include 

  • Chief
  • Lord
  • Duke
  • Viscount
  • Kaiser
  • Your Excellency
  • Your Majesty
  • Your Honor
  • My Emperor
  • Worship

Get Inspired By Military Titles

The disciplined forces are awash with titles that denote dominance, and you could use some of them as dom names. Therefore, you could call your partner 

  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Instructor
  • Trainer
  • Lieutenant

Get Inspiration Online

Whether you’re searching for a dom name for your partner as part of a BDSM contract or not, there’s plenty of help that you can obtain online. Online forums will put you in touch with people with similar dilemmas and even experts who can tell you why a particular dom name is better than another.

Common Everyday Pet Names Are Just Fine

While you might be scratching your head wondering what dom name to use with your partner, do you realize that there’s nothing wrong with the common names you might have used with your current or previous partners?

The dom name you use is a matter of personal preference and, as long as it doesn’t offend your partner, perhaps you are just fine using common pet names. Look at the pet name baby or babe, for instance. Almost all couples use it, and you might find no need for another. 

Endearment is also expressed in simple names such as angel, dear, love, darling, honey, handsome and gorgeous. While you might be searching for that unique dom name for your partner, always remember that you might best off sticking with the titles and names that come most naturally to you.

Dom Names Do Evolve

People who have been in relationships for years will tell you that the names they used for their partners when they started dating could have changed several times by the time they got children.

At the start of a relationship, you might be happy to call your partner Mister or Master, but you might find that both of you are more comfortable with the name Daddy by the time you get your second child. The changes in the dom names you use as you continue in your relationship reflect your feelings towards one another and help remind you of the connection you share with your partner.

Whatever dom name you use for your partner, communication is critical if the relationship remains strong and guarantees that both of you will feel secure.


While daddy is a popular dom name, some people have issues using it. And while you might enjoy using it today, it’s also possible that either you or your partner might not like it in the future. Since you might be in the relationship for the long haul, the fact that you no longer like a dom name should not bring misunderstandings or even end the relationship. 

Dom names are a matter of personal preference, and when your relationship outgrows one name, you have dozens of others that you could use.