150 Bro Names - You Want to Be a Bro?

150 Bro Names – You Want to Be a Bro?

I had never heard the term ‘bromonyms’ until the other day when I heard my ten-year-old son’s best friend call his little brother ‘Broly.’ It was after I offered them an umbrella that ‘Broly’ explained (amidst fits of laughter) it was a pet name his brother called him – and he loved it because it made him feel special. That his brother picked it from ‘150 bro names.’

Bro names are notable because they define the relationship with your dudes. It could also describe the tough big bro or the devilish little brother and is the perfect way to give identity to a character in a story.

In this post, we look at unique bro names. The best thing is creativity has no boundaries, and nomenclature doesn’t apply here. It’s up to you to make it as catchy as possible.

Bro: The Name

Bro is the shortened version of the word ‘brother.’ It is what male siblings call each other or very tight friends. Girls, too, are allowed to give (and be given) bro names if they qualify. For someone to be certified as bro-worthy, they must adhere to some basic rules (the bro code), such as:  

  • Bros are for life.
  • Always have your bro’s back.
  • A bro always gives his bro the best counsel.
  • A bro shall never make a bro feel humiliated.
  • Make your buddy proud if he chooses you to be his wingman anyplace.
  • The bro code allows a girl to become a new bro only by common consent if she deserves the honor.

150 Bro Names

Suppose you were wondering what to call your best pals, younger or elder brother; here is a list of 150 options you can pick from. They range from commonly-used bro names like ‘Bruh’ to creatively-thought ones such as ‘Brotastic’ and ‘T-Brone.’

Common Bro Names

  1. Bro.
  2. Brah.
  3. Brr-O.
  4. Broskey/ Broski.
  5. Bruv.
  6. Champ.
  7. Kiddo.
  8. Monster.
  9. Smalls.
  10. Youngin.

Cute Baby Bro Names

  1. Bronocchio, if he’s always telling fibs.
  2. Bromerang if they’re always following you around.
  3. Bropanzee.
  4. Little Bro Peep.
  5. Eeney-meeney-miney Bro.
  6. E-I-E-I-Bro, from the beautiful nursery rhyme song, Old McDonald.
  7. Bro-bro-bro Your Boat.
  8. Buttons.
  9. Chipmunk.
  10. Minion.
  11. Half-pint, probably because they are shorter than you.

Amazing Elder Brother Nicknames

  1. Alpha.
  2. Rambo.
  3. Bronan the Brahbarian.
  4. Bro-Bro Ma.
  5. Brocephus. For the bro who spends each passing minute sipping protein drinks, bench pressing, and getting ripped.
  6. Brominator.
  7. Bro-rannosaurus Rex.
  8. Methuselbrah. Perfect for your oldest living bro.

Bro Names for Twins

  1. Ace and Duri, Korean for one and two.
  2. B1 and B2.
  3. Bra-sterix and Bro-belix.
  4. Big boy and Little Man.
  5. Brock and Broll.
  6. Broforce.
  7. Bro-life. Derived from the notion that a guy should actively live for his brothers and compatriots.
  8. Didymos. Greek for male twins.
  9. Scatman Brothers.
  10. The United States of Bromerica.
  11. House of Bros.

Funny Bro Names

  1. Bra-B-Q. A derivative of BBQ or if they can’t keep away from the ribs.
  2. Bro-ha-ha.
  3. Branana.
  4. Brochacho. The term is derived from “muchacho,” which means young male.
  5. Broly Moley.
  6. Bromedian, when he’s always telling jokes.
  7. Brozo, the Clown.
  8. Fats Bromino, from Fats Domino, is a rock and roll music pioneer.
  9. Goober if they’re ever cracking jokes.
  10. Loony if he’s always a toon.

If He Loves to Eat

  1. Bro-be Beef.
  2. Brom nom nom.
  3. Brottiserie Chicken.
  4. Brovolone Cheese.
  5. Chow Chow.
  6. Chubster, or shorten it to just Chubz.
  7. Ham-bro-rger.
  8. Rice-O-Broni, from Rice-A-Roni. A pre-packaged food mix resembling pilaf and is composed of rice, vermicelli noodles, and seasonings.

Bro Names From Historical Figures

  1. Abroham Lincoln.
  2. Barack Brobama.
  3. Broe Biden. How about a tribute to the 46th and current president of the U. S.
  4. Bratilla the Hun, one of the most infamous conquerors and warriors in history.
  5. Breau Brummel. Derived from an important figure in Regency England, praised as an authority on male fashion. Brummel is also an Italian Designer label.
  6. Broliver Cromwell, a diligent English general who served as commander-in-chief.
  7. Brosef Stalin, a Soviet political leader who promoted industrialization.
  8. Fidel Castbro.
  9. George Brahshington Carver, the most prominent black scientist of the early 20th century U.S.
  10. Marco Brolo.
  11. Nabroleon Bronaparte.
  12.  Sultan of Bronei.
  13. Wolfgang Brozart if he’s some classical music protege just like the original name-bearer, Mozart.

Celebrity Inspired Bro Names

  1. Angelina Brolie.
  2. Brangelina Brolie.
  3. Brolina Jolie.
  4. Bronah Hill.
  5.  Brody Jenner.
  6.  Brol’ Dirty Bastard, after one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan.
  7. Broald Dahl, from Roald D. author of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ And grand-daddy to…
  8. Brophie Dahl, a published author too.
  9. Elvis Costellbro, from a famous British singer-songwriter.
  10. James Francbro.
  11.  Ringbro Starr, from the fourth Beatle.
  12.  Sir Brolton John.
  13.  Tom Brody.
  14. Tom Brolicchio, an American celebrity chef. 
  15. Van Brogh. From world-renowned Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. Or for the buddy who loves to paint.

Bro Names From Fictional Characters

  1. Broby Dick.
  2. Broly Porter.
  3. Bromazing Spiderman, for the ultimate Spidey fan.
  4. Brometheus. A Greek bro-mythology god who stole the laws of politics from Mount Olympus and brought them to humankind on Earth. 
  5. Brokonkwo, champion of Umubrofia, from Nigerian author Chinua Achebe’s protagonist in the book ‘Things Fall Apart.’
  6. Broland the Thompson Gunner. Roland is a Norwegian gunner who rose to prominence in the late 1960s as the best Thompson gunner. Van Owen, a fellow mercenary, betrays him and blows off his head. Roland then takes on the identity of the phantom “headless Thompson gunner.”
  7. Brolonius after Polonius from Hamlet.

Bro Names From Popular Culture

  1. Brotel California, from the hit song ‘Hotel California‘ by the 70’s rock band Eagles.
  2. Mr. Brojangles, an adaptation of the popular 60′ country song covered by several big names, including Brob Dylan.
  3. Brohemian Rhapsody.
  4. Brokemon.
  5. Brome Wasn’t Built in a Day.
  6. Bromobile.
  7. Bro-pen Sesame.
  8. G.I. Bro. It could be due to their passion for the American line of action figures, after the movie, or Booker T’s character in his comic book G.I. Bro.

Star Wars Enthusiasts

  1. Brobi-Wan Kenobi. From the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars franchise.
  2. Han Brolo. The great captain of the Millennium Falcon.
  3. Broba Fett, one of the most feared bounty hunters in the Star Wars galaxy.
  4. Broda, a bro with Yoda-level skills.

The Avid Gamer

  1. Brodhistiva. A character in the popular game World of Warcraft.
  2. Broku. The most powerful fusion in the game, Dragon Ball: Super Blast.
  3. Bro Gaming.

The Athletic Buff

  1. Bro-be Bryant.
  2. BrO.J. Derived from ‘The Juice’ actual name, O.J Simpson. A top-rated former American football running back.
  3. Bro Jo White. It could be in reference to Jo Jo White, the Boston Celtics basketball player or the American center fielder in professional baseball.
  4. Brotein Shake.
  5. Bro Magnon. A colloquial used to connote a jock carved from Cro-Magnon, a population of early Homo sapiens.
  6. Brony Seikaly. Rony S. is a Lebanese-American professional basketball player of the 90s. He was one of the very first overseas players to have a significant influence on American basketball.
  7. Chad Brococcinco, from a former American football wide receiver.
  8. Evander Brolyfield. The ‘Real Deal’ was the 80’s undisputed champion at cruiserweight in the USA’s boxing scene.
  9. La Bro James. It’s a plus if he’s called James cause then it becomes ‘The Brother James’ when loosely translated in Spanish.
  10. Paul Bro Bryant, the greatest college football coach of all time,
  11. Sandy Broufax, after Sanford Koufax, a left-handed pitcher who is the youngest player ever elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. 
  12. Shaq BrO’Neal.

Religious Bro Names

  1. A-bro-ham.
  2. Baiju, a Hindu name for brother.
  3. The Brope, leader of the Broman Church.
  4. Bro-liath.
  5. Bro-ses.
  6. Gulveer means “Sweet Brother” and is popular among Sikhs and Punjabis.
  7. Hakim means brother in Arabic.
  8. Je-bro-vah.
  9. Ne-bro-cadnezzar.
  10. Shaqeek, given to actual brothers.

Unique Bro Names

  1. Bromazing.
  2. Broski. A Russian import that works well as a substitute for the primary word ‘bro.’
  3. Brohamad Ali. If the character is a fighter.
  4. Broce Wayne. For dudes and dudettes who adore Batman.
  5. Broman: For your most manly bro.
  6. Bromosexual. A term representing a solid but nonsexual friendship shared by two guys, usually a straight man and a gay man.
  7. The Bronco. This is the official nickname for Sonny Conto, a Pro Boxer out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It also fits if your bro-dude is very spirited and untamed.
  8. Brozymandias, which translates to bro of bros.
  9. Chad. The Internet’s favorite name for a badass alpha male or bro.
  10. Doppelgänger, when you and your buddy look alike.
  11. Dunk. If your brother or buddy is known for dunking during basketball games, this can be a great nickname for him. Or make it a bit more fun and call them Dunkin Bronuts. 
  12. Duff. If your golfing brother has a habit of terrible strokes, this could be a fitting nickname for him.
  13. Brony the Tiger after the advertising cartoon mascot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes.
  14. Orb: A play on words with the main word “bro.”

Gender-Neutral Bro Names

  1. Ace: Best pitcher for a baseball team is called Ace. 
  2.  Amy Broehler, from American improv comedian Amy Poehler, actress and writer.
  3. Magnetbro if you’re always together.
  4. Rollie Pollie. Just like the cute, harmless little critters often kept as pets.
  5. Scarlett Bro-Hansson
  6. Sheryl Bro. The American musician had a bit of controversy for Tweeting’ “More Bra country, less Bro country’.

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How to Create a Good Bro Name

It’s not easy coming up with a nickname for your brother or dudes. You must put some thought into it because your bro might be stuck with it for the rest of their life. 

There are numerous methods to make nicknames to demonstrate how much you care. Some are amusing, while others are more serious. In any case, it’s always wonderful to be referred to as something unique. If you’re having difficulties harnessing your imagination, consider these methods for coming up with fantastic bro names for your family and friends.

From Rhymes

Rhymes are a common approach for coming up with nicknames. Find anything that rhymes with your friend’s name. Broshizzle My Nizzle is a lovely rhyming bro name. On the same note, Billy might easily become Billbro Baggins (bonus: it rhymes and is also a fictional character).

It doesn’t even have to be a real word! Call your friend Brody, Broody Woody. You might sound like you’re speaking to a child but go with it.

Characters from T.V. and Movies

If your bestie behaves exactly like a character from your favorite show, give them that name – with a few smart alterations, of course! If it’s your adorable and brave little brother, Simba from The Lion King or Buzz from Toy Story will suffice.

You can call them whatever you like, even if they have nothing in common with the character. If they like tragicomedy animated sitcoms, BroJack Horseman is a good choice. After all, nicknames are meant to be amusing. It makes no difference whether they make sense or not – the more ridiculous, the better.

Outstanding Characteristics

Consider the traits that describe your friend. What is he best known for? Sitting on the couch the whole day, playing video games, and watching Netflix? ‘Brotato’ would be suitable. Or is he always trying to investigate and solve things? Then ‘Brobo Cop’ from the maverick, RoboCop, fits his description perfectly.

Variations of Their Actual Names

The most straightforward technique to come up with a nickname is to use a version of your friend’s name. The options are limitless. You may:

  • Use their initials. Suppose his name is Brian O’Conner, take the ‘Br’ and fuse with the ‘O’.
  • Try to create a new term using their name. The same buddy could also be ‘BrO’conner.’

The Bottom Line

When creating bro names, be careful not to come up with a nickname that’s insulting. You wouldn’t want to lose a friend over something so trivial! A great approach is to put your work through a trial. When no one is around, use it on your brother or buddy and see their reaction. If they’re offended, drop it and go back to the list above. Always try to come up with a flattering nickname rather than derogatory.

And if you came up with a bro name while going through our ‘150 bro names list, mention it in the comment section.