21 Unique Names That Mean Mercy

21 Unique Names That Mean Mercy

Some people greatly believe in the divinity of names. They claim that a name can inspire desirable traits in a person’s nature. You can give your baby or character names that mean mercy to reflect these ideals. 

Other than Mercy and Verity, numerous different names mean mercy from around the globe. They are derived from religion, history, and even ethnic languages.

Here are unique options to give you an idea of a lovely name for your baby or your story’s character. But first, why do you think we have names?

Why Give Names That Mean Mercy

Humans have a profound urge to name and be named, and academics have long recognized that naming things has immense power. We name things to distinguish, symbolize, refer to, characterize, organize, and, most significantly, tame them.

Merciful people are patient, compassionate, sympathetic, tolerant, and tender-hearted. They are friendly and welcoming to everyone, including foes and strangers. 

Some individuals believe that children may be taught to be forgiving, compassionate, and merciful. Parents can prevent the development of feelings of hatred and antagonism in their children’s hearts by instilling virtues such as mercy and compassion in them. And what better place to start than at the beginning?

Popular Names That Mean Mercy

There are numerous ways to narrow down your options when naming a baby or a character in a novel or play.

People use a variety of naming schemes, such as: 

  • Taking the actual sense of the phrase into account.
  • Put some letters at the beginning or end.
  • Consultation with religious and mythological authorities.
  • Taking inspiration from historical figures.
  •  After characters in films. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite mercy names from all over the world. Read on to see if you can find one that tickles your fancy.

Unique Girl Names That Mean Mercy

1. Amarachukwu

This name originates from the Igbo ethnic group of southeastern Nigeria. It stands for ‘mercy of God’ or ‘divine grace. The word ‘Amara’ in itself means grace or compassion.

2. Clemance

A name of French origin and applies to a mild or merciful individual. Said to be a derivative of the Latin name ‘Clement,’ often given to males.

A common variant is Clemence, Latin Clemens, which means ‘the merciful.’ This probably explains why this name is a favorite among Catholics.

3. Dayawanti

The name of the Hindu goddess of mercy. They are excellent community leaders because they are socially active and involved in the lives of others.

4. Ebele

Ebele originates in African languages and means’ mercy’ or ‘kindness.’ Ebeles are influential team players that prioritize family above career.

5. Eun/ Eun-Ji

“Eun, ” a Sino-Korean character, denotes values like generosity, kindness, and mercy. It can be used alone\ or in combination with other characters such as “Ji,” which symbolizes wisdom, to form the name Eun-Ji.

6. Leonara

The heroine of Beethoven’s opera Fidelio, Leonara, is derived from ancient Greek and means merciful. This feminine given name is a variation of Eleanor.

7. Nannette

This name has two origins: In Judaism and French. It stands for mercy, grace, kindness, generosity, or God has shown mercy.

8. Okemia

The Japanese variant of Cornelia means “Mercy or pity.” The word also translates to ‘war horn.’ Individuals with this name are natural entertainers, highly creative, and motivating. They are renowned for being empathetic and sympathetic, and they enjoy helping those in need of comfort.

9. Ruhama

Also written with an ‘h’ at the end, it is a Hebrew name given to those Israelites who had refused to bow the knee to Baal in the Book of Hosea in the Bible. Ruhama (Ruhamah) means ‘receiver of mercy.’

Unique Boy Names That Mean Mercy

10. Aaric

An old English name translates to a ‘graceful ruler’ or ‘rule with mercy.’ Holders of this name are natural peacemakers who seek to bridge gaps and create harmonious environments wherever they go. They are compassionate, dedicated, and deeply concerned about the well-being of others. 

Their destiny is to embrace change, easily acquire new skills, and embark on adventures to achieve ultimate fulfillment.

11. Anugtaha

A name of Indian origin. It may also mean ‘compassionate’ or ‘grace.’ People with this name should aim for leadership because they are known for their kindness, understanding, and sympathy. They crave creativity and art as well.

12. Armo

A Finnish name that means either ‘mercy’ or ‘grace.’

13. Asheesh

A Hindu name symbolizes showers of mercy, God’s grace, benediction, or blessing. Variants include Ashesh and Asees. The latter, however, is inspired by Islam rather than Hinduism.

14. Dayabaran

This name of Indian origin means ‘one who takes joy in showing kindness and compassion or is ‘full of mercy.’   

15. Kannon

It is Japanese in origin and is a variant of Kuan-yin, a Chinese Buddhist deity of mercy. Holders of this name are concerned with the needs of others, and helping others brings you peace, beauty, and harmony in life.

16. Osbourne

A baptismal name that was established in England from old English. Osbeorn stands for ‘The mercy of God.’

17. Sathea

Found in ancient Sanskrit, this Cambodian name translates to one who lives with compassion. 

Unisex Names That Mean Mercy

For good measure, here’s a list of gender-neutral names that mean mercy. 

18. Chifundo

An African name from the Chewa ethnic group of Malawi. It is the translated word for mercy in the native language. The highest satisfaction comes from knowing that they have contributed to the advancement of humanity’s cause. This name’s bearers make excellent rulers.

19. Hannan

A unisex Arabic name with the meaning most merciful, compassionate, affectionate, tender-hearted.” Another variant is Hanan.

20. Kyrie

Derived from the Christian prayer, the Kyrie Eleison, this name means Lord, have mercy.

21. Zane

This is a variation of the name John, so you know there’s a Hebrew connection. It means “gracious” and “merciful” or, more specifically, ‘Yahweh is merciful or gracious.’ 

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Take Away

Looking for names that represent a specific virtue can be pretty daunting. Everywhere you seek to yield the same results, but you’re not fixing to give your child a common name. There are numerous fantastic choices for names that mean mercy.