41 Baby Names That Mean Dream & Vision

When it’s time to choose a fitting name for your soon-to-arrive son or daughter, you must select a moniker that’s meaningful and captivating. After all, that’s the title they’ll carry for the rest of their lives. So, are there 41 baby names that mean dream & vision that you can consider?

You can find unique baby names that are memorable and represent dreams and visions. While filled with a sense of creativity, these monikers give off a vibe of wonder and fantasy. It could be your son’s or daughter’s existence was inspired by a dream or vision, and as such their moniker should be charming, beguiling, and unforgettable.

A name with a meaning or one inspired by enigmatic occurrences is a great choice when you’re considering your baby’s future.  Some monikers will reflect the optimism of dreams and visions surrounding your tot’s birth. Here are 41 names that I’ve shortlisted to guide you.

What Are the Unique Baby Names That Mean Dreams and Visions?

Picking a suitable name for your unique baby requires a degree of labor that not many mums to be are willing to put in. That’s partly due to the wealth of available options, and the natural indecisiveness that follows such momentous decisions. But if you are a dreamer, and seer of visions, you’ll always have optimism and the convenience of having an idea of the moniker you’re looking for.

Dreams make the world a better place, a place full of goals and ambitions that you can look forward to. Many great achievers and thinkers have been confirmed as dreamers. Several names align with the hopes and visions you have for your child, and which are modifiable to sound unique, modern, or local with a bit of creativity.

If you’re a dreamer or you have visions regarding your tot’s future, you’ll love the following monikers for your baby. These baby names cover various societies; traversing cultural boundaries to be gender-neutral and some might appear unconventional. Others have meanings that signify dreams while some are directly interpreted as dreaming.

All, however, attempt to capture the thoughts, sensations, and images you’ll see in dreams and visions regarding your unborn or newborn baby. They include;

1.  Abhidhyan

The name Abhidhyan is a baby boy’s moniker that means dream or deep consideration. It has Arabic roots.

2.  Ahlam

With its origins in Arabic, Ahlam is a choice name that means dreams and visions for a baby girl. The meaning of the name is imaginative dreams or a pleasant dreamer.

3.  Albadawi

The dreamy baby boy’s moniker means a soul surge, inner dream, or expression. Albadawi has origins in Arabic.

4.  Almos

The baby boy name Almos has Hungarian origins and comes from the word Alum which translates to dream. As the moniker of Hungary’s founding father, it is said that Almos’s mum had a dream when a bird impregnated her. The vision foretold of her son’s legendary future, and how he’d become the founder of a great nation.

5.  Alora

With roots in Africa, Alora is a female baby name whose meaning is ‘my dream.’ It’s an endearing, modern-day moniker with an English derivative, Alaura.

6.  Alviva

The name Alviva is common in British or commonwealth countries, a beautiful name for your baby girl. It means an elf, a friend, a dreamer, or an achiever through leadership abilities and ingenuity.

7.  Alweo

Alweo is a baby boy’s name that depicts a good-natured character, a diplomatic dreamer at heart.

8.  Alwod

Is your baby boy meant to be a persistent master builder that turns dreams into reality? Alwod is a name depicting leadership qualities.

9.  Amani

Arabic is where the baby girl name Amani comes from. It translates to desires or wishes, synonymous with dreams or aspirations. In Swahili, which is a mixture of African Bantu and Persian, the name means peace or hopes of promoting togetherness.

10. Anoushka

Anoushka means aspirations or fulfilling one’s dreams. The gender-neutral baby name has Sanskrit or Hindu origins.

11. Arman

As a Persian name, Arman means dream or vision. It’s a great choice for naming your little boy for whom you have great aspirations.

12. Ash

A gender-neutral English name, Ash or Ashling can also be used as your baby’s nickname. The moniker has the meaning of vision or dream, in Gaelic Irish.

13. Baduli

The baby boy’s name Baduli means a philosopher, thinker, dreamer, logician, or theorist.

14. Ceeven

That’s a name that you give to your baby boy if their birth came to you in the form of a dream or vision.

15. Chavez

With its origins in Spain, Chavez is another solid name for a baby boy that means dream maker.

16. Chimere

The name Chimere originates in France, a mesmerizing moniker that is perfect for your baby girl. Its meaning is dreamy.

17. Deisy

Dreams or passion is the meaning of Deisy, which is a baby girl’s name with French origins. 

18. Dissaith  

Dissaith means a daydreamer and a hard-working person, a fitting name for your baby boy.

19. Dream

Not only is it self-explanatory, Dream is an exquisite name that’s also unisex. It’s a lovely choice of moniker for your bundle of joy. It means wishing or events, visions, or feelings experienced while sleeping.

20. Esperaunce

Esperaunce is a baby boy’s name that means to hope, dream or aspire.

21. Gabriel or Gabrielle

Often used in religious traditions, Gabriel or its feminine form Gabrielle is associated with a biblical angel that’s almost always seen in divine-inspired visions.

22. Godusa

A name befitting your little girls, Godusa is from old English. It means dreaming big or achievement. It’s a moniker that denotes the ability to transform dreams and visions into reality.

23. Gramercy

If you give this baby boy’s name to your tot, they’ll likely grow up to be intelligent, hardworking, and understanding. Gramercy’s live in dreams and are idealists.

24. Guenhwyvar

The unique name Guenhwyvar means idealist, referring to an intelligent girl that wants to fulfill her dreams.

25. Imena

Imena has African roots, and its meaning is a dream. The baby’s name is fitting for a girl.

26. Jacob

Jacob was a biblical character known for his dreams and visions. He is attributed to being the founder of Israel, a name he also bore. The moniker has several adaptations including its shortened English form, Jake.

27. Jones

With roots in old English, Jones is a gender-neutral name, meaning it’s given to a boy or girl. The unisex moniker means fulfilled dreams or rejoicing.

28. Joseph

With origins in the bible, Joseph has Jewish and Christian resonances. It’s a baby boy’s name of the most beloved of Jacob’s twelve sons, who was hated by his brothers for dreaming about his forthcoming greatness. You can also name your little girl Josephine which is a variation of this dreamer moniker.

29. Kalpana

The baby’s name Kalpana has Gaelic Irish origins and means imagination, or dream-like visions.

30. Lourdes

While it’s also the name of a French region, Lourdes happens to be closely associated with Bernadette Soubrirous. She had multiple visions of an entity purported to be the mother of Jesus Christ, and a shrine was built to her here. Variations of this baby name include the Portuguese and Spanish Lourde or Lurdes.

31. Marzena

The baby’s name Marzena is Polish in origin, and it means the dreamed one.

32. Maya

Maya is a Sanskrit name that means illusion or vision. It’s the perfect moniker for your baby girl that’s a sight to behold.

33. Mimoza

With roots in Albany, Mimoza is a baby name that comes from the Latin word minus. That means to imitate or vision, and it’s an endearing moniker for your girl.

34. Morpheus

Derived from the word Morphe, Morpheus is a baby boy’s name that translates to God of dreams. It’s a moniker with Greek mythology origins and has been made popular by the cult film trilogy The Matrix.

35. Nara

A charming name that means dreamland, Nara is a baby girl’s name with French origins.

36. Penelope

Penelope means dream or illusion from its Greek origins. The baby’s name is also interpreted to mean dream weaver and is an enthralling moniker choice for your little girl.

37. Ramiel

In the Hebrew book of Enoch, Ramiel is one of the seven archangels, an angel of hope. His responsibility is to offer divine visions and guide souls to heaven. It’s a baby name with origins in Arabic and Greek.

38. Reverie

Daydreams or reverie is the meaning of this baby name with French origins. It’s an apt moniker for a little girl that contemplative or daydreams a lot.

39. Swapnali

With roots in Gaelic Irish, the baby girl’s name Swapnali means dream girl. It’s a moniker that flows dreaming and gorgeously.

40. Vienna

Vienna is the name of Austria’s capital, referred to by locals and visitors alike as the city of dreams. It’s an exquisite baby girl’s name that reflects how treasurable she is to you.

41. Yume

The word yum in Japanese means vision, illusion, or dream. Yu by itself stands for plentiful, abundant, and rich, which means to bud or sprout. Yume is a dreamy name for your baby girl who’s a budding or rising star.


So, there you have it, the 41 baby names that mean dream & vision. Finding the right one for your precious child requires that you listen to your heart. You can also combine, shorten or combine any of these monikers with a regular, local or customary name, resulting in perfect uniqueness.