59 Space Themed Baby Names

Are you the futuristic type of mum, and you’re seeking celestial inspiration when naming your child? Maybe you’ve tried to call Earth Station for galaxy-inspired monikers, not knowing how vast the heavens are for you to choose from. So, what are the most popular 59 space-themed baby names and their meaning?

A universe full of galaxies, star systems, and planets can help find a powerful and rare name for your yet-to-be-born baby. If star gazing or astronomy is your thing, space-themed baby names are as adventurous as they are cosmic. These are the hottest monikers in the naming trend playground. It’s also thanks to celebrities who haven’t shied away from looking heavenwards.

Singer Erykah Badu named her daughter Mars, while Sex and the City’s Chris North gave his son the name Orion. You can pick your favorite heavenly body or blend several final frontier monikers for something unique. Read on for 59 of the best space-themed baby names and a bit of information on what inspires them.

The Trendiest 59 Space-Themed Baby Names

Since the dawn of humanity, looking to the stars or stargazing has been a constructive pastime. Of late, humans have mapped depths of the known universe, and we are in the process of exploring further out than before. As such, it’s possible to find an out-of-this-world baby name inspired by all things starry, nebula, planetary, or other satellites.

Every self-proclaimed space nerd can create unique, cool baby names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral. There are tons of new ideas for consideration that will help your astronaut-in-waiting be ready for future adventures. For instance, folks always ask me what the meaning of the name Amy is, seeing as that’s what I named my old-year-old daughter.

It’s from Star Trek Deep space nine, where there’s a Bajoran heroine named Major Kira Nerys. She was a fearless character, a captive who refused the status quo and rose to become a leader during their revolution against a much-advanced race. She was hope for her people, the direction in tumultuous times, and that’s what I desire in my child.

Here is my choice of 59 space-themed baby names for your boy, girl, or as gender-neutral. They include;

Space Themed Baby Names for Boys

1.   Alioth

In the Great Bear constellation, Ursa Major, Alioth is the brightest star. The name has Arabic roots where it translates to the fat tail of a sheep. In bygone days, sailors used this star as an aid for navigation.

2.   Altair

With its Greek and Arabic origins, Altair translates to a bird, soaring or the ‘flying one.’ It’s located in the Aquila constellation as the 11th brightest star of that galaxy. You can blend or combine this space-themed baby’s name to avoid confusion with a commercial airline.

3.   Apollo

Between 1961 and 1972, the Apollo space program was one of NASA’s pioneering missions that first took humans to the moon. The name’s derived from Greek mythology, for a principal deity and the son of Zeus. While it can be burdensome as a first name, you can use this mythical, and celestial moniker as your baby’s second.

4.   Aries

The Ram is the first zodiac sign, and Aries is a constellation of brightly lit stars that dot the northern hemisphere. While it has Latin origins, its etymology is according to Greek mythology. The space-themed name is still suitable for your baby boy despite that grim association.

5.   Astrophel

Literary translated to star lover, Astrophel was invented by Sir Philip Sidney, an acclaimed English poet. During the 16th century, he used this space-themed baby name for his composition named Astrophel and Stella.

6.  Atlas

As one of the fastest rising space-themed names in the US, the Atlas is a triple star system in the Taurus constellation. The name indicates a Greek titan who was condemned to hold up the heavens forever. It’s also the name of a mountain range in northern Africa.

7.  Castor

As one of the twins in the Gemini constellation, Castor is Greek for the pious one. It’s a space-themed and mythological-inspired baby’s name that’s edgy. There’s also labor-inducing natural oil that comes from a bean with the same moniker. It’s the name Metallica’s James Hatfield gave to his son.

8.  Cielo

That’s an Italian name for the sky, as Cielo gives off expansive fresh and sunny tones suitable for a bright baby. Although uncommon in the US, it’s a space-themed moniker that’s trending well in Italy.

9.  Comet

That’s a cosmic body of ice and gas that travels around the galaxy on a defined orbital circumference. As it nears a star, a comet starts melting, releasing gas which forms a tail. Halley’s Comet is the only such short period celestial body visible when it comes around Earth every 75 or 76 years.

10. Cupid

Seeing as it translates to desire, cupid sounds like it has more to do with St Valentine than space. The name represents the Roman god of love, known for shooting quivers of match-fixing arrows. It’s also one of planet Uranus’s moons, discovered in 2003.

11. Donati

A long-period comet, Donati is named after Giovanni Battista Donati. The name has Latin roots where it means given by God. As the first of its kind to be photographed, the celestial body was first seen in 1858.

12. Draco

Best known as the sneering nemesis of magic wunderkind harry potter, Draco is also a constellation in the northern sky. In Greek, this name means dragon.

13. Elio

Derived from Italian and Spanish origins, the space-themed baby name Elio means the sun god. It’s a spirited moniker with finesse and flair, popular in France as we speak.

14. Eos

Discovered in 1882 by Johann Palisa, an Austrian astronomer, Eos is an asteroid group located on the outer part of our solar system. It was named after the Greek goddess of dawn. Thats also in its meaning.

15. Eros

The asteroid Eros 433 is one of the second-largest asteroid groups located near Earth’s orbit. From Greek mythology, he was the god of love from which we get the term erotic.

16. Finlay

William henry Finlay was a South African astronomer at the Cape Town observatory who first discovered comet 15P, also called Finlay. The space-themed name also has Irish roots, where it means a fair-haired hero. You can also spell this moniker Finley or shorten it to Finn.

17. Galileo

As one of the better-known renaissance astronomers, the name Galileo is Italian for coming from Galilee. Hailing from Pisa, Italy, di Vincenzo Bonauti de Galilei was also a physicist and engineer. Of all his mastery of the stars and the telescopes he developed, he’s remembered for discovering the four larger moons of Jupiter.

18. Gemini

As well as being a part of the US spaceflight program, Gemini is a constellation and one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The space-themed baby name is applicable when you’re expecting twins.

19. Hamal

It’s the brightest star in the Aries constellation but also an Arabic word that means lamb. You can use this space-themed baby name as a stellar alternative for the ever-popular Jamal.

20. Hermes

Hermes 9230 is an asteroid in the Apollo group. But it’s also the Greek god of wisdom, but the root word means messenger. The Romans called this deity Mercury who was also a messenger to the gods.

21. Hesperos

In its Greek translation, Hesperos points to Venus. It became a famous space-themed baby name after a poem by Longfellow.

22. Hoku

As the Hawaiian word for star, Hoku sounds as tropical as it is space-themed. The name is suitable for both girls and boys.

23. Holmes

You probably knew Holmes as the fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But it’s also the name of a periodic comet that travels through our star system. Its English meaning is ‘from the island in the river.’

24. Icarus

In the Apollo group, there’s an asteroid called 1566 Icarus.  The space-themed baby name comes from Greek mythology, meaning follower. He was the son of Daedalus, and as an inventive pair, they made wings of feathers and wax in an attempt to escape besieged Crete.

25. Janus

The inner moon of Saturn is called Janus, or Saturn X. it’s a space-themed baby name with Greek origins, where it means gateway.        

Space Themed Baby Names for Girls

26. Adhara

It’s one of the brightest stars in the sky, and Adhara means virgin from its Arabic root word. Due to how bright it shines, its name suits baby girls. You could also come up with a spelling variation like Adara instead.

27. Adrastea

One of the smallest inner moons of Jupiter, Adrastea is also known as Jupiter XV. The space-themed baby name originates from the Greek, meaning inescapable

28. Alcyone

Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades constellation. Since it’s derived from Greek mythology, this space-themed baby name is reminiscent of Aeolus’s daughter and Ceyx’s wife. Because they were happy, the married couple called each other Zeus and Hera, enraging the gods.

29. Alpha

The most radiant star in any constellation is named Alpha, which stems from the first letter of the Greek alphabet. It’s a bold pick for your first daughter, a space-themed name that’ll give her boss baby vibes.

30. Alula

Translating from Arabic to mean the first leap, Alula is a palindromic name for a binary star system. That’s a rare occurrence where a star has another in its proximity, so they appear as one. It’s a fantastic space-themed moniker for your firstborn daughter or the first of your twins if that’s what you’re expecting.

31. Alya

In Arabic-speaking countries, as well as turkey and Russia, Alya relates to the heavens, the highborn or exalted. In astronomy, it’s part of the star system Theta Serpentis and is a space-themed name commonly given to Muslim girls.

32. Amalthea

The constellation Capra, which translates to female goat, represents Amalthea. It’s also the name of one of Jupiter’s moons. In Greek mythology, she’s a goat-keeping or goat-like nymph who nursed Zeus as an infant. The space-themed baby name means tender goddess.

33. Andromeda

Besides being the name of the closest galaxy to our milky way, Andromeda stems from Greek, translating as advice like a man. In mythology, she was the daughter of Cassiopeia, turned into a constellation by Athena. We call that star cluster, Bohemian Andromeda.

34. Asterope

Discovered in 1883, Asterope 233 is an asteroid named after Sterope, one of the daughters of Atlas and Pleione. The baby’s name is of Greek origin, where it means lightning.

35. Aquarius

While representing the 11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is also the constellation between Capricorn and Pisces. It has Greek origins and represents a cluster that resembles a person pouring water from a large vase.

36. Ariel

It’s one of Uranus’s moons, the fourth-largest, and translates from Hebrew to mean lion of God. In the biblical context, Ariel is the messenger, Ezra. However, this space-themed baby name is made popular in today’s culture by the 1989 Disney movie, The Little Mermaid.

37. Astra

In Greek, Astra means of the stars. The intergalactic baby’s name is recognizable from a character in the cult TV series Dr. Who, named princess Astra.

38. Astrid

Located in the Central Asteroid Belt, Astrid 1128 is an Astridian or asteroidean asteroid. The space-themed baby name originates from Old Norse, and it means beautiful and fair goddess.

39. Aurora

The northern lights or aurora borealis occur near the magnetic north due to magnetic and radiations reflections on our planet’s atmosphere. As a space-themed baby name, Aurora stems from Roman and Latin to mean the dawn. She’s the goddess of sunshine who traversed from east to west on a fiery chariot.

40. Belinda

Uranus has a moon named Belinda, a word that’s German but with Spanish roots. The space-themed name translates to either serpent or the pretty one. Babylonian mythology holds that she was a goddess who ruled Earth and the heavens.

41. Bellatrix

It’s a Latin word that defines a female warrior. But Bellatrix is also the name of a star in the Orion constellation. An association of this space-themed baby moniker you should avoid has to do with J.K Rowling’s evil character in Harry Potter.

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42. Callisto

The second-largest moon of Jupiter, one of Galileo’s discoveries in 1610, is called Jupiter IV or Callisto. It’s also the Italian word for the Greek Kallistos, which means good and fair.

43. Calypso

As a moon of Saturn, calypso is a space-themed baby name from the Greek. It means the invisible one or ‘she who is hidden.’

44. Celeste

The French name for the heavens is celeste, which is a space-themed girl’s name that means celestial or heavenly.

45. Ceres

The first asteroid ever discovered, in 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi is called Ceres. With Indo-European derivations and origins, this space-themed name means to grow, from the root word ‘ker.’ She’s the goddess of fertility and agriculture in Greek mythology.

46. Cosmos

Another term for the universe is Cosmos. It’s a cute girl’s name with Greek origins, and it means beauty or order.

47. Chaldene

In Greek mythology, she is the mother of Solymos who is sired by Zeus. It’s also one of Jupiter’s moons, also called Jupiter XXI.

48. Cybele

The nature goddess, worshiped in Asia Minor as the Great Mother is called Cybele in Greek mythology. While it means mother of all the gods, it’s also one of the largest asteroids ever discovered, a minor planet called Cybele 65.

49. Cyllene

Jupiter XLVIII is a mouthful, so astronomers chose to call this moon Cyllene. She’s a nymph, daughter of Zeus, and associated with mount Arcadia where blackbirds turn white. The space-themed baby name has English and Greek origins and means sweetheart.

50. Cygnus

The swan is what Cygnus, a constellation in the northern part of our Milky Way galaxy, translates to from its Latin origins.

51. Daphne

There’s a huge asteroid that measures 108 miles in diameter named Daphne 41. It’s a space-themed name from Greek that means laurel.

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52. Dia

One of Jupiter’s moons, Jupiter LIII is also called Dia. It’s a baby girl’s name with Spanish origins where it means light or lamp.

53. Doris

The Greek word that represents Doris also means gift. It’s one of the largest main asteroid belt bodies, called Doris 48.

54. Eirene

The moon called Jupiter LVII is also known as Eirene. It’s a Greek name derived from Irene, which means peace.

55. Eris

The biggest known dwarf planet in our star system is called Eris. It’s a Greek word that means, unfortunately, strife.

56. Ersa

One of Jupiter’s moons, Jupiter LXXI is also known as Ersa. The name is from Greek, where it means the morning dew.

57. Eugenia

Eugenia 45 is a large asteroid on the main belt, a name from the Greek that means noble, or well-born.

58. Eupheme

Jupiter LX is a moon of that planet, also called Eupheme. From Greek, Euphemia is eloquent or well-spoken.

59. Gaia

The European Space Agency, which focuses on observing stellar movements, has an observatory called Gaia. It’s also a name with Greek origins, meaning of the earth.


You can only scratch the surface if you’re trying for all the available space-themed baby names. The list goes on, with trendy and cosmic monikers for bots like Jupiter, Kepler, Phoenix, Sabik, and Titan. Your little girl could be Bianca, Celeste, Electra, Hilda, or a Zaniah. You can even choose another galactic phenomenon, one on which astronomers are scratching their heads over currently like Tabby Star.