What’s The Meaning of the Name Kira?

Naming your baby, whether unborn or newly arrived, is a momentous undertaking. It’s a moniker they’ll carry for the rest of their lives, or at least until they can get the power of attorney to change it. You must look at the pronunciation, any nicknames, and origin of names before settling on one. In that spirit, what’s the meaning of the name Kira?

Whichever part of the world you search, you’ll find different meanings and origins of the girl’s name Kira. It’s the feminine form of the name Kiran in Hindi, which means a beam of light. In Russian, its mistress or ruler. The Greeks see it as the female interpretation of ‘lord.’ A common Japanese moniker, it’s romanticized as something shiny or glittery.

Notable actresses, singers, and media personalities are named Kira. The cult TV series Star Trek Deep Space Nine, whose heroine was named Major Kira Nerys, popularized the name. To learn more about this moniker and its meaning, continue reading.

Is There Meaning in the Name Kira?

Kira as a name has different etymologies or origins of words. However, the meaning is more or less the same across languages and countries. In Celtic Gaelic culture, it stands for dark, while the Japanese consider it to represent glitter. The Russian etymology specifies light or the sun, also present in its Persian and English foundations.

The name Kira is feminine, fashionable, and friendly, seeing as it has ten variations that range from Kyra to Ciara. It denotes a fearless character that possesses great wisdom, a bringer of light like the sun according to its Russian meaning. You can say this moniker with ease, flowing off your tongue with its two-syllable four letters.

In numerology, the name Kira, given to a Hebrew girl, means master or lord. It has the value of three, which expresses an intelligent, highly sociable, and fun-loving person who’s creative and artistic. It’s also reflective of an imaginative, career-oriented, and fun-loving personality with high self-esteem.

No matter where you are in the world, there’s a variation of the name Kira that’s considered local. For instance, British actress Keira Knightley uses her country’s preferred pronunciation. Others have chosen plain Ciara for its Gaelic resonances, or Greek Kyra as well as other versions.

Famous People Named Kira

Among girls, Kira is a popular baby name. It’s a dainty and easy-sounding moniker that grew in popularity from the mid-70s to the late 2000s, its adoption peaking during 2005. It’s the most used among female names in its category, with 67% more babies named than its next competitor, Kyra.

Famous real people named Kira include princess Kira of Prussia, also known as Kira Auguste Viktoria Friederike. She was born on 27th June 1943 and lived until 10 January 2004. Her mother’s name was Princess Kira Kirillovna of Russia, who lived from 1909 to 1967.

Another is Kira Katherine McIntyre, actor and singer-songwriter Joey McIntyre’s daughter. She was born in 2011. Kira Kosarin is a famous American TV star of the Nickelodeon show The Thundermans.

In popular song, screen, or story content, Kira is featured in MTV’s teen wolf as Kira Yukimura, acted by Arden Cho. There’s a book called Kira, and it’s the name of the Dark Crystal’s protagonist, created by Jim Henson. In the 1980 movie Xanadu, Kira was the main character, played by Olivia newton.

Kira Hyden is the character in the horror film Gravedancers. The name is also used in the Death Note, while Kira Ford is The Yellow Ranger in 2004s Power Ranger Dino Thunder. In Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Diamond Kira Yoshikage is unbreakable.

In the world of film, there’s an American voice actress named Kira Buckland, a movie director called Kira Bursky, and producer Kira Davis. There’s also cinematographer Kira Kelly, Kira Bousloff is an Australian dancer, and there’s a Dutch Olympic swimmer with the moniker Kira Bulten. Others include Kira Eggers, Danish model, Kira Geil Australian ice dancer, Kira Hall, American anthropologist, Kira Naggy, a Hungarian tennis player, and basket-baller Kira Lewis from the US.

What Will Babies Named Kira Grow Up to Become?

However, Kira, especially when used as a first name, has an independent nature. Yet, they are approachable, generous, and friendly. Since the names’ center is the head, she may have exceedingly high self-esteem. That incorporates her creative, musical, or artistic abilities.

Generally, Kiras are good-natured, though sometimes they can become sarcastic or blunt. They are also expressive, talkative, and loud. People whose names start with the letter K are perfectionists. As such, they prefer sensible but smart partners. They won’t compromise if they’re not convinced. They are successful romantics who, when they love, are quick to express themselves openly.

Kiras prefer to stand apart from the crowd, unique from the rest, and their attitude towards earning is very clear. They prefer to think of themselves first, sometimes soft-tempered but other times strict, but always firm.

How Popular Is the Name Kira, and What Do the Letters Stand For?

In the US popularity charts, the name Kira first appeared in 1969. It wasn’t until the mid-80s that this girl’s moniker took hold and placated itself towards modern usage. With its many possible origins and meanings, the moniker is not overused. That allows it to remain trendy and retail originality.

When you do a letter analysis on the name Kira, you’ll find meaning for;

K: An enlightened individual who’s artistic and feels deeply. They’re motivated, relying heavily on gut feeling for decision-making. K’s are forces to be reckoned with, but they tend to be high-strung, anxious, or extremely careful.

I: These are compassionate people, and with deep feelings, insight and wisdom. They’re creative and artsy, with an eye for everything from composition to fashion. However, without balance, they tend to lose direction, with projects never completed.

R: An intense, rich inner life emanates outward, and an R feels things strongly. Excellent work ethics ensure they do their jobs with lots of energy, plus their kind nature makes them easy teammates.

A: Freethinkers, ambitious and their person, A’s don’t change their mind under anyone’s influence. With a need to have a purpose, they’re in charge, natural leaders. While flexible, these individuals are courageous, but they’ll take other people’s ideas seriously.


When you name your baby Kira, they’ll grow up to become appreciative and encouragers. Kiras are inclined to pursue emotional indulgence or just good fun. However, they tend to scatter efforts or avoid menial, routine or repetitive tasks. A girl with this moniker will also do things spontaneously; spur of the moment, without much planning.