Armenian Names – My 50 Favorites

Names are a big deal. They can make or break someone’s day, and they also have the power to shape an individual’s identity. Names often come with a set of expectations and preconceptions that we must navigate to find our own identities. Some say foreign names are unique, so how about some Armenian names.

This blog post features 50 of my favorite Armenian baby names. These names come from different origins and mean various things, but they’re all unique and beautiful in their own way. If you’re looking for inspiration on an Armenian name for your child, this blog post is the perfect place to start.

50 of My Best Armenian Names

1. Ashot

I often wonder why Ashot isn’t used more frequently in Western society. I think it’s a great name and solid male Armenian name. It means eternal.

2. Arman

I think Arman is probably the cool-sounding Armenian name, and it has been popular in several countries throughout history. The name means brave or manly.

3. Avedis

This one sounds like the Armenian branch of the Greek name Aiden. It means blessed and would be a great name for a boy or girl.

4. Bedros / Petros

Peter’s Greek name means rock, and Bedros is the Armenian equivalent but more masculine in sound.

5. Hovig

It means laborious, which sounds like the perfect name for a boy who will keep his parents busy.

6. Hrant

I love this name because it’s easy to pronounce and rolls off the tongue, making it seem lighthearted. The meaning is priceless: breath or spirit, but breathing is so overrated without Hrant if you ask me.

7. Mher

This is by far the coolest sounding name I’ve listed so far. It means love, but I can’t help thinking of Mike if I hear it, especially since the first half of the name sounds like many English names starting with Mike.

8. Nareh

This is another favorite for so many reasons. It means letter or message, and as long as Nareh has a sister named Post, we’ll all be good.

9. Sevag/Sevak

This name is the Armenian equivalent of Stephen, which means crown. It’s one of my favorites because it sounds great for a boy or girl, and it comes with the nickname Seva or Sev.

10. Sona

This name rolls off the tongue more straightforwardly than you might think, which is why it’s one of my favorites. It means gold.

11. Stepan

This name is Armenian for Stephen, but I would argue that Stepan is even more manly sounding.

12. Varazdat

This name means glorious, but it’s not nearly as popular as you might think. This would be an excellent name for a boy, in my opinion. I like this one.

13. Vahram

It means the only beloved. This name would be great for a boy, as long as he doesn’t mind being called Vahran by those who can’t say Vahram correctly.

14. Vahan/Vahe

It means wealth, which is significant for the boy who has everything he needs, right?

15. Varoujan

This one sounds so much better than any other name beginning with Var- I believe. The meaning is joy or merry, and it’s one of my top favorites on the list.

16. Vigen

This name means powerful, but don’t let that scare you away; I think it sounds lovely for a boy or girl.

17. Vrezh

This name means longing, but I think it has a much happier sound, making it one of my favorites.

18. Zaven

I like this Armenian name for its similarity in pronunciation to many Western names starting with Zack.

19. Zaruhi

This is another one that rolls off the tongue, but it’s not nearly as popular as I think it should be. It means beautiful, which would describe any girl lucky enough to have this name.

20. Balian

This Armenian name is not as popular as many other names on the list, but I think it deserves to be. It means lord or master.

21. Bogos

I know that Bogos is the proper spelling of this name, but I go by the more commonly spelled Boghos because it’s easier to say.

22. Davit

This name means beloved, but it’s not nearly as popular as some other names on this list. I like it, and I think it would make an excellent middle for boys such as David or Davis.

23. Dikran

This name means just ruler, which is a pretty cool name to have, in my opinion. I think it’s probably the most masculine-sounding name on the list and would make a fabulous boy’s name.

24. Garabed

I like this Armenian equivalent of Gabriel. It can be used for either a boy or girl, but I think it’s most commonly used for boys.

25. Hovhaness

This name means the glory of God, which is why it’s not that popular these days; many parents prefer names with more vital meanings to trendy-sounding words.

26. Kevork

This name means farmer. I don’t know why it isn’t more popular, but I think it has a great sound.

27. Mariam/Mher

I think these are the two cutest Armenian names for girls that I’ve seen so far. Mariam means bitter, while Mher means beloved.

28. Boyajyan

It means ” the son of a painter,” and it would make an excellent middle for boys such as John or Jon.

29. Movses

This name is Armenian for Moses, which makes me like this one even more. It’s not nearly as popular as many of the others, but it should be!

30. Norayr

It means new rise, and I like it because it sounds similar to some Western names such as Norman.

31. Sarkis/Serge

I know this is a popular Armenian name, but that’s why I included it in my top 50! I think Sarkis or Serge would make good middle names for boys such as Charles or Phillip.

32. Schahan

This is another one that’s not super common, but it sounds great to give your child such a name

33. Shahan

This is another one that’s not super common, but I think it sounds so much better than its Western equivalent of Sean.

34. Vrej

Vrej would be an excellent name for a baby boy or girl.

33. Tovmas

I like this name because you could easily use Tommy like English-speaking parents often do when giving their children modern names.

34. Tigran

I think this will be a popular Armenian name for boys in the future because it’s so different.

35. Varazdat

This name would make an excellent middle for Western names starting with Barry, like Barrie.

36. Darian

It’s not super popular, and I think it sounds like a firm name for either a boy or girl.

37. Davood

I like this name because Daveed (or David ) would make an excellent nickname; however, I also like it because it means greatness.

38. Diana

I think this name would be beautiful for a baby girl, but I also think it’s trendy in Armenia.

39. Hrant

This Armenian name is not nearly as popular as it should be! It means love, and I think that if more parents knew how great it is, more of them would use it.

40. Levon

I know some people prefer Leon, but I think Levon is the better choice because the sound of the name feels more appropriate for a boy or young man.

41. Lucine

It’s not very popular, but this Armenian name sounds so much better to my Western ears than Lucy.

42. Margaret

It means pearl, and I think it’s a beautiful name for either a girl or boy, although it’s traditionally given as a girl’s name.

43. Sahag

This Armenian name has its roots in the Bible, meaning priest; however, it’s not traditionally a male name, which is why I included it on the list.

44. Sarkis

It means beggar, but that doesn’t matter because I think this name sounds excellent for boys, especially with the nickname Sark.

45. Shirine

I don’t know too much about this name, but I think it sounds beautiful to Western ears.

46. Lilit

I know it’s also one of the oldest female names in history, but I think it sounds excellent for either a girl or boy.

47. Raffi

I think this is the cutest Armenian boys’ name on this list, and I think it sounds so much better than its Western equivalent of Robbie.

48. Sos

I think it’s the cutest name for an Armenian baby boy, and I like it because you could easily use the nickname Rose (or even Rosie ) for English-speaking parents.

49. Kalajian

This is a nice Armenian surname that is very popular in Armenia. It means a merchant.

50. Dolma

Dolma can suit both genders.

So that’s my top 50! What are some of your favorite Armenian names? Love some more foreign ones? You might also want to check out Roman Last Names – My 50 Favorites and 76 Best Middle Names for Reese