55 Middle Names for Aurora

55 Middle Names for Aurora

If you’re an expectant parent agonizing over the name to give your baby, you’re in good company. Parents spend countless hours searching for the perfect name for the expected baby because they realize how vital their name is. 

First, they realize that once they settle on a name and it gets into the birth certificate, they won’t have another opportunity to change it. Parents also know that a person’s name is character-building. The name you give your child will influence how people see the child and play a part in making a child either self-confident or self-conscious. Parents, therefore, go to great lengths to ensure that they don’t riddle their beloved children with names they might be ashamed of for the rest of their lives.

You might have spent ages choosing the first name before settling on the lovely name Aurora. Once you’ve overcome the first hurdle, you now need to think about a middle name that’d make a perfect match. 

You’re in luck! This article features unique middle names for Aurora and some tips on how you can come up with one.

Before we give you suggestions on the middle names that would be an ideal match for Aurora, let’s find out why this first name is so popular and what you need to consider when looking for a matching middle name.

Why Aurora Is a Favorite First Name

As a first name, Aurora is as popular today as it has been over the centuries, and it’s easy to see why. In Roman mythology, Aurora is the sunrise goddess who travels across the sky from east to west each day, proclaiming the start of a new day. Her tears become the morning dew. That’s why the name means “dawn” in Latin. 

And if you love animated films and hope that your daughter will too, you should know that Princess Aurora, aka Briar Rose, appears in the popular 1959 Walt Disney Production, Sleeping Beauty.

Aurora is also the first name of many celebs, including politicians, singers, actresses, and writers.

How to Come Up with Beautiful Middle Names for Aurora

Now that you’ve settled on Aurora, a name that has got a mystical meaning and one that’s associated with superstars, what do you need to do to find a middle name that does it justice?

Think About How the Two Names Sound

Aurora sounds beautiful, and the least you can do is find a middle name that adds to the beauty. Many middle names would make a lovely combination, including:

  • Aurora Jane
  • Aurora Jade
  • Aurora Jillian
  • Aurora Eve
  • Aurora Eden
  • Aurora Beth
  • Aurora Ann

And when thinking about how the middle name fits in when used with Aurora, you might also want to consider the names that would work well with the Aurora nickname, Rory,

Do You Want the Middle Name to Have a Special Meaning?

When choosing the middle name, you have the chance to select one that has special significance. To remind yourself how grateful you’re to get the child, you might choose to name her Aurora Grace or Aurora Blessing.

Could you also have a place that holds special significance to you or your family? If that place is your city of birth, how about naming her Aurora Austin (assuming you were born in Austin, TX)?

There are so many things, places, events, and characters that you might hold special, and these could help you narrow down on the third name. These could include your favorite author (Aurora Dickens), your favorite NBA team (Aurora Lakers), your partner’s most beloved city (Aurora Paris), etc.

Choose the Name of a Person That’s Special to You or Your Family

You can also find a middle name for your daughter by using the name of a person you or your family holds in high esteem. Such people could be deceased family members whose memories you treasure or close friends.

When honoring such people by giving your daughter their name, you are not bound to use their first or middle names if the names aren’t appealing to you. If the person you’re honoring has a nickname by which everyone knows them, that would be a great middle name for your child.

Think about Your Surname and the Initials of Your Daughter’s Name

While you could choose the most beautiful middle name, it’s important to remember that it’ll be used or read out with the first name and your surname in several situations. Before settling on a middle name, please write down the three names and read them aloud. 

When read aloud, you’ll find out if the names complement each other or whether you have chosen a combination that sounds awkward. If you don’t like the way the full name sounds, chances are that other people, including your daughter, won’t like it too.

When your daughter has to use the initials of her name in the future, it’s crucial to find out how they spell out. While Aurora Sage Stephenson is a good-sounding name, it’ll be initiated as ASS. An equally great-sounding name, Aurora Clare Emerson, produces the initials ACE. Without a doubt, Emerson’s daughter will love her initials while Stephenson’s daughter will loathe hers.

Find Out How Popular or Unpopular the Name Is Online

With so much business transacted online today, you’d be doing your daughter a disservice if you didn’t care to find out the popularity or otherwise of the name you intend to use. Such a search could help you unearth the names of people with tainted names. If, for instance, you found out that your daughter might have to share a name with an ex-convict or a convicted child molester, you might choose to opt for another name.

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Common Middle Names for Aurora

If you couldn’t come up with a good middle name for Aurora, here’s a list you can choose from;

  1. Aurora Gwen
  2. Aurora Catherine
  3. Aurora Olivia
  4. Aurora Violet
  5. Aurora Kate
  6. Aurora Helena
  7. Aurora Clare
  8. Aurora Christine
  9. Aurora Chelsea
  10. Aurora Celeste
  11. Aurora Willow
  12. Aurora Dawn
  13. Aurora Louise
  14. Aurora Florence
  15. Aurora Ivy
  16. Aurora Liv
  17. Aurora Shelly
  18. Aurora Lucy
  19. Aurora Madeline
  20. Aurora Giselle
  21. Aurora Genevieve
  22. Aurora Melody
  23. Aurora Daphne
  24. Aurora Cleo
  25. Aurora Mae
  26. Aurora Jasmine
  27. Aurora Dove
  28. Aurora Rayne
  29. Aurora Faye
  30. Aurora Brielle
  31. Aurora Elise
  32. Aurora Sage
  33. Aurora Blythe
  34. Aurora Jane
  35. Aurora Francis
  36. Aurora Isabelle
  37. Aurora Elizabeth
  38. Aurora Kay
  39. Aurora Rose
  40. Aurora Brynn
  41. Aurora Eden
  42. Aurora Noelle


Aurora is a beautiful name, and finding a fitting middle name for it shouldn’t prove too tricky when you do your homework- well, it shouldn’t be much work since you’ve got all the unique middle names for Aurora listed here. However, if you’ve searched high and low and still can’t find a middle name that you think is a good enough match for Aurora, remember there’s no harm if you choose to leave out the middle name.