99 Best Middle Names for Victoria

Names are important. Oftentimes, for better or worse, a person’s name is what determines your first impression of them before you ever meet them. It’s a good idea to give your child a nice, strong name. Give them that extra help going forward in life. Give them a name that they can be proud of and will happily go by for the rest of their life. Victoria is one of those names. You picked a good one for your kid.

A name with Latin origins, your child would be sharing their name with Victoria the Roman goddess of victory, Queen Victoria, and Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham, now that’s setting your child on the right path. However, Victoria isn’t the only name you’ll be giving your child. They also need a middle name. The only problem is finding the best middle names for Victoria, which can be tough. But, why do you need to give your child a middle name?

What is the point of a middle name?

Middle names exist in quite a number of cultures, it’s not just a western thing. Largely, from a practical standpoint, middle names are used to help differentiate people with common first names or last names (i.e. John Smith and John Smith become John Brian Smith and John David Smith with the help of middle names). But, outside of the practical reasons, there are also many cultural reasons for middle names too.

In English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the first name of a relative is sometimes used as one’s middle name to honor familial heritage. For example, a child’s middle name may be the first name of one of their parents or grandparents or another relative of significance. It is also not uncommon for a middle name to be chosen to honor a family friend or public figure that holds significance to the parents. In some rare cases, a middle name in English-speaking areas may be just a single letter. Former United States President Harry Truman’s middle name was simply “S”. Another popular tradition in English-speaking countries is for a child’s middle name to be their mother’s maiden name, to honor the family tree.

In Chinese culture, they do not have a middle name in the traditional sense. They have a three-character name. Where the first character is the family name, the second indicates the generation in their family, and the third is the given name. Even though they don’t use middle names in the way English countries think of them, they still largely are used to honor family. As an extension to this, Chinese Americans will, for legal documentation, often adopt an English name for their first name and adopt their generation and given name as a middle name. For example, famous martial artist and actor Bruce Lee was born Lee Jun-fan (or 李振藩) and changed it to Bruce Junfan Lee after making it big.

India has a lot of different traditions surrounding middle names, thanks largely to the extensive ethnic and religious diversity that is found across the country. Hindu names will often have the middle name be the name of the father. In the Nair community, middle names come from the mother’s family. The Dalit community doesn’t have middle names. Believe it or not, that only scratches the surface of all the different communities and groups in India and the cultural significance of their middle names.

In Scandinavian countries, like Denmark and Norway, it’s standard for the middle name to be the mother’s maiden name or the last name of a recent ancestor. However, some do break away from that mold with people, mainly in the upper class, having their middle name be the last name of their godparent.

In Vietnam, middle names are very important for social and cultural reasons. Middle names are used in a number of different ways. First, to indicate a person’s generation (similar to what they do in China as mentioned above). Second, to separate branches of a large family. A less common usage of a middle name is to indicate a person’s position in the family, specifically the birth order. The most common usage is to provide a poetic and positive meaning when the person’s name is said in full.

In the 20th century, after becoming a United States Colony, the Philippines adopted the naming convention of a given name, middle name, last name. With the middle name usually being the mother’s surname. But, before that, it was more common to just have a given name and then a combination of your parent’s surnames as a surname.

There are also a wide variety of countries that have their own cultural naming process that simply does not include middle names, like Brazil and Portugal.

So, what is the point of a middle name? Well, the point is whatever you want it to be. Cultures all over the world have all different types of traditions for middle names or don’t even have them at all. It’s up to you what you want to do. Want to choose a name that honors family? Sure, go ahead. Want to choose a name that honors a prominent figure in society? You can do that. Want to choose a name simply because you like how it sounds when combined with your child’s first and last name? Sounds good to me. Middle names can be as important or unimportant as you want them to be. It is entirely up to you.

But are middle names important?

Well, outside of the cultural reasons mentioned above? Middle names are still a little important. No matter what name you choose and no matter why you chose it, that middle name is going to follow your child for their whole life. It will be on all their legal documents and identifications. It will be said out loud at their graduation. They might have to say what it is as a first date ice breaker. Also, for one reason or another, their middle name might become the that the child will choose to go by. Whatever reason you have, to choose the middle name you chose for your child, just remember all of this. Because it is a name that they will have to live with.

How should you choose a middle name?

If you aren’t going down the cultural route for choosing a middle name, and don’t want to honor anyone with it, then the middle name should be chosen based on how it sounds. First, middle, and last names should, when said together, flow very naturally and have a good mouthfeel to them. It should fit like a puzzle piece between the first and last names. It’s a name that you’ll know is the right name as soon as you say it out loud, It’ll just fit.

You already have the first name picked out, Victoria. It’s hard to say the best middle name without knowing the last name, but here are 99 of the best middle names for Victoria.

Best Middle Names for Victoria

These are in no particular order, I hope you find one you like!

  1. Victoria Charlotte
  2. Victoria Ava
  3. Victoria Sarah
  4. Victoria Elizabeth
  5. Victoria Grace
  6. Victoria Harper
  7. Victoria Luna
  8. Victoria Sofia
  9. Victoria Emily
  10. Victoria Avery
  11. Victoria Mila
  12. Victoria Scarlett
  13. Victoria Eleanor
  14. Victoria Madison
  15. Victoria Layla
  16. Victoria Penelope
  17. Victoria Holly
  18. Victoria Caroline
  19. Victoria Dawn
  20. Victoria Louise
  21. Victoria Lynn
  22. Victoria Ellie
  23. Victoria Nora
  24. Victoria Hazel
  25. Victoria Zoey
  26. Victoria Riley
  27. Victoria Lily
  28. Victoria Violet
  29. Victoria Nova
  30. Victoria Hannah
  31. Victoria Emilia
  32. Victoria Stella
  33. Victoria Addison
  34. Victoria Willow
  35. Victoria Lucy
  36. Victoria Paisley
  37. Victoria Natalie
  38. Victoria Naomi
  39. Victoria Eliana
  40. Victoria Brooklyn
  41. Victoria Elena
  42. Victoria Aubrey
  43. Victoria Claire
  44. Victoria Ivy
  45. Victoria Kinsley
  46. Victoria Audrey
  47. Victoria Maya
  48. Victoria Skylar
  49. Victoria Bella
  50. Victoria Aaliyah
  51. Victoria Madelyn
  52. Victoria Savannah
  53. Victoria Anna
  54. Victoria Delilah
  55. Victoria Caroline
  56. Victoria Kennedy
  57. Victoria Valentina
  58. Victoria Ruby
  59. Victoria Sophie
  60. Victoria Alice
  61. Victoria Gabriella
  62. Victoria Sadie
  63. Victoria Ariana
  64. Victoria Allison
  65. Victoria Hailey
  66. Victoria Autumn
  67. Victoria Natalia
  68. Victoria Quinn
  69. Victoria Josephine
  70. Victoria Sarah
  71. Victoria Cora
  72. Victoria Emery
  73. Victoria Samantha
  74. Victoria Piper
  75. Victoria Leilani
  76. Victoria Eva
  77. Victoria Everleigh
  78. Victoria Madeline
  79. Victoria Lydia
  80. Victoria Jade
  81. Victoria Peyton
  82. Victoria Blake
  83. Victoria Ruth
  84. Victoria Alani
  85. Victoria Annabelle
  86. Victoria Sage
  87. Victoria Lila
  88. Victoria Rachel
  89. Victoria Trinity
  90. Victoria Daniela
  91. Victoria Alexa
  92. Victoria Lilly
  93. Victoria Lauren
  94. Victoria Elsie
  95. Victoria Margot
  96. Victoria Adelyn
  97. Victoria Zuri
  98. Victoria Brooke
  99. Victoria Sawyer

There are thousands of names that could have gone on that list, so if you didn’t like any of them, that’s perfectly fine. All that truly matters, all that truly makes for the best middle name for Victoria is that it’s a name that you like. That it’s a name that you and your partner like. It’s your kid, you can give them whatever middle name you want.

I hope in some way that he was able to help you come up with the perfect middle name for your child. It’s not an easy thing to do, but you’ll figure it out sooner or later. Good luck and have fun!