99 Best Middle Names for Ava

As we all realize, your name is usually the first thing people learn about you. Since your name stays with you for your entire lifetime, it is extremely important for parents to choose wisely when naming their babies. You will, of course, want your child to be proud of their name at every stage of their life. This list of the Best Middle Names for Ava will, hopefully, be helpful for expectant parents who want to give their baby girl a carefully chosen middle name to pair well with their first and last names.

Middle names sometimes do not get the attention they deserve. It is vital that the middle name sounds in sync with both the first and last names. There should be a smooth flow and some kind of commonality. Hopefully, the middle name complements the first and last name. It should have a consistency in theme or feeling such as classic, trendy, feminine, or cute.

A middle name might be a way to honor special family members, enhance the feel of the first and last names, or act as a supplemental surname.

According to a Parenting.com article, a child’s name could actually affect the child’s behavior to a certain extent. They will identify with their name, and it will affect how others perceive them since people often have strong associations with particular names.

Therefore, it is critical to choose your baby’s middle name carefully. Most parents will have anxiety about choosing a first name, but the results are usually better when you narrow it down to a few and then use your instincts. By mulling over the decision endlessly, you are unlikely to get a better outcome.

The middle names compiled in this article from a variety of sources will, hopefully, be helpful to you in choosing the Best Middle Names for Ava.

Do Middle Names Matter?

As you are probably aware, there is no law requiring you to give your baby a middle name. If you are having trouble choosing one, you could just skip it. However, if you are reading this article, you are probably not interested in that option. Most parents will enjoy picking out a special middle name just as they carefully select their child’s first name. The combination of the first and middle names can be rewarding to the parents when they are pleased with the harmony of the two names when spoken together.

Since most people have middle names, it’s probably the safe option, although it’s strictly a matter of preference. There are, however, three important reasons to choose one of the best middle names for Ava.

A middle name can pay homage

There is a wide variety of options for middle names that may have personal meaning to you, your spouse, and/or your child. You can take the opportunity to use your maiden name, the name of a special relative or place, the seasons of the year, or even feelings like joy and serenity.

You may want to be cautious when honoring a special relative. If you use their name as a middle name, although they will be proud, another family member may feel slighted. It’s important to consider the matter carefully before making a choice of one of the best middle names for Ava.

Will it become their nickname?

It’s quite daunting to choose a name that your baby will be living with for, hopefully, 100 years. Even more difficult is the unpredictability of future trends and what your child will actually be like some day. Therefore, adding a middle name—or even two—will give your kid options. If they are dissatisfied with their first name, they can instead go by their middle name. The best middle names for Ava list offers perfect choices for back-up names.

Another benefit is that if there are several students in a class with the same name, the middle name is helpful for telling them apart. Sometimes the middle name may become their nickname after being used for years to differentiate themselves from others having the same name. That is just another reason for choosing a beautiful name from the best middle names for Ava.

Having a “full name” is powerful

“Ava Lynne Taylor!”, You come inside right now!”

Most of us have heard this exclamation and know how chilling it can be. Most parents don’t call you by your full name except when you’re in trouble. Every kid understands that hearing their full name is not a good sign.

This association is true in business and elsewhere. Use of a person’s full name means serious business. So one of the best middle names for Ava can add credibility to your daughter Ava’s name when she pursues a high-powered career someday.

Middle Name Ideas for a Girl Named Ava

  1. Ava Abigail
  2. Ava Allison
  3. Ava Bliss
  4. Ava Blythe
  5. Ava Bree
  6. Ava Brett
  7. Ava Brooke
  8. Ava Brooklynn
  9. Ava Brynn
  10. Ava Camille
  11. Ava Camryn
  12. Ava Celeste
  13. Ava Christine
  14. Ava Clove
  15. Ava Corinne
  16. Ava Danielle
  17. Ava Denise
  18. Ava Dorothy
  19. Ava Emily
  20. Ava Fawn
  21. Ava Fleur
  22. Ava Flynn
  23. Ava Frances
  24. Ava Giselle
  25. Ava Grace
  26. Ava Gwen
  27. Ava Hadleigh
  28. Ava Haley
  29. Ava Hope
  30. Ava Jacqueline
  31. Ava Jade
  32. Ava Jane
  33. Ava Jasmine
  34. Ava Jazz
  35. Ava Jessica
  36. Ava Jill
  37. Ava Jo
  38. Ava Joan
  39. Ava Joy
  40. Ava Joyce
  41. Ava Jude
  42. Ava Juliet
  43. Ava June
  44. Ava Kai
  45. Ava Katherine
  46. Ava Kendell
  47. Ava Kimberly
  48. Ava Kit
  49. Ava Lee
  50. Ava Leigh
  51. Ava Love
  52. Ava Lynne
  53. Ava Madeline
  54. Ava Madison
  55. Ava Meg
  56. Ava Melanie
  57. Ava Natalie
  58. Ava Nicole
  59. Ava Noir
  60. Ava Penelope
  61. Ava Rain
  62. Ava Raquel
  63. Ava Reese
  64. Ava Reign
  65. Ava Rose
  66. Ava Sophia
  67. Ava Starr
  68. Ava Stephanie
  69. Ava Tai
  70. Ava Victoria
  71. Ava Violet
  72. Ava Wynne
  73. Ava Yvette
  74. Ava Zara

Most Badass Middle Names for Ava

1. Ava Harley

2. Ava Hermione

3. Ava Jett

4. Ava Lennox

5. Ava Scarlett

Most Rare Middle Names for Ava

1. Ava Blossom

2. Ava Crystal

3. Ava Jewel

4. Ava Laurel

5. Ava Meadow

Most Unique Middle Names for Ava

1. Ava Berkeley

2. Ava Chelsea

3. Ava Iris

4. Ava Lexus

5. Ava Sydney

Cutest Middle Names for Ava

1. Ava Belle

2. Ava Kat

3. Ava Kitten

4. Ava Lily

5. Ava Poppy

1-Syllable Middle Names for Ava

1. Ava Claire

2, Ava Dawn

3. Ava Pearl

4. Ava Ruth

5. Ava Sky

Meaning of the name Ava

According to Wikipedia, Ava is a feminine given name in English and other languages. Ava originated in medieval times, according to Wikipedia, and it was an abbreviation of a Germanic name with uncertain meaning. Saint Ava, who lived in the ninth century, was a princess and the daughter of Pepin II of Aquitaine. Ava was also the name of a female medieval poet. Additionally, Ava is the origin of a Norman French name, Avela. Although Ava was rarely or never used from the late medieval times until modern times, it has seen a resurgence in popularity. The name first became popular in the United States through a socialite, Ava Lowle Willing who lived from 1868 to 1958 and who married John Jacob Astor IV. They named their daughter Ava Alice Muriel Astor, and she became a prominent heiress and socialite. Famous actress Ava Gardner (1922-1990) also increased the name’s popularity. During the 1990’s, several celebrity babies were given the name Ava, causing another more recent popularity surge.

A popular baby name site, www.babycenter.com, lists Ava as a name of German origin. Ava is a variant of Eve that might be derived from the Latin word “avis” which means “bird.” It may also be a short form of Chava which means “living one” or “life.” One influence on Ava becoming a popular girl’s name was the glamour and popularity of famous actress and singer, Ava Gardner. According to Baby Center, Ava is ranked fourth in 2021, decreasing one place from its ranking of number three in 2020.

As noted in Wikipedia, Ava Gardner had a long film career in Hollywood spanning the 1950’s through 1986, just four years before her death. She was a well-established leading lady and one of the top stars during the 1950’s, starring in films such as Show BoatPandoraThe Flyting DutchmanThe Barefoot Contessa and many others.

According to www.nameberry.com , Ava is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning “life, bird, water, island”. In medieval times, Ava was a diminutive form of Aveline from which the name Evelyn arose. Today’s Ava may be a modern variation of Eva. Ava also has separate roots in Persian as a name which means “sound” or “voice”. According to Nameberry, Ava is ranked number three in baby girl names as of 2020.

Nameberry also notes that Ava’s high popularity today was boosted by several Hollywood stars, including Hugh Jackman and Reese Witherspoon, who named their daughters Ava. It’s also among the best names because it’s one of a few girl’s names meaning “life.”

Moreover, data from www.familyeducation.com, places Ava in the top five baby girl names every year since 2005, which demonstrates a dramatic rise in popularity. Hope you have found the best middle names for Ava a helpful tool for naming your baby!