91 Best Middle Names for Charlotte

Names are the first gifts that we give to our children. So much time and care go into making the decision for the name that will most likely follow our children for the rest of their lives. Naming our babies is the first chance we get to show them that we see them for who they are. Many parents will choose names that fit how their baby was during pregnancy or a couple of days after birth. Oftentimes, our kids will grow into the people we name them to be. This is why I’ve put some real effort into making a list of the best middle names for Charlotte and because it’s a lot of fun!

Why Pick Middle Names?

In my opinion that hopefully, you’d be able to share with me is that the freedom of being proud of yourself is so encouraging, not only to yourself but to others around you. I think that having a relationship with your child, a part of that is saying, “We decided to give you these names because we hoped these things for you”. I believe that giving your child a middle name– especially one to go with such a lovely name, such as Charlotte– is helping a child understand more of what their parent(s) want for them. There have been many times that I correlated my middle name with embarrassment, but I realized as a teenager that if I love my middle name, that’s all that matters.

The beauty and difficulty of a parent, in general, can be seeing our children go through hardship, but the fulfilling part of a child working through such things is seeing what they can overcome. Having the confidence in being proud of your own name, which is a huge part of who a person is, can help with things like that. Looking at oneself in a mirror and saying “Hey Charlotte Marie, today was a horrible day but you got through it by believing in yourself,” is such a great example of just being a human and not just surviving a day in society but also thriving (although solely surviving is also a feat in of itself that should not go unnoticed.) Having a middle name can be so beautiful.

There can be quite a bit of pressure surrounding name combinations. This is going to be on legal documents, birthday cards, just about everything that identifies your child until they are old enough to potentially change it themselves. You want it to be good. Well, take a breath, because I’ve compiled a list of 90 of the best middle names for your beautiful little Charlotte!

Below are some examples of middle names that pair so well with the superb first name of Charlotte.

Classic Middle Names for Charlotte

  1. Charlotte Marie
  2. Charlotte Elizabeth
  3. Charlotte Isabelle
  4. Charlotte Elise
  5. Charlotte Sophia
  6. Charlotte Vivianne
  7. Charlotte Marcelle
  8. Charlotte Theresa
  9. Charlotte Olivia
  10. Charlotte Emma
  11. Charlotte Amelia
  12. Charlotte Eleanor
  13. Charlotte Aurora
  14. Charlotte Josephine
  15. Charlotte Clara

Botanical Middle Names for Charlotte

  1. Charlotte Magnolia
  2. Charlotte Daisy
  3. Charlotte Flora
  4. Charlotte Rosa
  5. Charlotte Ivy
  6. Charlotte Olive
  7. Charlotte Lily
  8. Charlotte Violet
  9. Charlotte Iris
  10. Charlotte Sage
  11. Charlotte Rosemary
  12. Charlotte Jasmine
  13. Charlotte Meadow
  14. Charlotte Juniper
  15. Charlotte Hazel

Whimsical Middle Names for Charlotte

  1. Charlotte Elowyn
  2. Charlotte Briar
  3. Charlotte Willow
  4. Charlotte Birdie
  5. Charlotte Arabella
  6. Charlotte Delia
  7. Charlotte Alma
  8. Charlotte Faye
  9. Charlotte Ambrosia
  10. Charlotte Belinda
  11. Charlotte Blythe
  12. Charlotte Blossom
  13. Charlotte Elsa
  14. Charlotte Fawn
  15. Charlotte Indigo

Mythical Middle Names for Charlotte

  1. Charlotte Athena
  2. Charlotte Daphne
  3. Charlotte Hera
  4. Charlotte Penelope
  5. Charlotte Maia
  6. Charlotte Aura
  7. Charlotte Artemis
  8. Charlotte Alexandria
  9. Charlotte Chloe
  10. Charlotte Cassandra
  11. Charlotte Echo
  12. Charlotte Harmonia
  13. Charlotte Octavia
  14. Charlotte Jocasta
  15. Charlotte Kollisto

Unique Middle Names for Charlotte

  1. Charlotte Fallon
  2. Charlotte Edie
  3. Charlotte Paisley
  4. Charlotte Piper
  5. Charlotte Rhiannon
  6. Charlotte Luna
  7. Charlotte Clementine
  8. Charlotte Isla
  9. Charlotte Cecelia
  10. Charlotte Mabel
  11. Charlotte Auden
  12. Charlotte Nora
  13. Charlotte Delilah
  14. Charlotte Fawn
  15. Charlotte Ronja

One-Syllable Middle Names for Charlotte

  1. Charlotte Claire
  2. Charlotte Eve
  3. Charlotte Rue
  4. Charlotte Ruth
  5. Charlotte Blaire
  6. Charlotte Belle
  7. Charlotte Rose
  8. Charlotte Wren
  9. Charlotte Mae
  10. Charlotte Bea
  11. Charlotte Anne
  12. Charlotte Joy
  13. Charlotte Hope
  14. Charlotte Sloane
  15. Charlotte Lane

Meaning of Charlotte

Before looking up the meaning of the name Charlotte, I easily thought of a very exquisite person. I imagine them sitting on a chair and enjoying a puff while being in front of their vanity. After doing the research I find the meaning to, in a way, resemble my imagery of the name. The meaning for Charlotte derives from Charles, as the feminine way of saying the name. Charlotte thus means, “feminine,” or “petite,” it is also quite commonly used in reference to many people in royalty. The beautiful thing I believe about my own personal imagery is that the name has more been changed as to be owned by a person who is not afraid to stand up for themselves, someone who will speak their mind and not be apologetic about it, someone who will not stand for the belittling of themselves and of others. To me, and I hope to you as a reader who seems to be weighing the use of this elegant name, can see this person becoming someone who makes their name memorable, people will know this Charlotte for who they are and will be so honored to do so.

Famous People Named Charlotte

Reportedly so Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz may be known as the most famous, famous person with this name. Queen Charlotte was the wife of King George III, she was queen over England and Ireland during her time of reign. This was a prime example of where the name probably gets its connection to being a royal name. Queen Charlotte was also very well known to be close to Queen Marie Antionette of France. Interestingly enough, Queen Charlotte and King George III were very invested in music and actually were able to meet Mozart and his family. Of course, though, during their reign and when they specifically met Wolfgang and his family, he was only eight years old.

Another person that is a well-known Charlotte is Charli XCX. Jumping forward much ahead in history to more of a modern famous person with the beautiful name of Charlotte is Charlotte Emma Aitchison, known as the famous British Singer, Charli XCX. Charli is an artist that creates music within many levels of the pop genre. I think, like myself, many people correlate her work with knowing the well-known song “I love it” which soon after the release became one of the top ten songs in North America, and in Europe. This song can bring such freedom of expression to the listeners and lets them feel how they are truly feeling on the inside. Charli also wrote the song “Boom Clap” which was used in many movies, but this song was Charli’s first solo song to hit the top ten on the billboard top 100. Charli is an amazing artist who continues to make incredible music.

One last example of a famous person with the first name Charlotte is Charlotte Cooper Sterry a.k.a. Charlotte Reinagle Cooper. Charlotte was a famous tennis player in the late 1800s and early 1900’s. She was born in 1870 and once becoming a professional tennis player, won five “singles” titles at the Wimbledon Championships. She then played in the Olympics in the year 1900. After winning her match on July 11th, 1900, Charlotte Cooper became the first-ever female Olympic tennis champion, as well as the first-ever individual, female, Olympic Champion. Charlotte Cooper is an amazing example to people named Charlotte because she took that gumption she had and pushed past a barrier that no one like her had ever passed before. She literally made history! Charlotte Cooper is an outstanding role model to not only tennis players but to all Charlotte’s proceeding her. If her example is not one that can show royalty without being born into royalty, then I’m not sure what does. I mean, just think about it, she became an international champion by training tirelessly and achieved such great acknowledgment. She is the greatest example of an amazing skilled person named Charlotte out of the three I have chosen here.

These three famous Charlotte’s that I used as examples are just the epitome of what powerful people who take charge and do it eloquently act like. These two people show that Charlotte’s can be people who achieve greatness, who create beauty, people who know they’re worthy and stand for it. Charlotte’s are achievers, dreamers, and people who succeed.


With understanding the beauty behind choosing names, whether for a child or for yourself, we can see that it can affect a life but it is also just pure fun, it is something to put love towards and will lead to a life that gets to be lived.

We can also come back to see what the traditional meaning of the name Charlotte means, pointing us towards, royalty, towards people of power and success, and a perfect way to see how the meaning of the name correlates with three wonderful examples of famous people with this royal name.

With all of this to say, we can honestly come to the conclusion that people who are named Charlotte are people who are honorable, and worth people’s positive attention.

I hope this information was helpful to you. Good luck finding the perfect name, and congrats on your new arrival!