Boy Names with Nicknames Ending in Y

When your little one is due, you want to have picked a stellar moniker that befits how special your little prince is. There are loads of options for choosing a male name, and it’s evident by the best score for popularity in the US Top listings. But what about boy names with nicknames ending in Y?

There are popular baby names for boys, and many get connoted into nicknames that end in Y. your baby’s nickname can come from the shortened form of a regular male or unisex name. You can also have a pet name describing your boy’s most outstanding characteristic.

Besides embodying their personality, a boy’s name should have a special meaning. When it comes to male monikers with nicknames ending in Y, the playing field is wide and level. Use this list to pick out a classy moniker whose nickname ends in y.

What Are the Popular Baby Boys Names with Nicknames That End In Y?

A nickname is never straightforward, and the stranger it is, the better. That’s especially true when you’re looking for boy’s names with nicknames ending in Y. They could be old names with eons of tradition as a backstory, or sophisticated and modern monikers with simpler sounding aliases. Not only will your little one find their name endearing, but every forthcoming parent will want to try it out on their baby.

Popular boy’s names with nicknames ending in y include;

Abraham– Abby/ Abbey

While also shortened as Abe, Abram, or Bram, this boy’s name has Hebrew and Arabic origins. It means father of nations or multitudes and has Abby and Abbey as nicknames ending in Y.

Anthony– Tony

With old English origins meaning one who is ‘highly praise worthy’ Anthony has Tony as a nickname ending in Y. It’s also been in use independently as a boy’s name since medieval times. Similarly named popular celebrities include actor Tony Danza, singer Tony Bennett, and thespian Tony Curtis.

Arthur– Arty

Noble and highly courageous are this old English, Greek, and Celtic name’s meanings, made famous by mythical English King Arthur. The boy’s name has Arty as a nickname ending in Y, which you can also use on Artemas, another moniker with legendary origins.

In Greek, Arty for Arthur or Artemas represents a follower or servant. The boy’s name has associations with Aart, Art, Arther, Arthor, Arturo, and Artus. Successful pairings with middle names include Dawson, Joshua, Naftali, Warren, Pierson, and Jaxston.

Andrew/ Andy

The old Greek name means strong or manly and is it has Andy as a nickname ending in Y. That alias has its roots in Latin and Greek, meaning a warrior. You can have variations of the moniker like Andie, Andor, or Andre. Successful pairs with middle names include Waylon, Greyson, Hussein, Lennox, and Zack.

Ambrose– Brody/ Brosedy/ Briley

Ambrose comes from Greek, meaning immortal, and it has Brody as a nickname ending in Y. Pronounced broh-dee, this moniker has Gaelic and Irish origins and is thought to mean ditch. But it’s related to another name, Brodie, which ends in ‘ie’ with Irish-Scottish foundations for brathair or brother.

Other than Brodie, variations of Ambrose’s nickname Brody that end in Y include Brodey and Brosedy. Broly, Broley, and Brodan are also blends of this moniker with popular names like Brendan, Bentley, and Briley. There have been stellar pairings with such middle names as Tobin, Hector, Maurice, Rio, and Dezmond.

Ashford– Ashby/ Ashbey

The old English meanings for this boy’s name include ‘one who dwells by the oak tree ford, ash tree home or ashes by the ford.’ Its nickname that ends in Y is Ashby which you can also derive from Ashton. While uncommon, Ashford was a parent’s favorite in the 90s and early 2000s.     

Variants of Ashby include Ashbey, Ashburn, and Ash while you can successfully pair the nickname by itself with several middle names. These include Arden, Holt, Everett, Kendal, Roland, and Harold.

Benjamin– Benny/ Benjy

With its Hebrew origins, Benjamin means son of my right hand. Benjy or Benny, shared with the boy’s name Benson or Bennett, are the nicknames for this moniker which end in Y. You can also use Benjie, with variants that include Bennie or Benno.

However, Benjamin has proven more popular than its nicknames, scoring well in the 2010 and 2018 censuses. Benny’s top position was in the 1940s when it was at position 188 or the top 200 baby names.

Broderick– Brody/ Ricky

Broderick is an energetic name with different origins and meanings, and it has Brody or Ricky as its nicknames ending in Y. You’ll find a version or two of these monikers from the English, the Scottish, Irish to the Eastern Europeans. Meaning includes powerful king, peaceful ruler or leader, and alternations include Brodie, Rick, Dicky, and Ric.

Several instances of Brody or Ricky as nicknames for Broderick include pairings with middle names such as Anton, Flynn, Humberto, Marquez, and Sebastian. While rare as a first name, this moniker is a common surname, reaching its apex of use in the US during the late 70s and mid-2000s.

Charles– Charly/ Charley

With its original Germanic meaning for man, Charles has a shortened form and nickname ending in Y. Charley, Charly, or Charlie means ‘free man’ and is an alternate for Karl, Carl, or Carlos. It’s a somewhat popular moniker first listed in the late 1800s. The name scores in the top 6% according to today’s demographics.

Charles or Charly has similar old English foundations meaning serf or man but pronounced as Churl. Charlemagne or Charles the Great was an emperor who united most of France and central Europe. He was a German king that brought order following the fall of the Roman Empire and transitioned it into the papacy.

Christopher– Christy

As a boy’s name associated with the one ‘bearing Christ, a hero or helper,’ Christopher has Christy as a nickname ending in Y. It has Greek origins from Khristophoros, and St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. The legend originates from a gigantic man who carried sojourners across an impassable river but happened to one day carry Jesus Christ as a child.

The popularity of Christopher and its nickname Christy arise from explorer Columbus, actors Plummer, Reeve, and architect Wren. You can also write the moniker as Khristy when concealing its long-form, or you’ll go with Steffy or Stoffy, denoting the last part of that name.

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There are many more boys’ names with nicknames ending in Y if you know where to look. If you select Darren, you’ll have Darry for a moniker. Colty is for Colton, Dommy for Dominic, and Davvy for David or Davidson. That’s just up to the alphabet letter D, and I haven’t even told you about Ray, or Patty and Remy.