Fairy Names for Boys

Blame it on cartoons or mystical books but bear with us, we are totally sold out to the ‘fairy world’. You are not alone, there’s a surge in the use of magical inspired names and especially when it comes to writing to fairies.

Although ‘fairy’ does not necessarily have gender, our kids love to identify fairies with their gender. Fairy names for boys are fewer and harder to choose compared to those of girls. But thankfully we have found a few simple boys’ names from different origins and their meanings. Let’s dig in and find a name for your fairy.

Top 50 Fairy Names for Boys

Here is a list of 50 of the best Fairy names for boys listed in alphabetical order. We’ve searched as many origins as possible. We believe you will be spoilt for choice.

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with A

  • Adhama- This is a wonderful fairy name with a religious background. It means glory.
  • Aine- This is a male Irish name meaning radiance
  • Alvaro- Another of our boy’s favorites. Alvaro means guardian
  • Alvin- Remember Alvin and the Chipmunks? The name is borrowed from the cartoon. It means an old friend or a noble friend.
  • Amjad- This name comes from an Arabic background meaning glory, or noble.
  • Asher- Asher comes from an Arabic background and means happiness.
  • Aubrey- Aubrey means leader of Elves. It originates from the French culture.
  • Aurora- Aurora is Latin for dawn. It can be used by both genders.
  • Avery- Avery is an old English fairy name that means Elf

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with B

  • Bliss- Translated to mean pure joy. This is an American English fairy name for boys believed to bring children joy and happiness
  • Bjorn- This is a Scandinavian name meaning bear. Used to represent strength or a champion
  • Brucie- Also translated as Bruce originates from Scotland. It means thick brush but is known widely as ‘forest fairly’.

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with C

  • Carling- Usually shortened to Carlie, Carling has a Gaelic origin and means little champion. Some parents prefer using Camy or Camey which have the same meaning.
  • Caspian- Caspian means originating from the sea, or, of the sea
  • Cedric- A common name for boys too, means bounty
  • Cleon- Cleon originates from Greece and it means glory. This name can also be used with (M) as Cleom.

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with D

  • Dacey – This is an old English name meaning adored.
  • Drake- Drake means dragon. Boys who like scary things will have fun writing to Drake the dragon. It can be used interchangeably with Draco – the charming wizard in the Harry Potter series.
  • Durin- This is a mythical dwarf in German, Durin fits suitably because fairies appear like dwarfs

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with E

  • Easton- Easton is an old English mystical name meaning Island of Stones or magical power
  • Ellard- Ellard originates from the Greek name Ella which means goddess. It also means brave and can be used in place of the word noble.
  • Eli – Eli is a beautiful little name derived from a priest in the bible. It means knowledge.
  • Eloy- Eloy is an old English name of Mayan origin. It means a renowned warrior.

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with F

  • Faye- Faye is a direct translation of the word fairy. It has a middle English origin. Also used as Fayette meaning little fairy
  • Faraji- Faraji is mostly used in the Muslim religion and Swahili speaking nations, it means a consolation
  • Finn- Famous for the snow queen show, Finn is an old English name meaning fair or White.
  • Foster- This is a cherished fairy name of Latin origin. It means Forest, guardian

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with G

Gary- Remember Tinkerbell? Gary is the fairy who looks after Tinkerbell. His name means spearman.

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Fairy Names for Boys Starting with H

  • Hai- Mostly used in the Middle East and Africa, Hai originates from Vietnam and means fairy shoe.
  • Hadwin- Hadwin is a French name that means strong friend
  • Hugo- Hugo is of Spanish origin and means intelligent. It is the same name as Humberto in the Mayan language.

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with J

  • John- John is a Christian name originating from the bible. It means Jehovah has been gracious or God is courteous

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with K

  • Kellen- This is one of the most used fairy names for boys. It has a Celtic origin and it means warrior. There are several alternatives to Kellen. These are Kalan, Kalen, Kailen, and Kheelan.
  • Kiama- Kiama originates from a tribe in East Africa called Kikuyu. It means miracle or magic
  • Kito- It’s not clear where this name originates from but it is believed to be of African origin. It means the precious child.

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with M, N, O, P & R

  • Mosly- Mostly used in African countries, Mosly means admired.
  • Nidaw- This is the name fairy in native American’s Omaha language.
  • Oberon- We borrowed this name from Shakespeare. It means king of the fairies.
  • Ondine- This is a unisex name meaning little wave. Your little ones may love the thought of a sparkling wave
  • Peter- This is the world’s favorite fairy name. It’s among the oldest names borrowed from the Greek language. It means rock or stone.
  • Pixie- Kids know this one from cartoons. That little supernatural being that wears a hat and has sharp-pointed ears. Pixie means fairly.
  • Roosevelt- This is a Scandinavian name meaning field of roses. It can be shortened to Rosey, Roe or Rose for children to find it easier to write.

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with S

  • Shani- A sweet unisex name that means marvelous
  • Shea- Shea has an Irish origin. It means fortunate/lucky
  • Suelita- Originating from a Spanish background, Suelita means little lily.

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with T

  • Taji- Taji is a boy’s fairy name of Swahili origin meaning crown. Taji can be used for a girl fairy too.
  • Terence- Used as Terrence, Torrance, Terrance, or Terance is derived from Scotland, it means smooth
  • Tunder- Tunder originates from Hungary, it means fairy

Fairy Names for Boys Starting with W and Z

  • Warren – This is an English name. It was formerly used by the French and in spare places in Germany. Warren means watchman or gatekeeper.
  • Zephyr – Zephyr means God of the west wind

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