What’s the Meaning of the Name Persephone?

Ancient Greek culture, art, and mythology have sustained allure for the lovers of the esoteric. If you’re considering using one of the ancient monikers for your child, look no further than Olympus, the mythical kingdom of Zeus. But what’s the meaning of the name Persephone and is it for boys, girls, or gender neutral?

The name Persephone means bringer of death. While its origin is thought to be pre-Greek, this salutation is mainly in mythology about a daughter of Zeus with Demeter. The girl’s moniker’s root words include ‘pherein,’ carry or bring, ‘pertho,’ to destroy, and ‘phone,’ meaning murder.

Despite its grim mythological connotations, the name Persephone is used worldwide as a girl’s epithet. You can choose to consider the moniker’s meaning as the goddess of spring and innocence or that of the underworld. Keep reading to learn the history, usage, and variations of this honorific.

Who Was Persephone and What’s the Meaning of This Name?

Persephone was the Greek goddess of spring and innocence, and Romans knew her as Proserpina. She was Demeter’s daughter with Zeus and quite favored. Often portrayed seated, fashionably robed, smiling the archaic smile of the Kore of Antenor, she sometimes holds a sheaf of grain. The minor deity has also been presented in the throes of being carried away by Hades during her abduction.

In classical art and mythology, Persephone represents spring and the personification of vegetation such as grain crops. All that changed one day when she was picking flowers alongside nymphs in a field. She was abducted by Hades, God of the underworld, the beginning of a dark part of her life.

‘Was it my choice to wed out of love? A life I didn’t choose? My betrayal came from the gods I knew as my own, but that won’t happen again…’ Persephone, God of War; Chains of Olympus. Such were the bitter, vengeful words of the goddess of war, queen of the underworld. With the approval of Zeus, she was cursed to become a forced wife to hades. As such, she bore hatred not only for Olympus but for the whole world.

So great was her wrath and prejudice that Persephone was prepared to commit suicide. Her death would bring destruction to the world. Her view was that humanity was weak, and she intended to eradicate it. She and her brother, Kratos, has both been similarly betrayed by the gods, and ironically it was him that.

Persephone, as a goddess of spring and innocence, was the personification of the earth’s fruitfulness. But now, she was the queen of the underworld, with no love or remorse. She had taken care of the dead for far too long and wasn’t particularly concerned about her own life.

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Can I Name My Daughter Persephone?

In estimates, there are nearly 10,000 girls in the country named Persephone. The moniker ranks in the 20,000 positions of popular used names, meaning that it’s rare and unique. It’s also a relatively long epithet, with ten characters, which is uncommon for today’s trendy honorifics.

Persephone, in Greek mythology, was the beloved of her mother, Demeter. When Hades kidnapped her, mum was so distraught that she refused to let any crops grow. The moniker is pronounced ‘per-seh-foney,’ and lately, it has been popularized by a character in the cult sequel ‘The Matrix.’

In numerology, the letters that make up the girl’s name Persephone have meanings. The twice repeated P invokes confidence in all environments. Your girl is sure of herself, which she’ll use to achieve her goals. The E, appearing thrice, insists that she has a complicated emotional world, and sometimes she can be sad and happy simultaneously.

R is for how she’ll always be an indecisive person. She will have problems deciding what to eat, leaving alone her wardrobe. Hesitation is a huge part of her life. The S stands for imagination, which is Persephone’s greatest gift, and they have lots of fun when their minds wander. In H, you’ll find she prefers an ordinary life, with a natural ability to stay calm even when the fire alarms ring.

The O in Persephone is closed, meaning the girls that you give this name will be a keeper of secrets. She isn’t forthcoming with details about herself to people but instead enjoys privacy. N means she has great common sense and an ability to see things before they occur.

What Should I Expect from a Baby Named Persephone?

Many neopagans see Persephone as the goddess of empowerment. That’s because instead of remaining a victim of Hade’s abduction, and the betrayal from fellow gods, she coped amazingly well. That’s a vital aspect to her worshipers. They can accept themselves and both attributes of darkness as well as light.

The name Persephone is the feminine version of Perseus. While the moniker isn’t that popular in the US, it’s categorized as a British, English, Greek mythology name and a unique designation. The girl’s epithet scores a numerological profile for a practical, dependable, and self-disciplined individual.

The destiny analysis for the name Persephone points to an affectionate, always obliging, and pleasant person. Its number is for long life and an emblem of moonchild powers. Persephone’s tend to get sentimental to the point it may appear superficial, but at the same time can be conservative and cautious. They’re articulate, ambitious and talented, clever at business, making fine diplomats, actors or lawyers.

A Persephone has excellent taste, reserved and virtuous. They’re trustworthy, with a sense of right that deserves admiration. Despite an uncanny lucky streak, they rarely turn out to be gamblers seeing as she’s wise and conservative. They’re also a sense of beauty, soft-spoken and gracious while remaining reserved, with artistic flair.

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I hope you’ve got your answer to the question what’s the meaning of the name Persephone. While there are problematic undertones to this girl’s moniker, like the bringer of death, it mainly rings of feminine empowerment. Someone who, inadvertently given life’s lemons, cannot only create delicious lemonade but also sustainably and for ages.

Endurance is what leaps out at me when I think of the name Persephone. As a beloved daughter of Demeter, I see a close relationship with your daughter. While the girl’s moniker is unusual and unique, it’s more popular in the US than two decades ago.