What’s Moonchild Spiritual Meaning?

Since time immemorial, our closest celestial neighbor, Luna, has always mystified us. Sometimes worshiped as a god, this heavenly satellite has impacted societies since prehistoric times. So, can you elaborate when asked what is moonchild spiritual meaning?

Moonchild means someone that’s connected spiritually to the moon. Lunar children share astrological, physical, and mental intimacy with the nocturnal heavenly luminary at whatever angle you look at it. A feeling of connectedness to planetary and universe energies pervades such individuals to feel shifts in eclipses and retrogrades.

Everybody is connected to the moon, but not as much as a moonchild. Lunar children have physic spiritual resonances that result in nocturnal creativity and empathic emotions towards others. To learn more about these connections, read on, whether your interest is for astrology, ritualistic or biblical purposes.

What Does a Moonchild Refer To?

According to Genesis 1:14 to 16, God created the heavenly luminaries to distinguish between day, night while providing signs for time and seasons. The greater and more brilliant of these ruled during the daytime while the other illuminated the earth at night. However, the Talmud claims these two bodies had equal size and strength, a power struggle soon ensuing.

The differences were solved when God diminished the moon’s size and power. She, the moon, had issues with that and voiced them, just as she’d complained about the lack of differentiation due to being equals with the sun. It wasn’t until the creator asserted Luna’s uniqueness, such as how she’s the recipient, illuminating both night and day even when she’s not visible, that she calmed down.

Just as the moon can’t illuminate without help from the sun, moonchildren can’t operate without God’s guidance. The bible compares the creator to a fiery star, like Sol, who always feels his presence even when not seen. A spiritual moonchild glows under the presence of God, within which every living and non-living thing exists.

Astrologers have long maintained that a moonchild is a person whose zodiac sign is Capricorn or cancer. You are related and somehow connected to the moon, and these signs are evident in your name, day, month, year, or date of birth. Your connections with planetary and universal energies are heightened. You can also tell when there’s a lunar shift.

How Can I Tell If I Am a Moonchild?

The name moonchild creates qualities of a fun-loving, expressive nature. While you’ve always been a happy person, moon children have a desire to see others inspired to lead to complete full life. You’re effective in interpersonal engagement, especially through humor. You are also fond of spontaneity or surprises.

A moonchild dislikes routine or monotony, choosing anything that promises relief from boring tasks or a good time. That often results in not finishing the projects you start. But you’re inundated with creative ability, a sense of natural color, and rhythm. You have musical and artistic expression, though it sometimes runs out of control and discipline.

Where money is concerned, you’re not practical. Your theory is that cash is for spending. You are a generous, kind soul and sometimes are taken advantage of through your generosity. Despite that, you’re strongly emotional, which at times can be hard to put under control. You’re also prone to overindulgence in pleasure, and you’ve got a sweet tooth that can compromise your health.

Other ways you can realize your moonchild connections or see if your child is a lunar infant include;

Sensitivity to Lunar Phases and Changes

Lunar phases are ever-changing. One day, it’ll be a full moon, while the next, it’s reduced to nothing in the night sky. As each phase is different, so is the moonchild. You will feel the energy surges ebbing like the tides of the ocean. You’re more aware of magnetic and gravitational forces exerted on our world by the massive near-space satellite.

Awareness of Energy Changes

A moonchild detects energy changes the same way they’re subconsciously aware of lunar phases. Lunar children feel fluid, energetic change, especially when energies transform from one form to another.

Attraction to the Moon, Sun, and Stars

The law of attraction states that the same states attract each other. A moonchild always has the moon in their subconsciousness. You are attracted to anything lunar, solar, or other star-related. That’s because you are a part of the Star Council, and members have an innate knowledge of the universe or its energies.

A fully self-aware moonchild helps regulate any interaction between the physical and spiritual realms. You’ll have undergone training worth several lifetimes, despite having no recollection of your past moon-related activities.

Attraction to the Extraterrestrial

Do you have a close relationship with anything related to other worlds? Are you excited by stories of UFOs and extraterrestrial aliens or movies and TV shows like Star Trek or Star Wars? You’ve experienced past lives working with or beyond the moon. Your subconscious is still connected to otherworldly realms.

Suffering Unexplained Homesickness

You have a homesick feeling that you can’t explain. That’s because you’re Starseed, a moonchild. The spiritual separation from the moon, where your soul originated, is still fresh. You may also be a young moon spirit, recently separated, and here on earth for experience.

Attraction to Crystals and Stones

Besides attraction to manifestations and laws like karma, moonchildren connect to amethysts, diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. You dabble in the mystical and are enthralled by works or rituals like voodoo,

Inconsistency in Sleep, Dreams, and Nocturnal Hyperactivity

If you’re a moonchild, you’re more active during the night than in the daytime. You feel better connected to the darkness, and especially when the moon is out. You’ll have inconsistent sleep patterns, waking up early in the wee hours, such as 3 am.

Moonchildren also suffer vivid dreams, what others would term nightmares. You’re probably a sleepwalker, or you talk in your sleep. As part of your theme, your subconscious recalls other jobs or placements you’ve had in different worlds, realms, and dimensions.


You could be a spiritual moonchild if you’re ever questioning social norms. It could be you’re never comfortable with working the nine to five and will put happiness or freedom over money. Moonchildren are also highly emotional, more than normal. While they, they’re seekers of truth and justice.