99 Mixed or Biracial Baby Names for Boys & Girls

Bi or tri-racial kids have a unique heritage, leave alone their in-between appearance. If you’re expecting a multi-race child, it’s best to give them a meaningful name, reflecting values that help bring out their personality. But can you find 99 mixed or biracial baby names for boys & girls?

For your child born from parents of different racial identities, you can find many names suggested for biracial or mixed-race boys and girls. Each name given to your newborn will have meaning while remaining color neutral. You can also blend each of the cultures in your baby’s heritage for an exceptional moniker.

You wouldn’t want your daughter or son to share their name with twelve other kids in school. That’s why, besides his mixed-race heritage, you’re looking for a unique biracial baby name that sets them apart yet makes them memorable to anyone they meet. Delve into my selection of 99 mixed or biracial names for baby boys and girls.

What Are the Unique 99 Mixed or Biracial Baby Names for Boys & Girls?

Your biracial baby will be born into multiple heritages, which is beautiful and blessed. Various cultures have embraced their love for mixed-race babies, and research indicates that a mix of genes gives your child better health, intelligence and lowers the risk of congenital disorders.

When you’re naming your unique biracial baby, the name must reflect the conjoining or confluence of heritages. It would be unfair for your child if you were to give them a predominantly one-race moniker, indicating a preference for only one side of their parentage.

You may be surprised to learn that some of what you see as run-of-the-mill baby names have profound meaning or a special place in a different culture. Your baby is exotic, and as such their name should reflect nothing ordinary or mundane. Instead, the moniker must have a richness of culture and inspiration from mixed heritages, which allows their uniqueness to stand out even bolder.

Here’s my choice for 99 mixed or biracial baby names for boys and girls. They include;

Mixed or Biracial Baby Names for Girls

1.     Aliana

Aliana is a biracial baby name with Irish roots. It’s derived from Eliana, a French moniker meaning the one who is a dear child.

2.     Alina

The mixed-race name is of Arabic and Slavic origins, meaning beautiful and bright. Other diminutive forms of this biracial baby moniker include Lena and Lina, popular across multiple cultures. Alina remains one of the most unique multiracial girl names.

3.     Arya

The biracial baby’s name has Indo-Iranian as well as Sanskrit origins. Due to a popular TV series, Arya has recognition all around the world. As a mixed-race baby girl moniker, this name’s meaning is noble.

4.     Ayana

With its Ethiopian roots, Ayana is a mixed-race name that means beautiful flower. It’s a popular moniker for biracial baby girls in Europe and North America.

5.     Carina

With Italian origins, this biracial girl’s name means dear one and is a variation of Karina, a popular American Hispanic name.

6.     Carmel

Said to be derived from Mount Carmel in northern Israel, the mixed-race name Carmel has resonances in the Bible. The baby girl’s moniker is frequently used in the holy land and America.

7.     Chantelle

The mesmerizing mixed-race baby girl name Chantelle comes from France. Singer or songstress is the meaning of this moniker.

8.     Daisy

Day eye is the meaning of daisy, which has English origins and fits a mixed-race or biracial baby.

9.     Daniela

As a lyrical feminine moniker, Daniela means God is my judge. It’s a biracial baby girl’s name with origins in Hebrew.

10. Eliana

‘My god has answered’ is the meaning of the mixed-race name Aliana, which is of Hebrew origins. The biracial moniker for a baby girl is in wide use in Israel, Portugal, Italy, Russia, and Spain.

11. Ella

That’s one of the shortest and sweetest biracial baby names for girls. The name has old English roots, where its original root word means the other one or the rest.

12. Elyse

The one who’s born of noble origin is the meaning of a mixed-race baby girl named Elyse. It’s a moniker with old German origins and is popular in contemporary European culture.

13. Farrah

Farrah is Joy in Arabic, and the mixed-race baby’s name is often used in English-speaking countries for girls.

14. Gianna

The lord is gracious is the meaning of Gianna, which is Italian and has diminutive forms in Gigi and Gia. The biracial baby’s name has increased in popularity over the years.

15. Gisele

As a biracial name with flair, the stylish Gisele has German origins, where it means to pledge.

16. Hana

With its Hebrew origins, Hana means joy, grace, or a flower. The mixed-race baby, also sees Korean, Japanese, and Arabic use, while variations include Hannah and Johanna.

17. Irene

Irene means peace, and despite the biracial name’s Greek origins, has been utilized by multiple cultures throughout history.

18. Jasmine

Derived from Yasmin in Persian, this mixed-race baby name means gift of God. Throughout time, the moniker has seen alternate spellings and variations.

19. Kayla

The meaning of the biracial name Kayla is a wise child. It has Arabic origins and is a variation of Kelila or Kaila in Hebrew, which means wise, laurel, or crown.

20. Kiara

Kiara means the first rays of light, and the biracial baby’s name has Korean, Irish, Italian, and Australian roots. The mixed-race name has unique multiracial vibes and suits your unique daughter.

21. Kira

The mixed-race name Kira has origins from Russia, Japan, and India, where the meaning ranges from a lord, something glittery, ruler to mistress. Want to know what Kira means? Check this out!

22. Kyla

Thought to be a variation of Kira, the multiracial name Kyla has Irish and Gaelic roots. It’s a moniker that means a narrow strait or channel.         

23. Laila

Laila means night in Arabic, a befitting moniker for a biracial baby girl. With variations like Layla or Leila, this name can also mean a beautiful or calm night sky.

24. Leah

A lady that’s weary but remains loyal is the meaning of the mixed-race name Leah. The moniker has Hebrew and biblical origins, where she is considered one of the mothers of the Jewish race.          

25. Lucia

That’s the feminine form of Lucius, and the biracial baby girl’s name has Spanish and Italian origins.

26. Maya

Illusion is the meaning of this multiracial baby name that’s rising to the top of biracial monikers for girls. It has origins in Sanskrit, Greek, and Hebrew.

27. Meera

Meera is popular as a mixed-race name for girls with Sanskrit roots. Its meaning is prosperous.

28. Nadia

A mixed-race baby name with Russian and Arabic origins, Nadia means hope or tender. The biracial girl’s moniker is unique and slowly peaking in popularity. It’s a variation of Nadya.

29. Naomi

The biracial baby’s name Naomi has Japanese and Hebrew origins, meaning beautiful or pleasant.

30. Natalia

In ancient Latin, the mixed-race name Natalia represents Christmas day. One form of this captivating moniker is Natalie, well adapted in the US and Europe.

31. Nina

The biracial baby’s name Nina has American and Russian origins where it means fire or little girl.

32. Nylah

Derived from old Gaelic, Nylah means champion. The definitive mixed-race moniker has variations like Nailah or Nila.

33. Reina

Reina means wise, or queen, a mixed-race baby girl name with origins in Japanese, Spanish, and Yiddish.

34. Renee

One famous namesake of this biracial baby girl name is Renee Zellweger. The moniker has toots in Latin and is thought to mean reborn. Variations include Renny, Rene, or Renae.

35. Sahara

An evocative baby girl’s name, Sahara means desert in Arabic. The biracial moniker will have your tot standing out amongst peers.

36. Sasha

As the diminutive of Aleksandra, Sasha has Ukrainian and Russian origins. The mixed-race baby girl’s name means defending men.

37. Shania

A Native American tribe, the Ojibwe came up with the biracial baby’s name Shania. The girl’s moniker means I am on my way.

38. Sianna

The biracial name Sianna has origins in welsh, a melodious moniker that means God is gracious. Popular variations of this moniker include Sienna and Siena.

39. Sophia

It’s a Greek word that means wisdom, a biracial baby name with different variations that are all popular. Sophia is one of the most common mixed-race girl monikers.

40. Talia

The biracial baby’s name has Hebrew origins and means dew from God. Talia as a girl’s moniker is very popular down under.

41. Vera

Meaning faith in Russian, the mixed-race name Vera also has Albanian roots where it means summer.

42. Yulia

The biracial name Yulia is the Russian version of Julia, which means youth. By substituting the letter J with Y, a unique twist is added.

43. Zoya

Zoya is the Greek and Russian version of the English name Zoe. The mixed-race name means life.

Mixed or Biracial Baby Boys Names

44. Abel

The mixed or biracial baby boy’s name Abel has Hebrew and biblical origins, meaning vapor, breath, or smoke. Its root word is ‘hevel’ and can be used for a little one who’s come as a breath of fresh air.

45. Akio

Written in characters called kanji, Akio is a multiracial baby boy’s name that means a bright man. You can also use a range of kanjis to create other phrases that emanate from its root wording.

46. Altair

As one of the brightest Aquila constellation stars, Altair is the twelfth most luminous heavenly body in our skies at night. The biracial baby bots name befits a tot with a bright personality, or one whose future you hope will be as brilliant. It’s an Arabic moniker that means bird.

47. Alvis

Besides evoking images of chipmunks, Alvis comes from Old Norse mythology. The mixed-race baby boy’s name is reminiscent of a dwarf that had intentions to marry the daughter of the thunder god, Thor.

48. Andrew

The biracial baby boy’s name Andrew means manly or strong. It has variations like Andrei, Anders, and Andrew, used by different cultures.

49. Ansel

Pronounces An-sul, the mixed-race baby boy’s name Ansel comes from medieval Germany. The moniker is popular, a firm favorite, it means with divine protection or the follower of a nobleman.

50. Arjun

A modern Indian moniker, Arjun means clear or white. The biracial baby’s name is derived from Arjuna, a hero in ancient Hindu writings. He’s said to be the son of the god Indra and the beautiful princess Kunti.

51. Asa

Asa has Japanese and Hebrew origins, where it means born in the morning or healer. The mixed-race boy’s name falls into the category of unique biblical names.

52. Asher

Rarely used before the ’90s, the mixed-race baby’s name Asher has seen a sharp rise in popularity. The boy’s name was ranked 43 by 2019. It has Hebrew origins and means blessed or happy.

53. Atticus

The Greek name Attikos is Anglicized to Attica, from which we get the baby boy’s name Atticus. One of the reasons for the biracial moniker’s popularity comes from the classic and racially tense novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. The central character, one to be emulated was a fictional lawyer called Atticus Finch.

54. Azaire

Meaning God has helped, Azaire is a mixed-race baby boy’s name with origins from archaic French. The unique moniker also has a Hebrew version, Azariah. It’s from which its biblical meaning is derived. While it evolved in French-speaking colonies, its zenith is in places like Louisiana or Canadian Quebec.

55. Bacchus

The roman god of merry-making, the grape harvest, wine, theater, and festivity was Bacchus. Worshiped as the deity for fertility, fruit, and orchards, he was also in charge of ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and insanity. The biracial boy’s name means shouting in Greek.

56. Baris

Meaning peace, Baris is a Turkish name that means peace. The root word for this mixed-race baby boy name is the same as rainfall in Persian.

57. Beauden

The mixed-race baby boy name Beauden is from New Zealand, where it means beautiful.  Due to the popularity of a local rugby football player, this moniker has spread its popularity beyond the island’s borders.

58. Belvedere

In Italian, this biracial boy’s name means a beautiful view. A belvedere in architecture is also part of a structure that offers a generous scenic angle.

59. Booker

The English biracial baby boy’s name booker means the maker of books. It’s a forename that rose to prominence during the surname to first name trend that swept through 19th century America. The trendy moniker is now at its peak in popularity.

60. Brien

Brien has an uncertain meaning in English, although the alternate name Brian is Celtic. In its original, it means a hill.

61. Carlos

The biracial boy’s name Carlos is the Spanish variation of Charles, which means free man. Different ethnicities have many variations and diminutives for this multiracial moniker.

62. Carter

A stylish moniker for mixed-race baby boys, Carter is a perfect pick. The diminutive multiracial name means someone who transports goods, or a carter who uses a cart. Its derivation is from the Gaelic root word cairt, and parents have used it in Ireland, Scotland, and England.

63. Cathal

Meaning a ruler of the battle, Cathal has Irish origins. The mixed-race baby boy’s name is pronounced Ka-hal.

64. Chi

God or spiritual being is the meaning of the Igbo name Chi. The name is from the west part of Africa, predominantly in Nigeria, and melds with their religious practices called Odinani. One element of these beliefs is that each of us has a personal spirit, known as Chi, which determines our destiny.

65. Cowel

Meaning a joint ledge, Cowel is a Manx name that you can give your biracial baby boy. It’s a self-governing island in the Irish Sea, and Manx has been occupied since the time of the Pharaohs.

66. Crofton

As a Scottish and English surname, Crofton means townhouse, farmland, or small enclosure. It’s a biracial baby boy’s name that means a croft and has roots in Canada, the UK, and the US.

67. Dante

An Italian American mixed-race boy’s name, Dante is the diminutive of the Latin moniker Durant, which means enduring.

68. D’Artagnan

A name created for the novel the three musketeers by alexander Dumas, D’Artagnan has French origins. The biracial baby boy’s name comes from Artagnan, a southwestern town in France where the author purported his character hailed from.

69. Dechen

Great happiness is the meaning of the name Dechen, which has Tibetan origins. The mixed-race baby boy name is translated into English and is often used in Bhutan as a gender-neutral name.

70. Deshal

A nation is the Hindi meaning of the mixed-race baby’s name Deshal. The name is sometimes listed as a boy’s moniker while at other times, it’s a girl.

71. Dilshad

The biracial name Dilshad has Urdu origins and is gender-neutral.  Its Persian origins feature two root words, one meaning heart while the other stands for happiness.

72. Diego

Diego is a biracial baby boy’s name with origins in Spanish, where it means one who supplants. Considered a variation of the English moniker James, it’s a shortened version of Santiago.

73. Dwayne

Duane is another spelling of this mixed-race baby boy’s name that means ‘of a darker complexion’ or simply, dark. It’s a moniker of Gaelic and Irish origins, derived from the word Dubhán, a saint.

74. Dylan

A son of the waves of the sea is the meaning of this gentle biracial baby boy’s name. Dylan has welsh origins, denoting a mythical character named Dylan ail Don. He was a god of the sea, the darker second-born son of Arianrhod, as opposed to his elder brother Lleu Llaw Gyffes.

75. Eddie

A shortened version of Edward, this trendy mixed-race baby boy’s name can also be spelled as Eddy. The moniker means prosperous, fortune, or riches. But it’s also thought to represent a protector or guardian. In its Indo-European, Greek, and Latin origins, Eddie stands for the tip of a dart or arrow.

76. Eric

Eternal ruler is the original Norse meaning of the mixed-race baby boy named Eric. It’s a popular moniker with variations such as Eryk and Erik, aptly used by multiple cultures.

77. Elias

Elias is the Greek variation of the Hebrew name Elijah. The biracial baby boy’s moniker means Yahweh is God. Ilyes is this name’s variation, popular in France and North Africa.

78. Fabian

Bean grower is the meaning derived of the baby’s name Fabian since its Latin root word faba means beans. The mixed-race baby boy’s name is also derived from the roman Fabianus. A famous moniker, Fabiano is another variation used in Italy.

79. Gabriel

God is my strong man, or my strength is the biblical meaning of Gabriel. It’s a popular classic biracial baby boy’s name due to denoting power, heroism, and wisdom. The moniker has Middle Eastern and Hebrew origins since it was popularized by the accounts of the Bible of Archangel Gabriel.

80. Jamal

Jamal means beauty, a moniker that’s come to the front of unique names in this century. The trendy biracial name has Arabic roots, buts it’s more popular with African Americans and multiracial families.

81. Ivan

Ivan is a biracial boy’s name that’s Russian in origin and means God is gracious. There are numerous variations of this moniker popular with different cultures, such as Evan, Evans, and Ethan.

82. Levi

The mixed-race baby boy’s name Levi is of Hebrew origin, and spelled, Levy. As an inspiring moniker, it points to one of Jacob and Leah’s sons, who founded the Levites tribe, according to the Bible’s book of genesis.

83. Kaiden

Kaiden means barrel or round, a mixed-race boy’s name that’s derived from Caden. In many places, you’ll hear the male moniker Kai, which is often preferred as a first name.

84. Kenzo

Healthy and strong is what this biracial baby boy’s name means from its Japanese origins. A diminutive version of the moniker is Ken, a unique multiracial alias.

85. Luca

The man from Lucania is what Luca means in its Romanian and Italian variations. That’s an original mixed-race boy’s name, but its variations are also favored by many cultures.

86. Louis

A renowned warrior is the meaning derived from the French and German biracial boys’ name Louis. There are also variations of this popular moniker, such as Lou or Louise favored by multi-cultures.

87. Michael

Michael is a Hebrew name that means ‘who is like God?’ The mixed-race moniker is one of the most prevalent baby boys’ names in use today.

88. Mateo

A Spanish variation of Mathew, Mateo has Latin origins. The multiracial baby boy’s name means gift of God.

89. Nicholas

From Greek, this multiracial baby’s name means people of victory. The moniker has variations and diminutives like Niko, Niklas, and Klaus, popular across multi-cultures.

90. Omar

The mixed-race baby boy’s name Omar has Arabic and Hebrew origins where it means eloquent or a speaker.

91. Peter

Petros, the word from which this biracial baby name is derived, is Greek for stone. There are other versions more attractive than good old Peter, such as Pedro, Pierre, or Piers.

92. Ronin

It’s a mixed-race baby boy’s name with Irish origins that means little seal. There’s a Japanese etymology, however, stands for a master-less noble warrior or samurai.

93. Samuel

He was told by God; or rather that’s the Hebrew meaning of the biracial baby boy’s name Samuel.

94. Soren

A mixed-race boy’s name that means stern, Soren sounds softer and more exotic. It has Danish origins and became popular across multiple ethnicities as a unique multi-heritage moniker.

95. Tobias

Tobiah is the Hebrew root word from which this biracial baby boy’s name is derived. It has Greek origins and means God is good.

96. Victor

In many east and central European countries, the name victor, which is Latin, means conqueror. In Russia and Ukraine, the mixed-race baby boy’s moniker is spelled Viktor, with other variations also in use.

97. Xander

Defending men is the Greek diminutive of Alexander, which means a defender of me. Many parents with biracial baby boys chose the name, Xander.

98. Xavier

The futuristic, refined, and unusual mixed-race name is also spelled Zavier. Originating from France and Italy, Xavier means a new house or castle. It’s first recorded as used by a Jesuit missionary, a St. Francis from Javier in Navarre in modern-day Spain.

99.  Zachary

From its Hebrew origins, the name Zachary means the lord has remembered me. It’s a trending biblical moniker that suits mixed-race baby boys.


You can compromise or blend some favorites mixed or biracial baby names without falling too deeply into trends. Try mining your heritage to see if there’s a name you can adopt as a way to pay homage to your forefathers. Due to the vastness of possibilities, pick a few categories for idea inspirations, and that will broaden your mind.

Once you’ve found the right multiracial moniker for your baby, test its sound, and search online for meaning. Contemplate its initials, as some letter combinations, such as that which spells A.S.S, may not be ideal. That’ll also help to eliminate any of your tot’s peers that will try attaching an unsavory nickname to their mixed-race name.