79 Beautiful Scandinavian Girl Names

Are you looking to capture some of your Viking heritage by giving a Nordic name to your baby?  You’ll need to look to northwest Europe for inspiration, a region famous for fairy tales, contemporary design, and ABBA. Specifically, study the 79 beautiful Scandinavian girl names of Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, or Swedish origin.

Whether or not you’ve got ties to Scandinavia, you’ll find a gorgeous name for your baby girl. Your Viking warrior princess can sport a moniker that complements her Nordic heritage. These vibrant names are packed with culture, tradition, and Norse mythology while reflecting the sprawling magical scenery of that region.

From Vikings to the Valkyries, Scandinavian girl names exude feminine strength, determination, and endurance. Select a dynamic Nordic moniker from a region that’s renowned for its abilities to spearhead fashion or design trends. In this comprehensive article, I have put together a collection of stellar Scandia monikers with their meanings for your perusal.

Can I Find 79 Beautiful Scandinavian Girl Names Online?

Scandinavia is an exhilarating place. The countries considered to traditionally be part of the Nordic council are Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. However, the region also includes Finland, Iceland, as well as, the Aland and Faroe Islands.

Hence, besides scenic mountain ranges, Scandinavia has a stable history, complemented by a reliable climate. Like most places in Europe, you can’t just pick up any made-up or creative name by law. You have to choose from an acceptable list of government-sanctioned monikers.

In Sweden, for instance, since 1982, no family can give their child a noble name except if they’re nobility themselves. Fantastical epithets like superman, IKEA, Elvis, Metallica, or Veranda are banned, understandably. From the romantic to the traditional, however, naming variations have resulted in edgy contemporary female names.

The following are my compilations of 79 beautiful Scandinavian girl names with their meanings. These include;

1. Agnes

Agnes is a Scandinavian girl’s name that means chastity or a chaste woman.

2. Anja

Although its origin is Greek, Anja is a commonly used moniker in Scandinavian countries. The girl’s name means messenger, a perfect fit for your daughter, born after a dream or vision.

3. Anya

Its Russian origin makes this name a Scandinavian girl’s moniker that means grace. It’s also a trendy epithet in all Slavic countries, a fitting tag for your graceful daughter.

4. Asta

Love is the meaning of the name Asta. It’s a top-listed Scandinavian moniker that’s descriptive of the emotions you’ve situated on your child.

5. Astrid

Astrid is a Scandinavian girl’s name that means who is heavenly beautiful. The moniker is unique sounding with its Norse and Viking heritage while having variations like Astride or Astrith.

6. Aude

Its origin is old Germanic, nevertheless Aude is a common Scandinavian girl’s name with a root word that means old. The moniker is suited to a baby girl that resembles in features or mannerisms to an older or past relative.

7. Bimasha

The name Bimasha is a philosophical Scandinavian girl’s moniker that means a woman from the sea.

8. Botill

One who likes to command or order is the meaning of this unique Scandinavian girl’s name.

9. Britta

Britta means strength, a suitable Scandinavian girl’s name for your brave Valkyrie.

10. Carianne

The sophisticated Carianne is a cool Scandinavian girl’s name that means purity or a pure woman.

11. Carina

Signifying the bond shared with your daughter; the Scandinavian girl’s name carina means a dear one.

12. Dagmar

One day, your daughter will become a mum herself, and Dagmar is the Scandinavian girl’s name for mother.

13. Dagna

The Scandinavian name Dagma signifies a special day which is daily when you’re with your daughter.

14. Dahlia

A wildflower is the origin of the Scandinavian girl’s name Dahlia. The trendy moniker was inspired by legendary Swedish botanist Anders Dahl for whom a floral species gets its name after.

15. Dea

Goddess is the meaning of this Nordic moniker from Scandinavia. You can give this name to your daughter who’s to be worshiped for her finer qualities like beauty.

16. Edda

The name Edda is used for Scandinavian girls and means having a clear future vision.

17. Elizabeth

A popular girl’s name, Elizabeth is Scandinavian. The moniker means a happy person that’s been blessed by God.

18. Elmina

In Danish, Elmina means the decider or the one that makes the decisions, possibly for how difficult they are. If your daughter displays intelligence, wisdom, and people skill, give her this beautiful Scandinavian girl’s name.

19. Else

If you’re looking for a short but classy Scandinavian girl’s name, select Else. It’s a moniker that means noble. A shortened form of Elizabeth, it could also have come from Hebrew Elisheba from which we get the honorific Elsa.

20. Erica

Erica is a Scandinavian girl’s name that means queen.

21. Erika

Another form of Erica, this powerful Scandinavian name means one who rules the world. Its old Germanic form derives from the root words ‘aina’ meaning uniqueness, and ‘ric’ which stands for powerful.

22. Erna

One with great abilities is the translation of this Scandinavian girl’s name. 

23. Esabell

As a commonly used moniker, the Scandinavian girl’s name Esabell means a lady devoted to the almighty.

24. Freya

Freya is the Norse goddess of love, and this Scandinavian girl’s name suggests the happiness brought on by your baby daughters coming.

25. Gala

Gala means celebration or song, a Scandinavian female name given to babies born during festivities. Spell a variation of this moniker as Galla, which in its Irish roots means heroic or valiant.

26. Gefjun

If you wish pots of gold for your little girl, then name her Gefjun. The Scandinavian female moniker means prosperity.

27. Gersemi

A precious gem or jewel is the meaning of the Scandinavian girl’s name Gersemi, which each of our daughters and sons is.

28. Hanne

A popular moniker, this Scandinavian girl’s name means elegance, grace, or charm.

29. Helmi

The girl’s name Helmi has Scandinavian and old Germanic roots. It’s an epithet meaning helmet or protection, although another attribution is a dominator of the waves or sea.

30. Ingrid

With its Old Germanic origins, Ingrid is a Scandinavian girl’s name that means loved or beautiful. Its root word also stands for filiation or the fact that your daughter is your child.

31. Ivanka

Merciful, or at least that’s what this Scandinavian girl’s nom de plume means. Give this moniker to your daughter, especially if you have a Jewish heritage. Its origin is the Hebrew word Yohanan which means mercy.

32. Illana

Illana is a tree, firmly rooted, reliable, and offering help to whomever the cat dragged in. The Scandinavian girl’s name has Hebrew origins as the feminine form of the moniker Ilan.

33. Jennsen

If your baby was a gift from, and I believe she is, name her Jennsen. The Scandinavian girl’s name means favor or being gifted. It’s a moniker reflecting the affections you have for her.

34. Johanna

Johanna is the Scandinavian girl’s moniker equivalent of the Hebrew name Yehohanan.

35. Kai

Kai means earth or planet, signifying your daughter you’ve given this Scandinavian girl’s name is the whole world to you.

36. Karalie

A trustworthy and genuine soul is the meaning of this Scandinavian girl’s name. Karalie is a beautiful Nordic moniker reflecting this rare quality in today’s self-centered society.

37. Karlie

The confident, self-independent woman is called Karlie in the Scandinavian region.  It’s a sophisticated name for a girl. It means that she’s self-assured and brave to face life’s hurdles.

38. Kia

Kia is short for Kiana, an Anglicized Scandinavian name whose diminutive is Kristiana.

39. Kirsten

A partisan of Christ is the meaning of this girl’s name, which is the Scandinavian version of Christine.

40. Kristinn

These days, you can come across this Scandinavian girl’s name, especially in religious circles. The moniker means one whose belief and faith is in Jesus Christ.

41. Laila

Laila means night, a Scandinavian girl’s name with roots in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

42. Linda

A diminutive of Belinda and Melinda, Linda is a Scandinavian girl’s name with roots in old Germanic.

43. Lena

With its origins in Greek, Lena is a Scandia girl’s name derived from the honorific Helene.

44. Linnea

With the meaning of a flower, your daughter named Linnea will become well-loved, and folks will feel comfortable around her.

45. Liv

Since your daughter is precious in your life, Liv is the perfect quiet and short Scandinavian name to give her.

46. Lynnea

The meaning of Lynnea is a flower, a delicate Scandinavian girl’s name that sounds beautiful and is trending today.

47. Maja

Maja is a precious Scandinavian feminine epithet that means a pearl.

48. Mari

Mari means affection, calmness, and love. It’s the Scandinavian girl’s name form for Marie.

49. Mathilda

Mathilda is a Scandinavian girl’s name that’s derived from a Germanic epithet Mathild.

50. Mia

Mia is mine, the meaning of this Scandia girl’s tag that’s referring to entitlement.

51. Nora

Nora is an evergreen Scandinavian girl’s name that’s related to decency and honor. Naming your little daughter, the moniker adds elegance and respectability. A diminutive of this honorific is the Noora which means light.

52. Odda

If a woman is complete or perfect in all aspects of their life, they’re called Odda. The Scandinavian girl’s name has Nordic roots and sounds futuristic.

53. Oddny

A rarely used moniker, Oddny is a Scandinavian girl’s name that means the chosen one.

54. Olafur

Your daughter is going to grow up and accept responsibilities. As such, the Scandinavian girl’s name Olafur is apt, seeing as it means protection.

55. Olav

Ancestor’s descendant is the meaning of this Scandinavian girl’s name. You can give this moniker to your daughter if you’re concerned about culture, tradition, and family values.

56. Onni

The Scandinavian girl’s name Onni reflects happiness, luck, and success.

57. Quinnie

Your baby will grow, gain happiness and wealth as this Scandinavian girl’s name purports. Quinnie means a royal lady or one who emulates royalty without even trying to.

58. Ronja

There are a lot of positive emotions brought by a baby’s coming between a couple or household. The Scandinavian girl’s name Ronja means a joyful song of God. Your daughter who’s named such must similarly exude melodious harmony.

59. Roselen

That means rose or any part of a beautiful flower, and Roselene is a Scandinavian girl’s name that’s popularly trending right now.

60. Runa

The Old Norse meaning of this Scandinavian girl’s name is secret lore. Full of Nordic mystery, the moniker is the female version of Rune, given to Nordic boys.

61. Sanna

The flower or a lily is the meaning of this Scandinavian girl’s name. Your baby daughter is a delicate flower,

 and Sanna is the moniker that befits her.

62. Sigrid

Sigrid means a person who achieves success in whatever they do. You can give your achiever daughter this Viking name to add its meaning as her identity.

63. Sigurd

Another victorious moniker is Sigurd. She doesn’t accept defeat easily. If your baby grows up strong, breezing through the odds of life, give her this courageous Scandinavian name.

64. Siv

In Old Norse, Siv means bride. The Scandinavian girl’s name reflects a Valkyrie queen called Sif, Thor, God of thunder’s wife.

65. Solvei

Also pronounced Slovey, Slovei is a Scandinavian girl’s name derived from the Old Germanic language. It relates to Sloveig, referring to the sun, sol, or veig, power, or strength. A diminutive of this moniker is Solveig.

66. Smilla

A bundle of joy that brings cracks of smiles even to the most stone-faced. The Scandinavian girl’s name Smila literary means one with an ever-present beautiful smile.

67. Sofia

All over the world, this is a popular moniker for intelligent females. Sophia is a Scandinavian girl’s name that means wise.

68. Stina

Stina is a Scandia girl’s name that means a Christian woman.

69. Sunnie

She’s a gift from the sun, as you can tell from this Scandinavian girl’s moniker. You can give your daughter this trendy name if she shines brightness on everything around her.

70. Tatiana

With origins in Latin, Tatiana is a Scandinavian girl’s name. It’s the feminine version of Tatius, the king of the sabins.

71. Thea

Thea is a Scandia female name with Greek origins. It’s a girl’s moniker that translates to a gift of God.

72. Thora

Thor is the Norse mythological god of thunder, and Thora is the feminine version of this honorable Scandinavian moniker.

73. Tida

The name Tida is a derivation of the old German denomination Tilda, whose root words hlide and hlod translate to combat and glory.

74. Tonje

A unique designation, Tonje is a Scandinavian girl’s name that means one who’s invaluable. It’s a highly suggested moniker, seeing as your daughter is a precious child to you and yours.

75. Tuva

This appellative is a rare find, like its Scandinavian for beautiful. Your daughter is gorgeous and special in your eyes, and this Nordic name fits her perfectly.

76. Tyra

Tyra is a Scandinavian girl’s name that refers to the goddess of battle.

77. Ulla

You can pronounce this Scandinavian moniker as eu-la. The girl’s name means determination.

78. Wilma

Wilma is a Scandia girl’s name that means resolute protection.

79. Uzma

Give your baby girl this moniker if she’s bound to become rich and impactful in her circles. The Scandinavian name means supreme and luxurious, similar to what you’ve already noted from your queen of posh.


Consequently, there exists more than these select 79 beautiful Scandinavian girls’ names. Many originating from Old Norse, a Germanic language that dominated most of what was historically spoken there. Female monikers from this region tend to be robust, delicate, and lyrical. They’re tough while remaining rather exotic and unconventional for mild American cultural palates.