72 Baby Names That Mean Storm or Lightning

The thought of storm and lightning exudes a mixture of excitement and adventure. They are among the most enthralling nature experiences. Parents, especially those who love nature, will have fun going through our list of 72 baby names that mean storm or lightning.

We have delved into every culture, religion, and nationality and derived the best names for your baby girl or boy. Let’s explore together.

The Best 72 Baby Names That Mean Storm or Lightning

You will notice one thing. Storm and lightning are closely associated with different gods. That’s probably because most people view God as the creator of the universe. 

Most people believe that God is also the originator of the storm and lightning. Whether you believe it or not. Here are the best 72 baby names that mean storm or lightning.

Baby Names That start with ‘A’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Aashni- Aashni is a female Hindi name meaning lightning. It’s a common name in India and the neighboring countries. 
  2. Adad- In Akkadian, Adad represents one god, the god of Thunder. They give this name to baby boys. The Assyrians and Babylonians also use this name for either gender and interpret it as a storm. Adad is not popular in the United States, but it has started gaining popularity and is mostly used for baby boys.
  3. Adhira- Adhira originates from the Sanskrit people. It’s a girl’s name associated with divine lightning.
  4. Aella- Aella was the name of the Amazon warrior who fought Hercules with a double-edged ax. It has a Greek origin and means whirlwind or ‘storm wind.’ Although used mostly for boys. Aella has a beautiful girl-like ambiance. 
  5. Aellopus- The Greeks call their children Aellopus, meaning Whirlwind. Aellopus was the Greeks’ goddess of the rainbow and messenger for the gods with golden wings.
  6. Amaya- this name has two origins, Japan and Spain. The Spanish people do not associate it with nature; they translate it ‘the capital’ or ‘mother city.’ However, the Japanese relate it with fierce night rain.
  7. Amihan- In Philippine mythology, the deity Amihan was the first living thing in the universe. It represented itself as a bird and had no gender. The Tagalogs related it with the ‘north wind.’ Amihan also represented the ‘winter storm.’ The name Amihan, therefore, represents the storm deity.
  8. Anvindr- this is a name used to represent strength. Anvindr is a combination of two names, an – which means against, and vindr – which means wind. The name vindr is of Norse origin and can be used for girls and boys.
  9. Arashi- The name Arashi was first discovered in Japan. The Japanese gave it to the girls who were born during the stormy season. The Indians also claim the name Arashi originated from them. It bears the same meaning – ‘storm’ and is used for girls as well. The name has, however, spread to the United States and some parts of Africa.
  10. Asterope- Asterope means lightning. It originates from Greek and can be used for girls and boys.  
  11. Audra- is a Lithuanian name meaning storm. The name Aundra has had worldwide acceptance and is mostly used by United States parents to signify noble strength.

Baby Names That start with ‘B’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Baran- means a storm with thunder or a cold storm. It has a Persian origin and is given to girls to represent thunder. It also has a Turkish or Kurdish interpretation meaning thunder.
  2. Barak- is a Hebrew boy’s name reflecting power and grace. It has several meanings including, flash of lightning.” In the old testament, Barak was a commander of the armies of an ancient ruler of the Israelites. The name Barak became extremely popular after the world was introduced to the former president of the United States.
  1. Bengy- Among the 72 baby names that mean storm and lightning, Bengy is one of the most popular names in the United States. It means threatening lightning. Bengy is a name for baby boys.
  2. Brontes- Brontes means thunder, and according to a Greek origin, he was seen as an authority. The name is commonly given to boys.

Baby Names That start with ‘C’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Capala- is a girl’s name loosely interpreted as ‘swift’ but means lightning in Hindi origin.
  2. Chaqmoq- this unique name originates from Uzbekistan. It means ‘Lightning.’
  3. Corentin- means ‘hurricane’ or ‘tempest.’ It has Breton roots. The Bretons called their young ones Coretin to represent storms. This name is not so common in the United States, but it has become popular in France. Coretin can be used for either gender.

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Baby Names That start with ‘D’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Damini- Damini is a boy’s name of Hindi origin, meaning lighting. It is sometimes alternated with ‘Adhira,’ a Sanskrit name meaning divine white lightning. Its effortless pronunciation and ease of writing have made it so popular that some parents have named their girls too.
  2. Dima- Dima is popularly known as a short name of Demetrius and Dimitri in the Greek language. However, it has a more powerful meaning from Arabic origin that denotes ‘downpour.’ Dima was originally used for baby girls but has become popular with mothers to baby boys as well.
  3. Dorrin- Irish use Dorrin to represent sullen or stormy weather. It’s a name given to girls. 

Baby Names That start with ‘E’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Ekaitza- this name sounds feminine, but it’s being used in the United States for both genders. It has a Basque origin, and it means storm.

Baby Names That start with ‘F’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Freyr- Freyr is one of the commonly used old Norse names for boys. It means God of rain and sun. Something that often happens during stormy weather.
  2. Foundre- this is not a common name in the United States, but its unique and sophisticated nature attracted us. It originates from France and means lightning.
  3. Fulgora- Fulgora is the Roman ‘goddess of lightning’. It’s a girl’s name. Popular in Roman and some European countries.

Baby Names That start with ‘G’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Gale- Gale is a girl’s name of English origin, meaning storm. If you are looking for a name depicting strength. This is a perfect fit and can be used for boys too. Gale has also been used widely in Hebrew to represent a powerful force of winds. Hebrews interpret it as ‘Sea storm.’
  2. Guthrie- Guthrie is a beautiful boys’ name meaning ‘windy’ spot. It has a Gaelic origin.

Baby Names That start with ‘H and J’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Hanish- Hanish has an Indian origin. It is the name that was given to the one who forewarns about a storm.
  2. Hladini- Hladini (Pronounced with a silent H) means lightning. It is an Indian name used for both genders. In some communities, the same name is written with (r) to spell Hradini.
  3. Iravat- Iravat is Hindu for rain clouds. Rain clouds are always present during a storm. So Aravat is a name given to boys born during a storm or to mean stormy weather.
  4. Jupiter- we know Jupiter as one of the planets, but in Latin, Jupiter represents the god of weather, sky, and lightning. Jupiter is commonly given to baby boys but has been used for girls in some rare cases.

Baby Names That start with ‘K’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Kapheira- Kapheira means stormy breath. It’s a name associated with a great storm. It represents the unique air after the storm.
  2. Kohara- Originating from a Polynesian background, Kohara represents the ‘crash of lightning.’ In Maori mythology, children who were called Kohara were regarded as God’s gift.
  3. Kutsa- Although it sounds like a girl’s name, Kutsa is typically used on Indian boys. It also means lightning.

Baby Names That start with ‘L’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Levina- In Latin, Levina means lightning or lightning thunderbolt. It’s mostly given to baby girls. Parents looking for a beautiful name with a powerful and tough orientation can use Levina for either gender.
  2. Lyn- This is a beautiful, short, and precise name. Lyn’s character is believed to be calm and quiet but dangerous when provoked. The name has a Norwegian origin and is popularly used in Europe for baby girls. Lyn is directly translated as lightning.

Baby Names That start with ‘M’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Mahpiya- this means a cloudy sky that is ready for a storm. It has a native United States background.
  2. Maloney- although the name Maloney is believed to be a name for the popular, it’s not. It’s a beautiful, unisex name that originates from Romani. It means lightning.
  3. Mellan- This is the same name as Mellany. It is a boy’s name of Irish origin. Mellan means little lightning and can be used for girls as well.
  4. Moe- Unlike what we are used to here in the United States, Moe is not a short form for Maurice and Morris. It has its unique meaning. Moe originated from the Burmese people, and it was used for boys to represent storms. The direct meaning for Moe is the ‘sky’ or ‘rain.’
  5. Munja- Munja represents jostling strength, a majestic storm. It has a Croatian origin and means lightning bolt. Munja can be given to either gender.

Baby Names That start with ‘N’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Neil- is a popular name in the United States and has been interpreted to mean champion. Its alternative meaning is Gaelic and means ‘Stormy clouds.’
  2. Notus- Notus has Latin roots, but it originates from Greek. It means the south wind.
  3. Nephele- this name reminds me of the thick cloud that hangs loose just before it pours. Nephele is a girl’s name originating from Greek, and it means cloudy.

Baby Names That start with ‘P and R’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Phirun- in Khmer, when the rain came with thunder, it was said that Phirun had come. They believed in the mythical god of rain, so they called children born in such weather Phirun. This name has since spread abroad and is used by parents who call their children ‘storm’ or ‘lightning.’
  2. Rai- Rai is widely used in Africa and Japan as its origin country. It is only making its debut here in the United States. Apart from being a simple but sleek name, parents love it for its meaning. The direct meaning is ‘lightning,’ but it’s also interpreted as thunder. In the US, parents associate it with ‘trust.’
  3. Raiden- Raiden is not the full name for Rai above, as many may assume. It has a separate meaning. It’s also a Japanese name but popular in Africa and the United States as well. Raiden is directly translated as ‘god spirit.’ It is also one of the most popular names related to storm, lightning, and thunder.
  4. Ramiel- Ramiel means ‘Lord’s thunder. It has both Christian and Islamic meanings.

Baby Names That start with ‘S’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Saar- Saar is a unisex name. It means storm in Hebrew.
  2. Shango- Shango is the male deity of thunder according to Yoruba mythology. It has an African origin, but it’s becoming popular in the US.
  3. Sharara- Sharara originates from Africa. It means spark or lightning. Sharara is a popular name for little girls.
  4. Sofian- This name represents ‘sand storm”. It originates from the Islamic religion and was popularly given to boys. Girls can also be given this name and shortened to Sofia.
  5. Stormie- Stormie means violent storm or windy storm. It has the same meaning as Tempest. Both are derived from Old English.
  6. Sturm- It seems misspelled, but it’s not. Sturm is a German name that parents give to their boys. It means storm.

Baby Names That start with ‘T’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Taranis- The name Taranis was derived from Celtic mythology. Taranis was the God of thunder worshipped in Britain and Ireland.
  2. Tempest- tempest, which means turbulent originates from old English. It is popular with baby boys but is gender-neutral.
  3. Thor- derived from old Norse, Thor is a highly respected name in the Scandinavian territories. It was the name given to Norse, the god of thunder, god of war, god of strength, and god of storms. When you call your baby Thor, you are declaring they walk in majesty.
  4. Tondra- Tondra means thundurus in Esperanto. Esperanto people believed their god was fierce and would bring lightning and thunder when angry. Children named Tondra are believed to be fierce and expressive. 
  5. Torm- is derived from the Estonians. It is the same as a storm but without the ‘s.’
  6. Tormenta- Torments means thunderstorm in Spanish. It is popular in Spain and some parts of Europe and is slowly becoming a household name in the United States.
  7. Trueno- Trueno means thunder. It is a popular name in Portugal and Spain. And is also gaining popularity in the United States, and it’s associated with beauty and magnificence.
  8. Typhoon- This is a Japanese name meaning great wind. The name Typhoon is hardly used in the United States. It can be given to girls or boys.

Baby Names That start with ‘P, ’ and mean Storm or Lightning

  1. Pailan- is an Armenian name that means ‘lightning.’
  2. Petir- Petir has an Indonesian background; it’s a charming unisex name meaning ‘lightening.’ Petir represents an environment of authority. It is also interpreted to mean fierce and uncommon.
  3. Ramman- we couldn’t establish the origin of the Ramman, but it has a sweet ambiance to it and means ‘the thundering one.’
  4. Raiden- means thunder or lightning. It has a Japanese origin and is also used to mean ‘God Spirit.’ Raiden can be shortened to Rai without changing the meaning.
  5. Stormur- Stormur is an Icelandic name. It means storm. It is mostly used for boys. Even though it hasn’t become popular in the USA, it is a nice and memorable name.
  6. Vetra- little known Vetra has a Lithuanian origin. It means storm. Though yet to gain popularity in the United States, Vetra is a simple and beautiful name for a baby girl.
  7. Wyndam- is an old English name given to baby boys, meaning the Windy village.
  8. Zeus- Greeks regard Zeus as their highest God. This name does not directly mean storms; it means thunder or sky.
  9. Zilan- this is a unisex name meaning storm. It is of Kurdish origin and is popular with parents with baby boys.
  10. Zyran- Zyran is an Islamic name though recently spread to other religions. It means storm and is commonly given to boys.

In Summary

Storm represents endurance, strength, resilience, and firmness, among other personalities. Lightning insinuates dashing light, command, or sparkle.

Considering that babies can pick a character from their names, these 72 baby names that mean storm or lightning carry the potential to transform your child’s life. We hope you find a suitable one for your child.