What to Say When Claiming Phone Insurance

What to Say When Claiming Phone Insurance

Spills, drops, breaks, and losses always occur when least expected. Thankfully, you had taken up a protection plan, and now it’s time to raise a claim. But do you know what to say when claiming phone insurance?

To get a quick approval on your phone insurance claim, your statements must be truthful, courteous, concise, and ready to provide details and supporting documents.

Cracked screen? Broken phone? Stolen handset? If your insured smartphone is lost or damaged and you’re wondering how best to place a claim, this article will help you say all the right things to your insurer. But before we look at what to say when claiming phone insurance, let us understand how phone insurance works.

How Phone Insurance Works

Personal assets insurance, portable insurance, personal effects cover, and single item insurance are all terms used to describe protection plans for portable devices. With the trendiest smartphones costing well over $1,000, it comes as no surprise that more consumers are opting for an insurance cover.  

If your phone is accidentally damaged, the insurance provider may minimize the financial strain of fixing it. Supplementary coverage may be included in some protection plans, such as one that helps pay for replacing your phone if it is stolen or lost. How much you get back is usually determined by the insurance company or the cost of the phone. 

The Apple Care plan for the new iPhone 13 pro max under the Apple Card will cost you $41.62 in monthly installments. 

. But you can upgrade to AppleCare+ for around $200 – $300 every month for more coverage.

According to the estimate, the service charge for screen damage stands at $29, and any other damage is $99. A $149 deductible applies to each instance of theft or loss. 

What to Say When Claiming Phone Insurance

It is no secret that insurance companies will always look for ways to not ‘pay out’ on a claim. As such, you must be careful what you say to your insurer. One wrong word, and it could be bye-bye to your claim. After all, the adjuster’s job is to resolve the claim with as little liability to the insurance company as possible.

Contesting a revoked claim will cost you both time and money. To avoid the inconvenience, always aim to get it right the first time around. Try these tips to help increase your chances of getting your claim approved on the first go.

Do Not Blatantly Admit Fault 

During your conversation with the mobile phone insurance provider, try as best as you can not to acknowledge that you’re at fault. Suppose you made it to the top of a cliff while hiking, and in a fit of intense emotion, you fling your phone over the cliff. Regardless of everything you’ve ever heard about telling it as it was, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to bend the truth a little.

In such a scenario, do not state that you threw it while celebrating a moment of glory. Instead, you could say it got lost during a mountaineering trip.

Accepting that you are at fault for the loss or damage could jeopardize your compensation prospects. Remember, the adjuster is always listening for anything they may use in your conversation to absolve the insurance company from paying any compensation.

Avoid Speculation

Speculating about what might have happened to your handset is an absolute no-no. The insurance adjuster’s job is to ask as many questions as possible to help evaluate the legitimacy of your claim. In other words, they are constantly looking to catch you in a lie. 

Moreover, can you imagine the ridiculous stories some people give? ‘I think it fell into the casserole and I accidentally baked it’ or ‘I might have left it inside my car. Insurers have to listen to every claim no matter how comical or absurd. Therefore, avoid giving speculative statements. If you do not have all the facts, refrain from filling in the gaps with what you ‘supposedly’ think happened. 

You should know that it is not a crime to decline to answer a question if you do not have the actual information. Only give facts.

Provide Succinct Answers

Keep your answers short. Lengthy statements are dangerous because it’s easy for your actual meaning to get lost within long-winded sentences. 

Stick to the point and do not stray from the issue at hand. There is no need to tell the insurer how you invalidated a claim you made for a previous phone because you had damaged it while taking an underwater selfie. You might be divulging this information as incurious conversation, but the insurer is hoping to find a loophole in your narrative to absolve the company.

Maintain a Formal Tone

Filing a claim is official business; thus, you must use a formal tone at all times. The adjuster may seem friendly and willing to strike a conversation, but they are only doing their job. Research how to address and write a formal insurance claim before hitting the send button. 

How to Win a Phone Insurance Claim

Know the T&Cs

Thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions of your mobile phone insurance policy. You must comprehend the type of plan you have. What is covered and what isn’t? This will save you the time and stress of applying for compensation for a service that’s not included in the plan.

Consult a Personal Asset Insurance Attorney

Sometimes, we choose to talk to an insurance adjuster without legal representation present. Maybe it is because it’s less costly to handle it yourself or perhaps you know what to say to get your claim approved. Whatever the reason, if you are unsure what to say when claiming phone insurance, seek an expert opinion.

Hire a professional set of eyes to look over the details of your protection plan and advice accordingly. This is especially important if the damaged or lost smartphone costs a substantial amount of money.

Get All Your Paperwork in Order

All purchase receipts and previous repairs records should be stored well for easier retrieval whenever needed. You must retain the original policy, as well as any signed documents between the insurance company and yourself. You may need to refer to this paperwork when supporting your claim.

Have the Claim in Writing

Experts recommend that you keep track of all correspondence with the insurance company. If your preferred mode of communication is via email or snail mail, you’re covered. But if you are making a claim over a phone call, save a record of the call details such as the date, time, and nature of the call. Also, take note of the official you spoke to on the other end. This helps when making follow-ups.

Potential Ways You May Invalidate Your Phone Insurance

Sometimes you may have the dialogue on lock, but your claim keeps coming back with the dreaded ‘rejected’ status. The circumstances leading to your phone becoming broken or lost may deserve fair compensation, but there’s much more the insurance provider takes into consideration. You might be jeopardizing your chances of a successful claim without even realizing it by doing the following:

Failing to Pay Your Premiums

An insurance provider has the legal right to annul your cover, citing non-payment. Luckily, most insurers will revive your account and process your claim upon payment of the balance.

You Lack Proper Proof of Ownership

It’s common knowledge that you must produce evidence that the phone belongs (or belonged) to you. Without this, no claim can be approved. Receipt of purchase, verification of your contract from your network provider, or a gift receipt can all be used as proof of ownership.

Delayed Declaration of a Stolen or Lost Phone

The longer you wait to report a claim, the slimmer the chances of receiving approval. Insurers recommend that you notify them as soon as possible.

Allowing Other People to Use Your Phone

Don’t let people use your phone. When a third party damages your mobile, any claim you make is regarded as obsolete.

Jailbreaking or Unauthorized Repairs

Jailbreaking occurs when someone removes or damages a restricted mode of operation then installs their own software on the locked-down device. You also risk voiding an insurance claim when you take your phone to third-party technicians unauthorized by the insurance company to make repairs. Always keep and present any documentation of authorized jailbreaks and repairs.

The Bottom Line

Nothing is as frustrating as paying diligently for personal asset coverage, to have the provider reject your claim because you cannot adequately prove your case deserves compensation. If you’ve been wondering what to say when claiming phone insurance, the tips mentioned above will help you through the simple process.