I Broke My Wife’s Heart – How Do I Fix It?

Most men have at one time or another injured their woman’s emotions. That’s because males process their thinking in a logical, rational way, accepting or rejecting experiences based on whether they’re true or not. Ladies are more in tune with their emotions. That’s why it’s not odd to hear a husband say, ‘I broke my wife’s heart. How do I fix it?’

There’s no way to snap your finger or a magic button to press to make your wife’s hurt instantly disappear. A quick fix doesn’t exist, and her healing, or how long it takes, depends on how bad her heart is broken. It’s in your hands, and you can save your marriage, but you’ll have to roll up sleeves and apply some elbow grease.

Effort, honesty, and time are what it takes to mend your wife’s broken heart, seeing as each marriage is unique. You’re going to have to set aside your ego, and it’ll take more than a box of chocolates or a bouquet. You’re the culprit, and yet you know her best, so read on to find out how you can fix your spouse’s hurt.

Is It Possible to Fix My Wife’s Broken Heart and Regain Her Trust?

A woman takes longer to sort out the emotions associated with a broken heart. Just like any other part of the body, auto-defense responses mean that she’ll protect her feelings from further injury before starting to heal. Even if the information they’ve received isn’t accurate, the dominant reaction can cause a severe breach in your marriage.

That emotional hurt is what makes your wife unresponsive to your Mr. Fix-it approaches, however much you try. Trust is the one essential aspect that’s betrayed when her heart is broken, and it’s where the bulk of your workload towards her healing is concentrated. Depending on the specifics of your tiff, your woman must also be ready to reconcile and not have passed the point of no return.

Our brains register emotional pain similar to physical ones, and your wife’s heartbreak may be too raw to begin healing. She has to go through an agonizing process, where the stress hormone cortisol causes numbness. As such, you’ve got to be patient and accept she needs time to recover from heartbreak. While it’s possible to restore your marriage even if you’re the only one trying, you have to allow her to dictate the pace of this recovery.

Strategies to let her heal and regain her trust after heartbreak include;

Not Placing Demands

If you have caused wounding to your wife’s heart, you’re in no position to place any demands. You will act and talk with the backing of actions, and you can’t shift blame for your misdemeanors on her. Inadvertently, you’ve lost the power to ask, even for forgiveness, and must recover that with sincerity.

Avoid Further Lies

Your wife is susceptible to what happened so that you broke her heart. Lying in an attempt to cover up your disloyalty or unjustness only adds insult to injury. However hard the truth is, honesty is the only recipe for a healed marriage.

No Secrets

There’s nothing hidden between heaven and earth. Keeping secrets from your wife or only revealing half-truths after breaking her heart worsens your situation. She’s bound to discover your indiscretions, and by then, your marriage could be beyond saving.

Demonstrate Your Love

Because you’ve broken your wife’s heart, you shouldn’t act nicer or sweeter than you are. Demonstrate your commitment to the relationship by being yourself, providing her with the security of knowing what to expect. That way, your woman won’t create false expectations of something you’ll struggle to do or become.

Communicate and Consult

You can’t assume that you know exactly how your wife is feeling after breaking her heart.

Communication is essential, and you need to consult your woman to understand her situation is crucial to you. Talking, asking how she’s faring, or whether there’s anything she wants you to do acts in your favor as you seek to fix your wrongdoing.

Give Her Space and Time

In the same breath and not placing demands, you shouldn’t harass your wife if you’ve broken her heart and communication has deteriorated. Let her isolate or take time from speaking with you so that she’ll sort out the flood of painful emotions affecting her. However, that period should be limited. Otherwise, she’ll start to feel neglected, and you’ll not be able to fix her pain.

End Third Party or Causative Relationships

If what has caused heartbreak to your wife is another person, end or limit the constancy of that relationship. Third parties, unless they’re marriage counselors, pastors, or well-meaning relations, aren’t essential in fixing your spouse’s broken heart. Cutting ties with your co-offending party demonstrates owning up to your mistakes and commitment to regain her trust.

How Should I Behave If I Broke My Wife’s Heart and Looking to Fix It?

You’ve got to work at everything if you’re to resolve your wife’s heartbreak. If you have to start from scratch, that’s what needs to be done, and you mustn’t let anger, hopelessness, or sadness interfere with fixing the situation. Focus on rebuilding your woman’s trust, love, and feeling of security in matrimony, demonstrating your resolve not to repeat that disloyalty.

Whether through divorce or separation, the end of your marriage isn’t an option if you’re to fix her broken heart. You can’t move out unless she demands it and hopes to rekindle the companionship or intimacy you shared. Your presence, words, and actions are essential to healing her wounds, and you must be dedicated to solving every other issue facing her at home.

A woman is sensitive to details, naturally, and you should make a point to remember the small stuff. Become the best lover, offering gifts, sending messages, or performing other gestures of your apology. Your options for implementing this are numerous and include making dinner or taking her out to a romantic setting. 

Intimacy in a marriage relationship represents a considerable percentage of the whole, and given a chance, focus on the most profound ecstasy. You can communicate a lot of love by your lovemaking, taking time to meet her needs and make her feel relaxed. Sex is an outlet, especially for a broken heart filled with anger.


If you’re in despair, saying ‘I broke my wife’s heart,’ and asking ‘how can I fix it?’ the ball is in your court. Showing your spouse how regretful you are, involves praise, helping with chores, and spending as much time as you can spare fixing your misdeeds. Avoid giving up or leaving, as that could allow a third party to conquer her mind, leading to a deterioration of the situation.