Wife Sharing – 10 Reasons Why This Is a Bad Idea

Today’s world is considered tolerant, open-minded, and advanced, but certain practices are still considered taboo. For instance, you’ll face social condemnation if you’re found having sex out of marriage or an affair. But what about wife sharing, and what are the 10 reasons why this is a bad idea?

Marriage is a sacred pact between two individuals, and wife sharing isn’t acceptable in many cultures. But everything is a relative concept, and it hinges on both your values. Also called partner swapping or swinging, sex that goes beyond the reserve of a couple is abuse. Human wants are insatiable, and your adventure could degenerate into gross sexual indiscipline for either of you.

Wife sharing is the practice where a husband permits his wife to have sex with another man. It’s not uncommon inside a legitimate marriage, and sometimes the other partner is selected by your spouse. To learn of the dangers involved in swinging, read on for the ten reasons that may stain your relationship.

What’s Wife Swapping, and Is It Some Contemporary Metro-Sexual Trend?

Wife sharing isn’t a new trend, as it’s been practiced in different cultures under various guises for centuries. It’s due to the internet that this often perceived as a taboo practice has gained popularity. There are also cults within modern religion where it’s been known to happen, deepening the mystic and prompting couples to try swapping.

It’s also not only in western culture that wife sharing is an issue. African, Asian, and even Eskimo tribes offer their spouses to a revered male guest. It’s not an abomination or shameful in these cultures since raising them is a communal effort when a child is conceived. In the Inuit, for instance, keeping your friend’s wife company while he’s out hunting is a show of loyalty that deepens friendships. 

The Ovazimba and Ovahimba in Namibia, Africa, have practiced wife sharing for ages. These people from the Omusati and Kunene regions call it ‘Okujepisa Omukazendu,’ which translates to offerings made to an esteemed guest. The tradition calls for your husband to sleep elsewhere while you entertain a male visitor for the night.

It’s bizarre how the practice is generally accepted in the community, receiving overwhelming support from traditional rulers, healers, women, and the elite. There’s even a lawmaker that’s sponsoring a parliamentary bill to see Okujepisa Omukazendu become legal.

What Are the Ten Reasons Wife Swapping Is a Bad Idea?

To share your significant other sexually with another man, you must consider the disadvantages of swapping. While pundits claim the practice adds zest to their sex life, many only partake to fulfill their fantasies and enjoy new sexual adventures.

The ten reasons why wife swapping is a bad idea include;

1. Jealousy

With wife sharing, jealousy can set in. If your wife starts to prefer having intercourse with the other man for his skill or endowment, you’re bound to start having bouts of insecurity. Having such emotions will create distance in your intimacy, eventually ruining your marriage.

2. Paternal Complications

As a result of wife sharing, pregnancy can result. If the paternity of a child born out of this practice is questionable, it could jeopardize your relationship. It’s also unfair to such an offspring, seeing as they may learn of your indiscretions that resulted in their existence. The tot can also be subject to child abuse, especially if the man realizes it’s not his but is forced to bring it up.

3. Disease

In this age of HIV and other complicated sexually transmitted infections like syphilis, wife sharing is a risky adventure. For instance, in Namibia, where I’ve mentioned some tribes that are into swinging, the prevalence rate for AIDS is nearly 20%. Due to ignorance, unprotected sex can result in a myriad of health complications and even death.

4. Breakup

Many mistakes start with good intentions, especially when a need to spice up your marriage with wife sharing antics backfires. If your wife starts becoming attracted to the other man, she may decide to shack up with him permanently. After all, women aren’t in it just for the sex, and some of his finer qualities may outdo yours.

5. Undignifies the Woman

Wife sharing treats your woman as an object you can pass on to your friend, reducing her dignity. That’s tantamount to abuse, as the new man can maltreat her if their sexual encounter isn’t borne out of love.

6. Prostitution

I mentioned earlier that you couldn’t truly satisfy human wants, and your wife’s need to be satisfied by another man can spiral out of control. If the woman isn’t content with her husband’s sexual prowess, will she be with another, or two and three?

7. Perversion

Often, it’s the man that drives a woman to agree to wife sharing, and almost always, they want to watch. We live in a ‘pornified’ culture, and voyeurism can play out into the marital bed. It starts with putting a mirror on the ceiling, then a video camera. But you’ll be unsatisfied until you’ve seen another man having sex with your spouse, and that becomes a habit.

8. It Breaks the Marriage Vow

Marriage is supposed to be between two people that share everything, for good or for worse. Others have removed that clause, letting practices like wife sharing take the place of finding solutions as a couple. You are to bear each other’s weaknesses, taking other routes to remedy waning sexual desires or physical problems.

9. Secrecy

Three is a crowd, and there’s no telling what can leak out in this hidden camera and social media generation. Due to society’s prejudices about wife sharing, your dirty little secret can end up on the devices of family, friends, work colleagues, or political opponents. It’s unfortunate, but you’ll get judged at the same level as any other immorality, such as cheating.

10. It Doesn’t Solve Marital Issues

Many problems in our marriages are the result of breakdowns in communication. Wife sharing or swinging doesn’t solve any of that but instead makes it worse. You’re only setting yourself up for failure if you introduce a third party into your marriage bed intending to make your wife or husband happy.


Go online and see the amateur videos available on wife sharing, and I am sure you’ll see 10 reasons why it’s a bad idea. Most of these tell-all, graphic content was leaked as a result of spite. With the secret out, the sanctity of that marriage was eroded, bastardizing the supposedly holy vows. Since one of the major benefits of being married is an exclusive sexual partner, the purpose of that institution is defeated.