My Wife Is Stronger Than Me – What Do I Do?

They say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, but no one talks about how to drink it. Sometimes, your situation in life ends up contrary to normal societal expectations, and you have to make the best of it. With that in mind, I wasn’t mainly concerned when a colleague confided in me, saying, ‘my wife is stronger than me, what do I do?’

Generally, men are physically stronger than women, but that’s not always the scenario. In many cases, a woman can outwrestle, out-lift, or even beat her husband to the ground should the need arise. Your wife may have the size or muscle mass advantage, giving her an edge over your average or below strength.

I suggest you either work on your self-esteem or up your gym time, paying attention to core strength building. In reality, there are tons of marriages where the wife can pin her hubby to a wrestling match, and he won’t have anything to do about it. The reason you don’t hear about it is that many keep it quiet. So, read further to set your mind at ease.

Is It Normal for My Wife to Be Physically Stronger Than Me?

Some online forums are dealing with the question of gorgeous ladies physically buff than their significant others. In many of these, you’ll find emasculated males whining about how intimidated or insecure they feel, while others are having lots of fun, even finding it attractive. What I am saying is, it’s all in the mind. It’s how you perceive it and what you can do to not let it bother you.

In terms of absolute strength, without regarding body size, composition, or weight, comparisons between men and women are not unusual. It’s a topic under investigation, and one without direct answers as has been for centuries. The average man tends to be stronger than his woman, who has an absolute muscle power that’s roughly 67% that of males.

It’s also worth noting that these differences vary according to the body parts in question. For instance, studies in 1976 show the variation between upper and lower body strength comparisons. The larger size of men gives them a decided advantage relative to weight or muscle mass. When you consider these, the differences are less. They average about 60 to 70% between men and women.

Can I Come to Terms with My Wife’s Strength and Physical Domination?

It could be that you’re bothered by your wife being stronger than you, and wondering what to do. If she overpowers you in bed or wins the arm wrestling in less than two seconds, you’ve got two options. These include leaving her and marrying someone with equal or less strength than you or being okay with it and taking pride in her might or abilities.

Neither of these is the final alternative since if she loves you and is comfortable with your weaker self, it means your ego needs working on.

From my point of view, you’re concluding that your wife is stronger than you based on a couple of possibilities. These include;

  • You’re operating on the basis that your wife is stronger, and that leads to your emasculation during sex.
  • She’s strong but not hostile or violent, meaning she can but probably won’t beat you up.
  • Even if you’re weaker, she’s submissive and likes to let you feel like the one who wears the trousers in your relationship.
  • She’s unafraid or doesn’t mind societal judgment, which views a woman as the weaker of the sexes.
  • You’re not trying to lose to her at arm wrestling, hefty lifting, or aggressive sex. Instead, she’s whipping you at brawn time and again, embarrassing or making you feel insecure.

What If I At Least Try to Match or Overtake My Wife’s Strength?

So, let’s talk solutions to your problem if that’s what you’re viewing it as. You have several paths to take if you feel intimidated by your wife’s exceeding strength. However, many of these will involve settling and being content with the situation. Accepting that she’s stronger and staying on as her husband is the most sensible thing to do, but you’ll need to stop challenging her to tests of brawn.

If you can’t accept that, then it’s time to hit the gym and try to pile on some muscles. Your wife will not only find that attractive, but it’s possibly an activity that you both can get involved in. she has chosen you as her husband, despite your scrawny physique, and that she finds other qualities about you endearing.

You are a man, so by taking on and maintaining a body-building workout, you can end up stronger or at least larger than her. That’s if she’s just a strong girl and not a dedicated female bodybuilder. It would mean your chances of out-muscling her are slim at best.

One factor to watch out for is if she likes dominating, which would change once you’re able to pin her down. If she starts to lose challenges that were earlier easy for her to win, don’t expect her to turn submissive suddenly. Chances are that it will put a strain on your relationship, especially if your scrawniness or lesser physical strength is what attracted her to you in the first place.

If I Can’t Handle That My Wife Is Stronger Than Me, What Do I Do?

Unfortunately, there is a final option to your stronger wife conundrum. If you can’t accept that she’s brawnier, won’t go to the gym, or be content as the submissive partner, you can call it quits in your marriage. It’s better to stay apart than try to stifle your wife’s strength, as that only leads to resentment and control issues.

You’ve often heard of ‘irreconcilable differences’ mentioned as the cause for divorce in court cases. That’s prevalent nowadays on TV. Your insecurities can escalate into nastier issues, such as cheating on her or being violent using a weapon. You’re often moody after losing to her in tests of might, and that puts a strain on your relationship and marriage.

If, for instance, you can’t handle that she wins every arm wrestle or sparring match, you could be led to fight dirty. Not only can that lead to physical injury, but your wife will probably see through it and look down or hate you for it.


When you’re thinking, ‘my wife is stronger than me, what do I do,’ it might feel like you’re alone, but that’s not true. She’s a modern girl, and you shouldn’t put much weight on conventional thinking that says a guy has to be brawnier. Be true to yourself, not by minimizing your partner’s strength until she’s letting you believe you’re the mightier one. It all boils down to one word, ‘domination,’ and even if you don’t realize that, you’ve probably got some trust issues to deal with too.