Which are the Early Signs of Pregnancy Dreams

Which are the Early Signs of Pregnancy Dreams?

More than a few women claim to have found out they were pregnant from a dream. It might seem absurd to many, but it’s been proven that dreams become more vivid during pregnancy. Which makes many wonder: Which are the early signs of pregnancy dreams? 

Bunnies hopping around, giving birth to an animal, eating an apple, or seeing a snake in your dreams, among others, are interpreted as early signs of pregnancy. When a woman falls pregnant, her body changes due to a surge in hormone production. These hormonal changes cause vivid dreams and nightmares that intensify as the pregnancy progresses. 

Sometimes, we have dreams that seem to nag us long after waking up. Who knows, there could be something your body is trying to tell you. But first, what are these pregnancy dreams?

What Are Pregnancy Dreams?

Although variations exist, most women claim that they experience notable changes in their dreams when pregnant. It is often difficult to recall an ordinary dream. As soon as you wake up, the pictures in your mind seem to evaporate with each second. This is somewhat different from a pregnancy dream.

The first obvious sign of a pregnancy dream is one’s ability to remember even minor details. You can tell what color the flowers were, how many rabbits you saw, or even the name you called the child in your dreams.

Other common characteristics of pregnancy dreams include:

  • You dream more frequently. Even when you take an afternoon nap.
  • Dreams become more intense. It feels like you’re acting in your own movie.
  • Dreams leave you feeling anxious long after you’re awake.
  • Nightmares. You may find yourself dreaming of gory things like taking a baby out of your womb and putting it back.

Causes of Pregnancy Dreams

Hormonal Changes

With pregnancy comes an increase in hormone production which brings about many changes. It affects your sleep quality, which leads to realistic and memorable dreams. Hormonal changes can bring on a slew of new emotions, including joy, worry, and stress. 

As a result of the many changes a newly pregnant woman goes through, there might be an increase in dreams that feel particularly more intense than usual.

Disrupted Sleep Pattern

When you can’t maintain a consistent sleep schedule or find that you wake up frequently during the night due to discomfort or the need to urinate, your usual sleep pattern is disrupted.

These disturbances might impair the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is when dreams happen. When a person wakes up during REM sleep, they are more likely to remember their dreams, making them feel more realistic and vivid. 

And because you wake up a couple of times each night during REM, it tends to feel like the dreams have increased in frequency.

Anxiety or Stress

Pregnant women go through many emotional fluctuations right from the first trimester. According to a 2013 study, pregnancy is a crucial phase of mental reconfiguration involving feelings, perceptions, and relationships connecting to the self and the unborn baby. Pregnant women can be expected to represent these emotional responses, cognitive distortions, and relationships within their dreams.

A pregnancy dream could be your body’s way of communicating that you need to start taking better care of yourself. You notice that the safety of the fetus is a common theme in your dreams. 

Examples of Early Signs of Pregnancy Dreams


If you constantly see water in your dreams, it could relate to the changes in your body. Experts believe that dreams in which you’re swimming, drowning, or seeing water-dwelling organisms like tadpoles and turtles, are an indication that you’re subconsciously aware of the amniotic fluid filling up in your body.

Giving Birth

Giving birth to a toddler, grown adult, baby animal, or alien-looking creature (which must be pretty unsettling) is believed to be your mind’s way of rehearsing for the real thing. Some mums-to-be may even dream of taking the baby from the tummy then putting it back. This is said to symbolize a desire for the safety of the fetus.


According to certified dream analyst and author Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, snakes, fish, and hopping rabbits in your dreams may predict early pregnancy. Fish make up the majority of animal dreams as they symbolize the embryo is thriving within the amniotic fluid. 


Agricultural themes in dreams tend to lean towards the notion of fertility. Sowing seeds or planting vegetables, vines, and fruits are interpreted as signs of an impending pregnancy.

Baby Dreams

Whether you dream that you’re pregnant, playing with a child, chasing after a toddler, or you forgot where you left the baby are all signs of an upcoming pregnancy (if you don’t already have a bun in the oven).

My Husband Dreams He is Pregnant

Although it isn’t an everyday occurrence, it is actually a good omen when your hubby has a pregnancy dream. But is it one of the early signs of pregnancy dreams? Well, yes. Analysts say it could result from sleep disturbances or represent a repressed desire for parenthood, or you are pregnant. It’s his body’s way of saying he wants to share in your experience.

On the flip side, it could have nothing at all to do with babies. It could signify his excitement around a creative project or business venture at home or work. It could also be a sign of imminent spiritual awakening.

Whatever meaning you suspect your husband’s dream holds, it might be best to purchase a pregnancy kit to be sure.

The Bottom Line

If you were wondering whether your nightmares are early signs of pregnancy dreams, experts recommend keeping a journal. Take note of the content and context of your dream to interpret it correctly. A dream analyst is trained to decipher your dreams’ nature, function, and significance. However, make sure they are credible and highly reviewed for the best results.

Did you find out you were pregnant from a dream? What was it? We would love to hear about your experience.