Are There Dreams that Predict Pregnancy?

Are There Dreams that Predict Pregnancy?

Since time immemorial, different cultures have had unique notions about dreams. They are believed to have a latent meaning that requires interpretation. Some dreams predict good fortune, upcoming hazards, and even the arrival of a visitor, but are there any dreams that predict pregnancy?

Symbols and events that occur in dreams can be interpreted to signify the presence of a bun in the oven, so yes, some dreams do predict pregnancy. Pregnancy dreams are caused by hormonal changes that begin as soon as you fall pregnant, even though you might not know it yet.

If you’ve been wondering whether your dreams are an indicator that there’s a bun in the oven, you’re not alone. Read on and see if your dream is on the list below.

Types of Dreams that Predict Pregnancy

Everyone dreams every night, but pregnant women’s dreams tend to be packed with emotion. You can thank your hormones for this. Due to these intense hormonal changes, an uncommon sign of pregnancy is vivid dreams.

Although there is inadequate scientific evidence to support the interpretation of dreams, tons of anecdotal evidence suggests that latent content has found its way into real-life situations. Some people may experience their first signs of pregnancy in a dream.

Whatever the case, here are some unique ways your unborn baby can reveal themself to you subconsciously while you sleep.

Dreams with Children

Some of the most common dreams that predict pregnancy are those with children. Whether you dream of actual pregnancy, the birthing process, a socially-developed child, or a newborn is a sign that you’re becoming parents soon. Suppose you are walking hand-in-hand, playing with or running after the child predicts the coming of happy motherhood. If you’re keen, you might be able to discern the baby’s sex. 

Don’t be afraid if you give birth to an animal or alien in the dream. Even though it’s unsettling, this is still an indicator of pregnancy. Women who’ve suffered multiple miscarriages before may have vivid dreams where they remove the fetus from the uterus and then return it. This isn’t a bad omen. It just shows that you’re worried about the developing baby. 


Snakes are frightening and fascinating at the same time. They can inspire both fear and hope, depending on the interpretation. According to Sigmund Freud’s dream theory, the snake is closely associated with sexuality. He asserts that snake dreams symbolize a man’s physical attraction to a woman, which could be taken as a sign of reproduction.


Suppose you have dreams about water creatures like fish, turtles, or tadpoles; it could be that your body is trying to tell you that you are expectant. The significance of the fish dream is held in high regard in some cultures. The premise is that these aquatic animals represent the embryo developing within the amniotic fluid.

Buying fish symbolizes a future pregnancy. And the type of fish you’re purchasing could predict the child’s sex. If you’re watching the fish swimming in clear waters, then you could already be pregnant. If you dream of catching a fish, it signifies a precursor of impregnation. Some cultures believe that if the woman catches the fish but slips back into the water, a miscarriage is imminent.  


These cuddly creatures symbolize abundance, sex drive, and high reproduction. If rabbits are hopping all over your dream, it might be time for a pregnancy test. This is taken to mean that you will soon be surrounded by children.

Eating an Apple

Apples in dreams typically symbolize beauty, perfection, sexual desire, fertility, prosperity, and wealth. Some women claim that seeing an apple in a dream was their first pregnancy symptom. Eating an apple in a dream can indicate success and fertility. It may indicate that your desire for conception is about to fruition or already has.

Teeth Falling Out

Teeth falling are a sign of insecurity, a loss of control, or a sense of powerlessness. It could also indicate that you’re feeling overburdened. The dream’s recurrence indicates how anxious you are about the pregnancy’s impact on your life. It could indicate that you are not ready to accept a new child or no longer feel like you’re in charge of your life.

Why Do I Keep Getting Pregnancy Dreams Although I’m Not Expecting?

People consider dreams of particular symbols to hold significant meaning. But what if you keep getting recurring baby dreams but aren’t pregnant (or don’t want to be pregnant)? Well, it could mean a couple of things. It could demonstrate a compelling desire to nurture and help others. Or suggest that you have tension or stress in your life that needs to be addressed.

Pregnancy dreams may also symbolize that you’re looking for a way to express yourself creatively. You may be planning an artistic endeavor or starting a new creative pastime. Not every pregnancy dream means you’re expectant.

Do Men Get Pregnancy Dreams?

Yes, they do. Although not as intense, it’s not uncommon for your partner to get a pregnancy dream. Scientists have established that men undergo certain hormonal changes when their spouse is pregnant. It’s not unheard of for a man to dream that he’s holding a baby or is playing with a toddler.

Some dads-to-be report having dreams where they were pregnant. Such a dream would be absurd if taken in the literal sense. This could be caused by the emotional and hormonal changes the partner is going through, or perhaps it signifies that he wants to share in your experience. Other times, it could be due to something as trivial as sleep disturbances.

So the next time your man claims you might be pregnant because he had a strange dream, don’t be too quick to shrug him off. It could be worth checking it out.  

The Bottom Line

If you’re wondering whether some dreams predict pregnancy, the answer largely depends on your spiritual, cultural, or religious stance. Most credible dream analysts recommend that you take note of anything or anyone else who features in the pregnancy. Sometimes the message is hidden within the context.

Have you ever had a pregnancy that made itself known through a dream? How did you figure it out? We would love to hear about your experience.