Do Snake Dreams Mean Pregnancy

Do Snake Dreams Mean Pregnancy?

Dreams about snakes can be pretty unnerving. These creepy crawlies are often associated with mystery and danger. Seeing them in person can be frightening or fascinating, which makes you wonder: do snake dreams mean pregnancy?

Vivid snake dreams are completely normal and common among pregnant women. Many cultures associate snakes with sexuality and believe that seeing one in a dream could indicate the presence of a little being growing inside you.

Read on as we decipher the symbolic meaning behind snake dreams.  

So, Do Snake Dreams Mean Pregnancy?

Snakes are fascinating creatures. They come in many colors, shapes, types, sizes and hold several meanings. When one appears in dreamland, most people don’t know what to make of it. There are numerous myths, beliefs, and even certified dream analysts who can help us give significance to dreams we have during pregnancy.

Sigmund Freud asserts that dreams often reflect your emotional state throughout pregnancy. Their latent content may mirror feelings of anxiety, dread, or enthusiasm about becoming a parent. 

Certified dream analyst and author Lauri Quinn Loewenberg asserts that in the same way you shouldn’t ignore it if you come across one in real life, you should never overlook a snake dream. Which brings us to the question: do snake dreams mean pregnancy?

Short answer: Yes! The whole point of this dream is to get your attention. And if you’re having the snake dreams a couple of nights in a week, you need to act upon the message. To do so effectively, you must understand different snake dream meanings. 

The Facts…

The theory goes that hormonal changes paired with anxiety can induce dramatic dreams in pregnant women, particularly those with slithering serpents. The intensity of snake dreams also increases as the pregnancy progresses. They become more vivid in the third trimester, thanks to increased hormone production. But why snakes?

According to a wide range of sources, snake dreams have been linked to matters of sexuality. It is thought to symbolize the baby’s development and enlightenment while in the mother’s womb. Some dream analysts even claim that a bright and healthy son will be born soon after getting recurring dreams of snakes.

Keep a dream journal to record and analyze the meaning of your dreams. Make a note of it as soon as you wake up from a dream like this. When you’re less groggy, you can evaluate the information your subconscious is trying to convey.

However, if these dreams make it difficult for you to sleep, try natural sleep remedies such as aromatherapy using essential oils or lavender tea. Consult your prenatal care attendant to recommend solutions that are safe for both you and baby.

Global Interpretations of Snake Dreams During Pregnancy

If It Bit You

A snake can signify a desire to be healthy. In certain cultures and traditions, its venom is thought to contain healing properties. We even instinctively associate the snake with healing when we encounter it in symbols for physicians, pharmacies, and other health-related businesses.

So, if you dreamt of being bitten by a snake, the bite could symbolize an injection of healing serum. It could be a sign that something you’re going through is trying and challenging, but you’ll get through it.

The Snake Bit Someone Else

Relating to the concept of snake bites representing healing, it’s likely that if someone else in your dream is bitten, you’re dreaming of their healing. However, whenever you’re trying to find the latent content of a snake dream, experts advise that you start with yourself. Our dreams can sometimes provide us with a third-party view, allowing us to understand better how something is influencing us.

The Snake Climbs on You

If the snake slithers up your foot or arm, it is believed to signify an imbalance in your life. Some dream analysts claim that it could also be symbolic for an area of your body that will be healed.

There Are Other People Near the Snake

Suppose you were not alone in the dream when you encountered the snake. Were you walking with the person, towards them, or away from them? Or were they just standing close to the serpent? Regardless, seeing other humans in your snake dreams could mean three things:

  • The other person you see might be in a precarious predicament and needs your assistance to get out of it.
  • You could be the “snake” in the dream and harbor ill thoughts toward the other individual.
  • You may be the other person in the dream.

Specific-Colored Snakes

Sometimes, dreams are as vivid as watching a film on a tangible screen during pregnancy. You can remember even the small details like where you were, what type of dress you had on, and even the color of the snake you saw. The hue of the serpent’s skin can hold different meanings, such as:

  • White – A white snake might symbolize a fresh start.
  • Black – Often associated with the unknown, a black snake holds different meanings depending on whatever that’s visible in the dream. 
  • Red – This color snake raises a red flag. It’s suggested that your subconscious is urging you to address an issue you’ve been disregarding.
  • Green – There are probably other people in your dream whenever you see a green-colored snake. It’s believed to indicate the presence of jealousy. The other person you see could be the source of the toxicity; sometimes, you are the one exhibiting toxic behavior. 
  • Yellow – Signifies fear.

The Bottom Line

If you wake up sweaty after running away from snakes in what seemed like a nightmare, using a search tag such as, ‘Do snake dreams mean pregnancy’ will generate results of a dream analyst you can consult for a detailed interpretation of your snake dreams. But make sure they are certified and reputable. Because the practice is highly unregulated, exercise caution to avoid falling prey to unscrupulous people with malicious intent. 

Your dreams are believed to mirror your inner self. They reflect on whatever is going on internally. So don’t ignore that snake dream you keep having. It could be time to buy a pregnancy test.