How to Clean Washing Machine with Soda Crystals

How to Clean Washing Machine with Soda Crystals

It seems a bit odd that a washing machine would need cleaning itself. But, oddities aside, cleaning it with soda crystals is a necessity if you want it to serve you for nearly an eternity without any (or very minimal) hitches. At least once per week or bi-weekly for frequent users and once every month for infrequent users. So, how do you clean washing machine with soda crystals?

Cleaning a washing machine with soda crystals involves a deep cleaning process and scrubbing the inside and outside of your washer. 

I’ve set everything out in this informative article to help you maintain your washing machine, but first, you first need to understand why you should clean it and the possible repercussions if you don’t. 

Why Should You Clean Your Washing Machine?

Do you ever wonder what happens to all the dirt and grime that gets cleaned every time you run the washer? Well, here’s the icky little thing, it all gets trapped in the rubber seals, forming thick dark layers that are the perfect lodging ground for harmful bacteria and mold.

Water is a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria and mold. Some bacteria are likely to be lodged in the thick dark layers, including coliform, salmonella, and E.Coli. Yes, it’s filthy and a critical source of concern because this is evidence of a disease brooder in your household. 

Imagine all the soap residue and chemicals from your cleaning detergents caked together with dirt, grease, and whatnot all trapped in your washing machine.  Without frequent deep cleaning of your washer, it’s a no-brainer that your laundry isn’t clean at all; it’s just an illusion. 

The bacteria spreads to the clean laundry during the low-temperature rinse cycle. While a healthier body can grapple with this for longer, you can’t say the same for kids, the elderly, or immunocompromised.

In addition, more machine washes increase the buildup exposing your family to harmful bacteria, incurring extra costs in medication while all you need to do is ensure regular deep cleaning of your washing machine.

How to Clean Washing Machine with Soda Crystals 

Soda crystals or washing soda have been used for centuries as a cleaning agent. They’re white, odorless, and dissolve in water to give an alkaline solution. What’s more, they’re eco-friendly, affordable, and non-toxic, making them ideal for any home, especially with kids and elders.  

Now that we know the ‘whys and whats,’ let’s cut to the chase. Here are the steps to get your washing machine as good as new with soda crystals.

Assemble the Cleaning Materials and Supplies

  • Gather all your required materials and supplies together to ensure you achieve the desired results. In this case, you’ll need;
  • One cup of soda crystals 
  • Two cups of white vinegar
  • Half a cup of liquid washing soap
  • Microfiber cloth to wipe down after cleaning
  • A small brush or toothbrush for the scrubbing

The Deep Cleaning Process

  • First, switch off the electricity connection and ensure the washer drum is empty. Next, detach the detergent dispenser and ensure no detergent or softener in the reservoirs. Then soak, scrub and clean it thoroughly with the liquid detergent and white vinegar. 
  • Ensure to catch all the dark layers at every edge. Once done scrubbing, rinse it with clean water, dry it with a microfiber cloth, and put it back.
  • Next, turn back on the electricity and put soda crystals in the detergent dispenser. Similarly, pour a quarter cup of white vinegar into the drum.
  • Run the longest wash cycle at the highest temperature because the combination of soda crystals and white vinegar is the best way to kill and prevent bacteria and mold. 
  • You’ll need to ensure the drum fills with hot water but control the cycle run to prevent the washer from agitating. 
  • If your detergent dispenser isn’t detachable, pour a cup of heated white vinegar into it. Give it about 20 minutes to loosen the grime and mold. 

Scrub the Inside and Outside

  • Add some measured soda crystals and white vinegar to half a bucket of water. Next, use the toothbrush or small brush to scrub the inside rubber seals and inside of the glass door. Once done with the scrubbing, check again to ensure you didn’t miss any spots.
  • If completely done, rinse off by wiping it with clean water, drying it with a microfiber cloth, and leaving the door open to ensure complete air drying. This will help to ensure that mold can’t grow on the rubber seals or anywhere inside.
  • For the outside, use warm water, add some detergent and wipe it in a gentle circular motion with a microfiber cloth, then wipe it again with a similar dry cloth. Be sure to pay close attention to knobs, panels, and any tight sections, as they’re likely to have films of dirt.

Care and Prevention of Bacteria and Mold

Top loaders tend to hold more dirt than front loaders. The reason is there’s more stuff falling or spilling on them from the top. To reduce the incidence of this, After each wash, leave the top open to ensure the rubber seals, drum air dry and prevent any development of bacteria and mold.

When it comes to front loaders, focus on the door’s rubber seal for front loaders. This is where the mold lodges and the reason you’re likely to sense a foul smell. Once done with cleaning, wipe it dry after spraying some soda crystals and white vinegar solution. Always leave the door open to air dry.


I reckon you’re now an expert on how to clean washing machine with soda crystals. Once you get the hang of the deep cleaning process, you can clock it into your cleaning routine pretty easily.

Remember that even if washing machines are havens of laundry, you need to clean them thoroughly as they tend to hold dirt which is an attractive ground for harmful bacteria and mold.

Soda crystals are the perfect cleaners because they’re eco-friendly, affordable, and non-toxic. For efficacy and this type of grime, soda crystals work perfectly with white vinegar and liquid detergent to get your washer working as new.