How Can I Discern the Bed Bug Spiritual Meaning?

There’s one bug that’s been plaguing humans for hundreds of thousands of years. They are everywhere, hard to detect and difficult to eliminate, feeding on you unnoticed while you sleep. So, whether you’ve spotted or dreamt about them, what’s the bedbug’s spiritual meaning?

Bedbugs aren’t just blood-sucking critters, but they are also an ancient form of spiritual attack. They’re one of the most bothersome, feared, and stubborn pests to eliminate. Spiritually, they’re an indication of your having brought unclean or harmful resonances into your house, targeting your personal life and marriage.

You or a member of your family could have visited a place resided by spiritual bed bugs. Left alone, these malicious spirits are capable of disintegrating your family. The presence of alcohol abuse in your marriage is also connected to these vampires. Read further to see what it means.

Is It Just Me or Are Bed Bugs Everywhere?

Bedbugs have made a resurgence, appearing everywhere and with almost epidemic number proportions. The stubborn critters are as pervasive as cockroaches in a Miami kitchen, feisty as head lice in elementary school, and eternal like crabs in sorority dorms. However, much as you’ve tried to clean your house or use different extermination methods; the creepy crawlies prove indestructible.

The common bedbug, cimix nectarous, has been around for eons, if not longer. Infestations of these blood-sucking insects have been reported since ancient Greek and Roman times, over 2500 years ago. Familiarity with these bugs even brought about the saying, ‘sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.’ That was referring to the matrix-like mattresses that people used to sleep on within wooden bed frames.

Bedbugs hide in mattresses, sofas, wooden bed or chair frames, creeping out and feeding on your blood while you’re sleeping. In the US, the menace is widespread, and infestations have been reported since the 1930s. Recently a news article shocked most when it informed of an overwhelming presence of these critters in New York City, particularly inside the famous Empire State Building.

International travel and dense populations have resulted in vermin becoming prevalent everywhere. Bed bugs are nocturnal, so during the day, you might not see them. But if you happen to look between mattress wedges or crevices in your bed frame, you’ll see brownish insects, flat and oval. They can grow up to ¼ of an inch long, and they’re able to lay tens of eggs that hatch within days.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of a Bed Bug Infestation?

The presence of bedbugs in your home is evidence of a spiritual attack. These nocturnal critters detail how you can be infected with sin, which finds a place to hide and isn’t visible on the surface. Such negative energy preys on your soul, slowly sucking out light and positivity.

You may want to be defensive and say how much you’re sinless, but beneath, you’re inundated with impure thoughts or selfishness. If you admit there are negative influences of sin in your life, you must get past the point of casting blame. You’ll often try to find alternative ways to remedy the situation, like reading self-help books, an online how-to, or engaging the services of self-proclaimed gurus.  

Trying harder or listening to talk shows with well-meaning advice won’t rid you of spiritual bedbug attacks. While you may succeed in cleaning up some negative aspects of your life, there are underneath deep, dark hidden spaces that you can’t access. That’s where bed bugs hide, and they’ll cause issues in your relationships, work, or health.

If you’re wary of running about trying to exterminate the bugs, moving houses, or using all sorts of insecticides, it’s time to consider a spiritual and steadfast solution. Only by letting in divine light and love to rule your roost will you be rid of the nasty critters, physically and in the unseen realm.

How Can I Tell Whether My Bedbug Infestation Is a Result of Spiritual Attacks?

Spiritual warfare targets the soul, filling you with bitterness, discomfort and breaking your resolve. Bedbugs are the enemy’s weapon, fashioned to destroy your faith and disintegrate your personal life. If you open the eyes of your spirit, you may identify the areas where you’ve fallen short, allowing these negative influences to find solace in your abode.

Attacks of the spirit can be conceived through the perceptions your enemies have of you as an attempt to harm, hurt or destroy. A person who is annoyed with you will turn that annoyance into negative energy that manifests as hazards or harmful beings coming into your home. While you may not sense anything out of place, you’ll see or feel disturbances, especially at night.

The same way bedbugs are carried through items of clothing or luggage is how spiritual envoys come. You must build a shield of protection around yourself and your family and pray that your attacker’s influences are removed. Cut cords of gossip or backbiting so that the dark energies that ride on these vices will dissipate.

What Does the Bible Say Regarding Your Spiritual Bedbug Infestation?

To get to the bottom of the bedbug puzzle, start with the basics. The term infestation is from the Latin infestare or infestus, which means hostile. A definition of your home becoming infested with these critters means swarming or spreading in a troublesome manner. That describes your situation with the bugs, but nothing can overpower the infinite love that God bestows on his spiritual children.

You are created in the likeness and image of the maker, and you shouldn’t be the victim or an instigator of hostilities. According to Genesis 1:28, you’ve been given dominion over all living things that move on the earth. That includes the seen and unseen bedbugs. A biblical concordance by Mary Baker Eddy claims that if you ward over your mortal mind, body, and soul, the evil broods of infestation will clear out.

Psalm 91:10 declares that no evil shall befall you, and neither will any plague draw near your dwelling place. That’s evidence enough that a spiritual approach to your human woes shall trump over all else, even when adverts or bulletins claim the nuisances are alarming.  Once you’ve identified the problem as spiritual, you can utilize prayers as a calming restorer that brings about peace or order.


The bed bug spiritual meaning is discontent or interference with the balance of your life, especially where your personal, marriage, or sex life is concerned. They’re a representation of the hostile forces being harnessed physically to cause damage. Once the bugs leave, you can’t compare that happiness to the feeling of freedom and peace when your attacker is defeated.