What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Wood?

Everything that exists has a spiritual origin or significance to all believers. Wood is certainly not left out, and in the divine realm, it’s perceived to be a potent symbol of life, growth, strength, and longevity. But from ancient times in different cultures and traditional rituals, what’s the spiritual meaning of wood?

There are a variety of trees in this world. They have valuable significance for their specific wood products. Until now, these wooden items have been used since biblical times. For instance, Accacia and the Cedar of Lebanon trees were used in construction. They also made furniture for holy sites. Their beauty and durability are why these trees were selected.

Wood is every tree and spiritually starts from the olive branch, used as a symbol of peace. Its oil products are also for anointing and provide lighting in the temples. At the same time, the Almug wood has a beautiful fragrance. It is used for prayer rituals, while the Carob tree seeds were used for measurements. That’s due to consistent uniformity and also as sweeteners when dried and ground. keep reading to learn their spiritual meaning, such as when someone says ‘knock-on wood’ for good luck.

What are the Spiritual Properties of Wood?

For many spiritualists, wood acts as a bridge for believers to the divine realm. This symbolic statue is of great significance and value across the world. That’s when you’re not limiting the pagan rites in the world of sorcery and witchcraft.

Most uses of wood in spirituality vary from their particular types. That includes trees such as oak, ash, and bloodwood. These are used for healing, fertility, attracting positive energies, abundance, communication, and inspiration. They strengthen the body, mind, and spirit.

They also act as symbolic gestures for power, protection, and authority, making them sacred and revered.

It’s not a surprise that wood carries a magical connotation. Let’s, therefore, look at its spiritual variations. In some instances, it acts as a conduit between the spiritual and physical realm. Particular woods are used to put spells, block both good and bad energies, or communicate with the dead. All these applications depend on the tree and your gender type.

Is There Significance of Wood in Dreams?

As spiritualists and religious believers, we consider dreams as communication channels from the divine realm or heavenly abode. Dreaming of wood carries a lot of meaning in your day-to-day life and should be taken seriously.

From the biblical perspective, wood symbolizes some positive attributes, being a changeable and transformable material from the origin of formation to its practical use. Instances exist in the bible where wood was used for various ritual purposes. It was also a component of the construction and forming of holy objects.

However, astrology interprets it otherwise from the biblical perspective. That is to say that the symbolic gestures vary. For example, it’s considered a sign of uncertainty. That’s to say that you are in a state of insecurity and unsettled, and I would advise you to double-check your life in general. 

I would advise you to be cautious when seeking the interpretation of woods in dreams since each type does carry different purposes and would undoubtedly vary in meaning. And also, what matters is from which angle of spirituality you perceive that will help you derive contentment.

Types of Wood and Their Spiritual Significance

There are several types of wood that do carry varied spiritual significance. However, these enlisted below are the major types that have attracted attention to many spiritualists and believers around the world from time immemorial, and you’d put them into consideration for the benefit of your spiritual growth and values.

The Olive Tree Wood

The olive tree is among the most famous tree in biblical history, if not the Jewish. That’s due to the rich values derived from its products. However, it’s a symbol of victory and overcoming life challenges. Furthermore, it signifies knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, and longevity.

Wooden Buildings

Suppose you happen to dream about wooden buildings. In that case, this certainly implies your character in person. That means you are shy or an introvert not willing to be open-minded about your surrounding or occurring changes in your life. And in many cases happen to chase something that keeps getting away from you.

Wooden Boats

In this case, the symbolic meaning is the willingness to progress in your life affairs just in case you happen to dream about it. However, if it so happens that you are not moving, it certainly implies that factors are hindering your proceeding. That should trigger your alarm bells for meditation and further spiritual checkups.

The Oak Wood Tree

To many people, Oak is believed to be the most powerful of trees and so is its wood. Ancient European cultures considered this massive tree the king of the forest. That’s due to its resilience and strength. For this reason, its timber is taken as a symbol of courage and power.

The Dogwood Tree

The Dogwood tree is commonly known as the landscape tree. But their wood carries fascinating spiritual meanings like loyalty, kindness, fertility, and many others. You should also know that it isn’t strange in the Christian faith as it connects to Jesus’ classification and recognition in Easter rituals.

The Maple Tree Wood

The maple tree’s wood has high-level adaptability in different soils and climate types. Undoubtedly, this tree interested different cultures and natives worldwide. It was observed to have several symbolic meanings like balance, longevity, generosity, grace, peaceful retreat, a great blessing.

The Koa Wood Tree

The existence and growth of this tree is widely associated with the Islands of Hawaii. However, the Koa wood tree shouldn’t be left out when you’re looking for wood’s spiritual and symbolic values. In Christianity, the tree does represent the life-giving presence of God. While to the natives, the wood symbolizes strength, romance, sophistication, and commitment.


There are numerous types of wood species from different regions, and the spiritual emulation differs by specific cultures and traditions based on their mutual perceptions and experiences. Therefore, you are advised to be cautious when seeking the particular spiritual meaning of wood. It’s also true that trees share a lot in common with humankind.