Nuk Pacifier Cleaning Case Instructions

Do you ever get the feeling that your child’s dummy is never clean enough?  Don’t get me wrong, every new mum soon learns how incredibly dependable having a binky at hand is. Seeing as you’ve settled on one of the leading brands, what are Nuk pacifier cleaning case instructions?

A pacifier will require constant cleaning, not to mention sterilization to kill germs. Nuk pacifiers come with a storage cum cleaning case that allows you to sterilize the binky using a microwave oven or dishwasher. That way, you’ll be able to neutralize at least 99% of harmful germs that may have found their way on your baby’s dummy.

You can microwave the Nuk pacifier cleaning case for at least four minutes at between 700 and 1250 watts. Besides that, hot water and soap provide a sterile container where you can store clean pacifiers. For a relaxed healthy baby, read on for instruction in keeping this Nuk addition as germ-free as the binky itself.

Why Choose Nuk Pacifiers That Come with Cleaning Cases

With over 60 year’s legacy, Nuk baby develops cutting-edge feeding items and accessories that comply with all child safety standards. The manufacturer works closely with independent researchers, midwives, parents, and orthodontists to test and pass products, relying on expert opinions.

Nuk has revolutionized pacifiers, optimizing them to model on your breast nipple to support stellar orthodontic development. Pediatricians, as well as product users, have given 100% approval rates for this company’s binky for;

  • Being breastfeeding friendly
  • Having an optimal fit for a child’s mouth
  • Not causing jaw misalignment or crooked teeth
  • Suited to pacifying the innate sucking reflex

Nuk binky nipples have a thinner and narrowed neck alongside a flatter baglet or smother undersides. These features act to reduce pressure on jaws or any teeth while allowing natural sucking movements that feel pleasant in your child’s mouth.

Which Nuk Pacifiers Come with a Cleaning Case?

With the endorsements of dentists and orthodontists everywhere, Nuk pacifiers are now sold within a storage case. The container doubles as a dishwasher-safe, microwaveable holder for your baby’s pacifier during and after cleaning or sterilizing.

Nuk dummies follow a sizing system for 0 to 2 months, 0 to 6 months, 6 to 8 months, and 18 to 36 months olds. With teats made either from natural rubber latex or silicone, pacifier models that come with cleaning cases include;

  • Classic: The classic is the original Nuk pacifier that’s stylishly designed for relieving your child’s jaw pressure.
  • Freestyle: With its innovative gentleness design, this pacifier lets in more air so that contact is minimized with your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Trendline: It has a flat button that makes the pacifier ideal for calming your child to sleep. There are trendy designs and glow-in-the-dark varieties that’ll suit your baby’s needs.
  • Genius: The minimalistic pacifier is of an ingenious design with an orthodontic baglet following on latest medical findings.

How Often Should I Sterilize a Nuk Pacifier Cleaning Case?

Sterilizing your baby’s pacifier cleaning case is the additional step that goes beyond traditional cleaning with hot water and soap to obliterate germs. From the time you’ve bought the Nuk binkies, it’s essential to sanitize them before offering your child. Initial sterilization removes any doubt of hygiene surrounding how the product was handled through manufacturing, packaging, and retail.

After this initial deep sterilization, it won’t be necessary to sanitize the pacifier or its cleaning case as often. The only instances that you need to regularly sterilize these baby accessories include;

If You Are Using a Second-hand Pacifier Cleaning Case

It’s common to hit consignment shops or get gifts from other mothers, except pacifiers are more often handed down from your elder to a younger. If for instance, the cleaning case belonged to an earlier binky, you must microwave or pop it into the dishwasher for sterilization.

If Your Baby Is or Has Been Sick

When your tot is unwell, or after they’ve recovered, it’s important to sanitize all implements they come into close contact with. You certainly don’t want to re-infect your child by using an unclean pacifier or its storage case. Sterilization of both will put your mind at ease concerning lingering disease-causing germs.

When Your Child Was Born Premature or Has Underlying Health Conditions

In instances where your baby was a preemie or has a health issue, you must sterilize their pacifier and its cleaning case regularly. That’s because such kids have a compromised immune system that’s weak against attacks from coliform and hazardous microbes.

If Your Water Isn’t Clean

If your water supply is questionable, such as well or outside a municipal connection, you’ll need to sterilize baby items more often. To avoid the buildup of water-borne bacteria and fungi, sterilize both the pacifier using its cleaning case at least once daily or after each use.

How Do I Clean a Nuk Pacifier’s Storage Case?

You’ll use high temperatures to keep your Nuk pacifier cleaning case sterile and offering conditions for germ-free storage. There’s no method of sterilization that’s more superior to the other, but there are faster and more functional ways to accomplish this.

To keep your Nuk pacifier cleaning case germ free, you can use any of the following methods, including;

Boiling In Hot Water

You don’t need any special equipment for this procedure, which is sufficient to keep Nuk pacifier cleaning cases sterile. All you need is a pot and water that’s enough to cover the binky storage container. Boil for five minutes or according to the guidelines stated by the manufacturer, then remove from the fire after turning off the heat.

Drain the water and remove your Nuk pacifier cleaning case, allowing it to dry in the air or on a clean dishcloth. 

Cleaning Nuk Pacifier Cases Using the Microwave

The Nuk pacifier cleaning case is microwavable, making it super easy to sterilize your baby’s binky. You’ll need a glass bowl with water full enough to cover the plastic storage container.

In a clean microwave oven, use the high setting to run your cleaning case for at least two minutes. You can also harness steam power by putting the Nuk dummy storage container in a feeding bottle sterilizer. You’ll then fill this with water before microwaving.


The most common method of keeping pacifier cleaning cases clean is washing by hand with hot water and soap. But you can engage the power of your kitchen implements to quickly and efficiently sterilize your baby’s binky alongside its carrying container. That helps to prevent infections or cross-contamination affecting your child’s growth and healthy development.