How Many Diapers from Birth to Potty Training?

It’s no secret that babies go through many nappies from when they’re born to when they learn to use the toilet. After a few months, it can start to feel like all you ever do is feed your baby and change them. So, how many diapers from birth to potty training can you expect to use on your child?

It’ll be two years from the time your baby is born until you can start considering the potty. For some, it’s longer than that. The average baby goes through between 3,000 and 3,200 nappies in their first year alone. As they age, so does their frequency of ‘going.’ As such, you can expect another 2,000 to 2,500 diapers for the next 12 months.

Every child is unique, and these numbers can vary depending on their age and weaning stage. Besides the 5,000 to 5,700 diapers, the figures are also different between disposable and cloth nappies. All babies create surprises in their diapers that you’ll need to deal with. Read on to find out how many you’ll need from the birth of your tot to when they’re sitting on the bowl.

How Many Diapers Will I Use During My Baby’s First Year?

From the time they’re born, your baby can be messing up at most 12 diapers daily. On other days, the floodgates are drier, meaning you’ll use ten or even eight nappies, whether cloth or disposable. If your tot is average, that’s the average for each day of their first year after birth. That calculates to at least 3,650 for 365 days, and that’s the reason this period feels like it’s full of non-stop changes.

However, it’s difficult to peg a definite diaper usage number in the first year of your baby’s life. That’s especially true if they go more frequently than the rest. Conditions like a tiny bladder or a stomach bug can also significantly impact how many nappies you end up using in a day. Before your toddler is six months old, it’s not uncommon to have gone through 2,000 diapers.

As your child grows older, diaper changes take a significant drop, sometimes by up to 10% for every four months. Therefore, three thousand diapers are safe estimates for the first year or 12 months since your baby’s birth.

Will the Second Year of My Baby’s Life Feature less Diaper Usage?

Potty training will begin either in your baby’s 18th or 24th month. Some children will have difficulties and might not fully get out of diapers until three years old or older. For the sake of our calculations, I shall assume that yours is the average tot. That means they’ll be obediently sitting on the bowl by the time you’re placing two candles on their birthday cake.

You’ll use at least 2,000 diapers for the second years of their life if their urine and bowel movement regularity has been on the decrease, as is typical. Older babies sleep throughout the night, and as such, you can use one super absorbent diaper. During the day can be another story, as you’ll be changing them every two to three hours.

At that rate, your least expected diaper amount for the second year can stand anywhere between 1,800 and 2,000. That’s especially true if you’re going through 28 to 35 diapers every week. Once you’ve begun potty training, nappy usage will slow down something like three, four, or five plus one during the night.

What Number of Diapers Can I Buy for Each of My Baby’s Diaper Sizes?

Estimating how many diapers your baby will use from birth to potty training can be done by gauging them by size. Disposable nappies start from newborn through to sizes six and seven. Others carry the preemie diaper for premature babies or those under the weight of 6 pounds. There are also diapers for large size toddlers who are 40 pounds and above.

Save money by buying diapers in bulk, as boxes have more nappies than packs and come at a lower price when compounded. This size guide will assist your diaper buying and stocking plans to make better plans for how many diapers you’ll need.

Preemie Diapers

These are for babies born prematurely or those weighing 6 pounds and below. You can buy a pack of these before you’re due since there’s no telling whether your baby will be born early. Even when it’s a normal birth, your tot could be underweight, and some preemies will be needed.

Newborn Diapers

Babies weighing 6 to 10 pounds will graduate from newborn diapers in less than five or six weeks. During this time, you can be using an average of eight to 12 diapers daily. However, you’ll have loads of these from the hospital and friends and relatives as gifts for the new baby.

Size 1 Diapers

Until your baby is four months old, you’ll be using size one diapers, of which they need around eight to 10 changes daily. Three to four boxes of 160 diapers each should be sufficient.

Size Two Diapers

When your baby weighs 12 to 18 pounds at ages three to eight months, they’ll use these diapers at a rate of eight or nine every day. You can buy between three to five boxes of size 2, which contain 140 diapers each.

Size Three Diapers

Between 16 and 18 pounds or infants of five to 24 months old is the time your baby does the bulk of their diaper usage. You’ll be stockpiling seven to eight boxes of size three diapers, assuming that each box contains 135 nappies.

Size Four Diapers

If your baby weighs between 22 and 37 pounds, it’ll be between 18 and 36 months. Many babies don’t require size four diapers as some will have started using the potty by age two. You can use between two to five boxes of size four diapers if your child still needs them.

Sizes Five and Six Diapers

Any toddler over 27 pounds can wear size five diapers, but they’re standard for kids around three years. With size six diapers for 35 pounders and beyond, you can, but these nappies as your child require them.


Between 4,000 and 5,000 is the number of diapers you’ll have used by the time your child has been potty trained. That depends on whether you’re using disposables, cloth nappies, or both. I would recommend stocking up according to size once your baby is past the newborn stage. That’ll prevent you from being left with undersized diapers or nappies as a whole when your tot decides to use the bowl for good.