How Long Can You Hide a Pregnancy?

You’re faced with an essential question immediately after you find out you’re pregnant. That’s whether to reveal or not. Conceiving is a personal matter, often needing sureness and preparation before you can let others in on the exciting news. But how long can you hide a pregnancy?

Hiding a pregnancy isn’t always an easy thing to do. First trimester hormones cause your stomach muscles to relax and can have you bloated like a hippo. There’s also morning sickness to hide, and you’ll need to keep your flyaway emotions in check as these are dead giveaways. It’s possible to hide a pregnancy for at least three months, but it depends on your body type and the severity of early signs.

Could be you’re waiting until after the first trimester to break the news, or are prepared to hide your bump for the whole nine yards. You can keep gossipy neighbors or nosy coworkers guessing by managing early signs and disguising your pregnancy with strategic wardrobe choices. Here are tips for concealing your bump, at least until you’re ready to let the whole world know.

Can You Get Rid of Telltale Morning Sickness Symptoms?

While some pregnant women don’t show much during the first trimester, others have it rough. It can be tough hiding morning sickness symptoms like nausea and vomiting, coupled with bloating, irritability, and exhaustion. These are neon signs that say ‘look at me, I am pregnant’ to all and sundry. Some of these you can explain away with an excuse, but others require specified solutions.

To ward off morning sickness, you can find a non-obvious acupressure wristband. They are made of plastic and help to minimize seasickness, resembling wrist cuffs from the 1990s or those early slap bracelets. Another way to combat nausea involves having something bland, low calorie, and easily digestible like crackers to snack on.

Keeping two cracker packs at hand will help you ride out the nausea of morning sickness. Other options for hiding those early signs include sucking on mints, sour candies, or chewing spearmint gum. You can also drink some ginger or peppermint tea to calm your stomach and energize.

Multiple trips to the toilet can have an excuse in stomach flu or something you ate. Colleagues may see how many times you visit the bathroom as the weight of your fetus compresses your bladder. Quitting coffee, and being on detox are also excuses for frequent peeing, but many are the times you’ll have to hold it in.

How Can I Distract Attention to Hide a Pregnancy?

You can hide your pregnancy for as long as the bump stays manageable. One way to divert attention from your midsection includes accessorizing. Your styling tools will act to draw eyes away from your growing belly, like large earrings or gold necklaces. A long chain or a fashionable scarf also conceals a bulging tummy, especially when worn to hang over the protruding evidence.

Some of the ways you can distract or mislead people from suspecting your symptoms or actions for a pregnancy include;

Use Fashion to Hide Your Pregnancy

Other fashion tips will help hide your pregnancy as long as you can pull them off. A much-broached subject, it hinges on your style and preferences. I attribute body size and the pregnancy type as the determining factors of any wardrobe disguises. A few tips include avoiding colorful patterns or loud colors that attract the eye to your bump.

Wear dark solid colors to appear slimmer, or combine lighter tops with darker pants. A colorful blouse with a tan skirt will have a minimizing effect that draws attention away from your baby bump. Dresses with stripes, flowers, or polka dots are fashionable, but avoid maternity clothes at all costs.

It’s also advisable to be subtle with your wardrobe changes. People will start to notice if your switch from summer dresses to bulky sweaters.

You Have Multiple Dental Appointments

Hiding your pregnancy will require distraction so that prowling eyes go elsewhere than where it matters. But it’s also about making excuses for pregnant behavior, such as going to a doctor’s appointment or pre-natal clinic. You can keep your baby bump a secret by disguising these visits as going to see the dentist.

You’re On a Diet or Are Detoxing

People go on diets or detoxes all the time. It’ll not be strange, if when invited to drink alcohol or eat something pregnancy unfriendly, for you to say you’re detoxing. You can avoid harmful things like raw meat, soft cheeses, and coffee by claiming to be dieting.

That’ll also suffice to hide any first trimester signs of bloating, exhaustion and nausea. But you may have to disguise your actual diet changes, so they don’t arouse suspicion. For instance, you can put hot water in a coffee mug so that nobody realizes you’ve quit drinking the harmful beverage.

You’re the Designated Driver

The holiday season is fast approaching. So, imagine what your friends or coworkers will start to think if you suddenly turn from an every-weekend drunk to a teetotaler. Excuses have to get made for remaining sober, hiding the fact that you can’t touch alcohol for the sake of your growing baby.

Become the designated driver on nights out works as an excuse for not touching alcohol. You’ll still have a great time at the office party and offer essential services to your grateful friends. Rest is a recommendation when you’re pregnant, so don’t overdo it, otherwise, people will start to catch on.


There are personality traits that are universally associated with a pregnant woman. That includes eating lots more due to cravings, touching their bellies, or being light of emotions. If you’ve no desire to make it public knowledge that you’re expecting, avoid such behaviors in the eyes of people you’re hiding a pregnancy from.

Your body’s reactions and the steps you take to manage your pregnancy can get attributed to your doctors’ orders. That includes changes in diet, no alcohol policy, and multiple appointments. If you’re having miscarriage concerns or fearing work complications, it’s possible to hold your pregnancy a secret for as long as your body allows.