Homemade Stain Remover for Baby Clothes

Dressing your tot in stain-free clothing is satisfying, at least while they’re still looking nifty and haven’t started to mess themselves up. Food spills, pee, spit ups, poo, and other stains will leave your child’s garments looking like a tapestry of colors.

You can’t trust commercial cleaners and detergents due to your toddler’s sensitive skin. It’s at that moment you want to find the best homemade stain remover for baby clothes.

A Do It Yourself stain remover will consist of natural ingredients alongside some lying around your home. Most of your baby clothes stains are from protein-based food and bodily secretions like milk or formula, suitably dealt with by a few of the items I am about to clue you in on.

Why Use a Homemade Stain Remover for Baby Clothes?

I know you want your baby’s clothes to look as spotless as your little prince or princess. Mastering stain removal for kid’s clothing is a skill that mothers clamor for, especially for delicate fabrics with set-in stains. By learning to create a homemade stain remover for baby clothes, you’ll be giving your tot the freedom to grow while worrying less about staining.

You can manage any stain, particularly those made by your small person. It’s essential, however, to deal with the clothes immediately to avoid the challenges of removing dried stains. Homemade stain removers add the benefit of being handy, plus you’ll be avoiding the harsh chemicals detrimental to your young one’s wellbeing.

For protein-based stain, anything from grass staining to poo, you’ll want to avoid heat from water or electric dryers. Not only do high temperatures dry the stain faster, but the proteins and other biological elements of the stain will also coagulate and become stickier. For best results, scrape off the caked spill residue as much before treating the stains as you want the remover to have maximum fabric penetration.

Always look at the manufacturer’s care instructions for all fabrics so you’re better informed on which products or temperatures they can handle. A homemade stain remover is also easy on your budget, and it’ll cost you pennies and cents in terms of value for your money.

Making Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Stain Remover for Baby Clothes

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is probably in your kitchen cabinet right now, and you can purchase hydrogen peroxide from any drug store. While the former is responsible for many baked delicacies, the latter happens to be a tremendous disinfectant and soother of bruises, cuts, and glazes.

For this homemade stain remover, you’ll need;

  • Dish soap or non-biological detergent
  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • A plastic container or airtight jar
  • An old toothbrush
  • A stirrer or wooden spoon

Make this homemade stain remover depending on the size of the stain or the number of stained items. That’s because hydrogen peroxide breaks down after being exposed to light. Store any of your DIY concoctions left over from the treatment in an airtight container that’s preferably opaque.  

How to Use Potassium Peroxide and Sodium Bicarbonate Stain Remover

When making this paste, you may be tempted to shake the container containing the solution. That will make the hydrogen particles react with sodium, which can result in an explosion.

Since you have a few hours to leverage on the effectiveness of the solution;

  • Mix a part of dish soap with two hydrogen peroxide in a plastic container or jar. Ensure the ingredients mix thoroughly.
  • Add one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate to the hydrogen peroxide and dish soap mixture, stirring it up. Continue to add a small portion of baking soda till the mix starts to jell like a paste when you think you’ve made it too thick, balanced with some more hydrogen peroxide, essentially loosening its consistency.
  • Take your stained baby garment and spread the homemade paste to the stained area. Use a toothbrush to rub the solution gently over the fabric, ensuring it penetrates through to the other side.
  • Allow the stained baby clothes item to sit with the paste for an hour. If the stain is significant, let it stay longer, after which you should wash the garment according to its wash label.
  • When the stain lingers after the cycle, reapply the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixture once more, this time letting it soak for at least two hours.

You can mix the ingredients directly on the stained garment. Pour a dash of baking soda on the stain, and add a dab of the hydrogen peroxide and dish soap solution. Wash regularly according to the fabric maker’s recommendations and dry in the sun to bleach out any remaining discoloration.

Homemade Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol Stain Remover for Baby Clothes

Many stains that your baby makes on their clothes have fat alongside proteins and other natural elements. White vinegar is part acetic acid, working to break down these biological aspects of fabric staining.

Rubbing alcohol is another commonly occurring substance in your home. It also makes a great stain remover that’s safe for your baby and won’t damage clothes.

Remove stains from baby clothes using vinegar and rubbing alcohol by;

  • Making a solution of one part water and one part rubbing alcohol
  • Rinse the stained clothes in cold water and add the rubbing alcohol solution
  • Letting the garments soak for 15 minutes and then wash regularly or according to fabric
  • In case of persistent staining, using vinegar for a second soak instead of rubbing alcohol
  • Washing, rinsing twice, and air drying to remove any residual vinegary smell

The rubbing alcohol with a boost of vinegar homemade stain remover works for most of your baby clothes stains. It’s also relatively safe for most fabrics and doesn’t require lengthy soaking hours.


Don’t let baby clothes stain mar the joy of bringing up your child, as the tips offered will keep you armed against spills and other messy incidents. As a mum, you’re wise to steer clear of harsh cleaning chemicals like chlorine or biological enzymes that might react with your baby’s skin.

Substances used for making homemade stain remover for baby clothes are natural and safe. Others like baking soda and vinegar are pocket-friendly, meaning you can deal with stubborn stains as many times as possible.